Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Commandments of The BBQ Show

LA Talk Radio, an Internet radio station that offers entertaining, original, fresh contest, today announced the top 10 Commandments of “The BBQ Central Show.” These ten simple tips from radio broadcaster Greg Rempe are what every backyard chef needs to know to ensure a perfect meal every time he or she fires up a grill. Rempe’s popular show offers a unique, entertaining look at the art and sport of barbecue and grilling, on Internet radio's leader LA Talk Radio.

"The BBQ Central Show" brings a unique perspective and dedication to an industry that has seen unparalleled growth within the last five years,” explains Rempe. "TV has their cooking shows but there is no program on talk radio that addresses this industry on a regular basis, and I am changing that."

Broadcast from Cleveland, Ohio, the show is hosted, produced, and engineered by Rempe, a barbeque and grilling aficionado and expert, and airs every Tuesday evening 9PM-10PM EST on LA Talk Radio. You can find The BBQ Central Show at

The 10 Commandments of The BBQ Central Show

1. Par-Boiling food is punishable by death

2. Food is always better on the barbecue or grill

3. Remember your friend “The Plank”

4. Not eating crispy chicken skin is a crime!!

5. Know your dry rubs and injections

6. ALWAYS carry a thermometer

7. ALWAYS keep your food above 140* or below 40* to prevent bacteria

8. Keep your recipes and cooking journal handy

9. Strive to be the “Pit Master” of your neighborhood

10. Hamburger should ALWAYS be 80% meat & 20% FAT!! Remember, FAT is FLAVOR!!
Recent guests on The BBQ Central Show included Jack's Old South Pit Master Myron Mixon, who talked about his power cooking method; Ray "Dr. BBQ" Lampe who talked about his new tailgating cookbook, wine; marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk who talked about what wines to pair with your barbecue; and TV host and cookbook author Steven Raichlen, who talked about his new show and upcoming book. Other guests have included Kevin Bevington from, Rod Gray of Pellet Envy, Jim Minion of Two Loose Screws BBQ and Ed "Fast Eddy Maurin.

Together, the past, current, and future hosts of LA Talk Radio have created a truly exciting destination for radio listeners who want real, honest talk without the confines of government regulation. The station continues to offers prospective hosts the means to produce and broadcast their own shows easily and affordably. Its hosts regularly invite guests to be on their shows, and the guests are often familiar names. Celebrity guests include: Melissa Etheridge, Debbie Reynolds, Rip Taylor, comedienne Margaret Cho, former Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti, musician Curt Smith of “Tears for Fears,” race car legend Mario Andretti and many more.

With a #1 ranking on Google for “talk radio,” hundreds of thousands of links to the website, and continually growing listener traffic, LA Talk Radio broadcasts shows for every taste and interest to millions around the world. LA Talk Radio continues to grow and expand its show lineup; offering even more reasons for listeners to come back and making dreams come true for broadcasters. The state-of-the-art studios are centrally located in Sherman Oaks, CA. For more information, call 818-298-2040 or email LA Talk Radio at Follow LA Talk Radio on Twitter: and Facebook: LA Talk Radio or visit the website at It can also be found at the iTunes App Store at or by searching “LA Talk Radio” and can be downloaded free by any iPhone user. The app is compatible with the new OS 4 and features high-quality sound and instant streaming.

Irreverent. Entertaining. Cool. That is the vision. That is LA Talk Radio.

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