Friday, August 31, 2007

Eastman Outdoors Introduces Savory "Grill Perfect" Flavoring System

Eastman Outdoors has developed a unique three-step BBQ flavoring method for those who take grilling to heart. The new Grill Perfect™ Steakhouse Flavor Method is a convenient system that delivers restaurant-quality results in minutes. Professional chefs selected a blend of high-quality ingredients and created three separate flavoring steps that work perfectly together for outstanding results every time. With the Grill Perfect system, there is no marinating time, just apply the Infused Oil and Rub Blends prior to grilling and then apply the Finishing Sauce when done. The result? Quicker, superior results bound to impress your friends and family.

Grill Perfect comes in two easy, three-step flavoring systems. The Steak, Chops and Burgers system, which includes the Infused Oil, the 9 Herb Rub and the Sweet & Tangy BBQ Finishing Sauce, and The Chicken, Ribs and Brisket system is complete with Infused Oil, the 9 Herb Rub and the Red Wine & Herb Finishing Sauce.

Here’s how it works: Step One -- The Infused Oil is a soy-based oil with a hint of garlic, onion and other herbs that offer a flavor that gives a pleasant charcoal taste to food even when cooked on a propane grill. The oil makes the meat non-stick on the grill, and helps keep the already existing juices and moisture inside the meat, while providing a base surface for the rub. Step Two -- Coat the meat with the 9 Herb Rub, and grill normally. This Rub fuses to the oil on the meat while grilled. Step three -- Simply add the Finishing Sauce, which concludes the cooking process. Here, the sauce caramelizes with the heat to produce a superior glaze, delicious aroma and appetizing appearance. The Finishing Sauce can also be used as a table steak sauce for added flavor to any meat.

“Grill Perfect is an all-inclusive steakhouse favoring method that blends three steps into one perfect process, making it as easy as it is delicious,” said Managing Director for Eastman Outdoors, Massimo Baldini. According to Baldini, each step is designed to work together to provide the most flavorful grill every time.

Each Grill Perfect system is backed by the 5-star Grill Perfect Guarantee. If a customer is not completely delighted with the results of Grill Perfect, they can return the unused portion for a full refund. To purchase, or learn more about Grill Perfect, visit or call (810) 733-6360.

About Eastman Outdoors®
Eastman Outdoors® takes the guesswork out of gourmet. Our innovative products elevate the outdoor experience and make it easy for the everyday cook to achieve expert results. Working with leading chefs, we adapt professional equipment and processes to make them simple and satisfying to use. We integrate and merchandise our lines so you’ll find everything at one complete source. Avid epicurean or casual cook, Eastman Outdoors® brings quality, ingenuity and expertise to enrich the experience of the great outdoors.


Costco is now carrying more health conscious foods for children to help with the fight against childhood obesity. One of the products Costco has started carrying in bulk is WaddaJuice, a super healthy drink alternative for children.

About WaddaJuice:
v Available in 7 delicious flavors that kids go crazy for
v Contains 50% less sugar, fewer carbohydrates and less sodium than most juices, with the added benefits of 100% vitamin C
v Sold in a plastic spill proof container; helps keep children’s clothing clean

Orthodox Union Guide to Checking Fruits, Vegetables and Berries

The Orthodox Union, conscious of challenges today's consumers are faced with when it comes to keeping kosher, announced today the release of the second edition of The OU Guide to Checking Fruits, Vegetables and Berries, a comprehensive guide designed to promote awareness in areas of insect infestation in fruits, vegetables, and berries.

The consumption of insects is prohibited by Biblical law and the Guide describes how to look for them and, where possible, to remove them.

Consumers will benefit from the expanded and revised edition which now includes an updated halachic introduction, rewritten standards for bagged salads and fresh strawberries, color photos of commonly found insects, a quick reference chart and more.

"The OU has continuously striven throughout the years to educate and direct the public regarding insects in produce. We are very excited about the Guide's second edition, which we hope will further promote public awareness in this area," declared Dr. Simcha Katz, Commission Chair of OU Kosher.

The Guide is being made available in Jewish bookstores nationwide (distributed by ArtScroll), and by the OU at 212-613-8385 or online at

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cookbook Series Makes HolidayBaking and Cooking Easy This Year!

Worrying about the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce during the Thanksgiving holiday can be intimidating. Combined with Christmas or Chanukah, holiday cooking can be a daunting task which leaves you feeling like Ebenezer Scrooge rather than Sara Lee. By the time you ring in the New Year you have been up to your elbows in cookie dough, piecrusts and the like for the last two months. Put simply, cooking can be stressful … but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ruth Haag, professional management consultant and author, is providing chefs, cooks and bakers at any level of expertise an easy to use guide for all their cooking needs, The Useable Cookbook Series. The first book in the series is the Cookbook to English Dictionary, which provides easy-to-read explanations of common cooking terms. The three remaining books in the series cover different types of food with easy to understand but delicious recipes - Main Dishes, Desserts and Breads, Spreads and Veggies.

Haag, along with the help of her family, designed the books to be usable and unique from almost any other cookbook series available today. The recipes and cooking dictionary are provided in small notebooks that easily lay open on the counter top. Each page of each book is in a plastic sleeve, so that drops of batter and spices can be easily wiped off – no more sticky pages here! The recipes themselves are arranged in an easy-to-use, no-surprises format.

So what would make a management consultant of almost ten years write a cookbook series?

“While writing my four-book series for business people,” Haag explains, “I found that I didn’t have time to cook for my family each evening.”

“My husband, our two daughters and I decided to split the task, assigning a cooking night of the week to each family member. What seemed like a good time saving idea revealed another problem – my daughters really didn’t know how to cook! My husband, who seemed like a great cook when we were first married, had either forgotten what he knew, or didn’t know as much as I had learned over a few decades. One of their biggest stumbling blocks was being able to read recipes and know what the words meant. I found myself sitting in the kitchen each evening, working on my management books and answering questions like, “How do I know if this bread is done?” and “What does ‘fold’ mean?”

Throughout the series, Haag uniquely provides readers:

· A complete and thorough glossary of cooking terms with easy to
understand definitions
· Dozens and dozens of delectable recipes appropriate for holiday and other special event cooking
· Easy cooking that can be fun for the whole family
· A great gift for the aspiring chef!
· And so much more…

Ruth Haag is the President/CEO of Haag Environmental Company. Drawing on her own experiences, she also helps managers and employees understand the dynamics of the work environment, and how to function smoothly within it. This includes getting the family to support the work effort. Her cookbook series is designed to help non-cooking family members become cooking people She has written a four-book business series with the following titles: Taming Your Inner Supervisor, Day-to-Day Supervising, Hiring and Firing, and Why Projects Fail. Her enjoyable, easy-to-read books provide a look at life the way it is, rather than the way that you might think it should be.

The Useable Cookbook Series can be purchased from,, and ordered through any major bookseller.

Spinich Recall Should Reinforce Kitchen Safety

Today’s recall of spinach contaminated with Salmonella and last week’s recall of baby carrots contaminated with Shigella have highlighted the urgent need for families to exercise control over the safety of their food from their own kitchens – the rationale behind the development of CulinaryPrep™, a kitchen appliance launched last week, that removes Salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria, Shigella and other dangerous impurities from food.

CulinaryPrep™, is the only appliance available today that applies a patented process to remove dangerous impurities from food, giving families direct control over the safety of the food they eat. CulinaryPrep™ uses the patented Grovac™ Process to remove unwanted bacteria and food borne pathogens from meat, fish, and produce. Removal of impurities also enhances the natural flavor of the food and extends its shelf life.

The Grovac™ process has been tested independently at Kansas State University, Louisiana State University, Whitbeck and Warren Analytical Laboratories. The results confirm that the process and technology reduce the level of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria found on meat and produce by up to 99.5% – making it safer to eat and extending its shelf-life.

Initial testing of the Grovac™ Process took place in the early ‘90s, at Warren Laboratories (ConAgra) in Greeley, CO and proved a significant bacterial reduction. This testing was followed by studies carried out by microbiologists in the Louisiana State University (LSU) Food Science Department. These studies identified significant reduction of E. coli, Shigella, Listeria, Aeromonas and Vibrio in catfish and oysters. Dr. Wanda Lyons, PhD, reported the catfish findings in the Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 63, No. 9, pp 1231-1239. The test results are available for public viewing.

Further studies have concentrated on the process’ effect on microbial activity in ground beef, including a study undertaken by Costco Wholesale QA staff, conducted at the Kansas State University Food Science Department and the QA Labs at Costco.

The Grovac™ Process involves alternately exposing food to a vacuum environment and a specially-formulated, all-natural solution. It was developed by retired pharmacist Bill Groves, and was initially intended to remove the ‘muddy’ taste from catfish.

Jeff Schroeder, Chief Executive at CCMS, said, “These recalls hammer home the need for families to have the ability to control the safety of their food. The CulinaryPrep is a food safety appliance that can give them this control in their own home. We hope that as people begin to use our product we will see dramatic reductions in the number of illnesses caused by food-borne bacteria.”

Jim Hime, CEO of Grovac Systems, which owns the patent for the Grovac Process, commented, “We strongly believe in giving Americans the ability to protect themselves against unforeseen dangers in the food chain. The Grovac process provides this, and this is why we believe CulinaryPrep™ will be extremely popular for the peace of mind it gives. Now parents can be absolutely sure that the food they serve their children is free from dangerous impurities.”

The product is manufactured and distributed by Creative Culinary Solutions, Inc. and marketed by Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions. The product will be available at retailers across the country and is currently available online at

Vintage and Antique Items at Ruby Lane

This holiday season make your home and parties unique with vintage and antique platters, ornaments and gifts.

Ruby Lane, home to over 1,600 vendors of vintage and antiques and collectables, has some fun and one-of-a-kind suggestions for any holiday theme. While shopping for vintage originals can be a time-consuming endeavor, visiting Ruby Lane ( brings the stores to shopper’s fingertips.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cultural Food NY

Cultural Food Expo NewYork, the new umbrella brand name for the food convention that will showcase Hispanic, Kosher and Asian foods this November in New York City, will offer a vast array of lectures, educational seminars, culinary demonstrations and events for the food professional. Its sister event, Cultural Food Los Angeles, will take place in September, 2007.

Cultural Food New York offers the single largest marketplace for showcasing ethnic food, food ingredients and beverages, and provides an opportunity for supermarket retailers, specialty stores, caterers, restaurateurs, foodservice and hospitality professionals to find the newest products under one roof.

In addition to showcasing more than 500 exhibitors from all over the globe, Cultural Food New York (November 11-12), offers a 2-day schedule of events, lectures, demos and educational seminars designed to help today’s industry professionals learn the trends and address the ever-changing needs of their consumers and clients.

The 2007 event is also co-located with The International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show (IH/M&RS), bringing a diverse and unique culinary experience. Combined, the total market experience will feature nearly 2,000 exhibitors and is expected to draw some 45,000 buyers, representing the largest showcase of its kind in North America.

From Healthy Menu Trends in Asian Restaurants and Dramatic Changes in Hispanic Target Markets, to the Kosher Market in Israel, these are just a few of topics that will be addressed by industry experts. In addition, top ethnic chefs from around the country will demonstrate their culinary talents, while addressing the hottest ethnic menu trends going into 2008.

For more info visit:

Legendary Trader Vic's Redefined for Las Vegas

With a rich and event-filled history dating back to 1934, Trader Vic’s is one of the pioneers of American culinary folklore. As the inventor of the Mai Tai and the first to import Polynesian dishes and décor to the United States, Trader Vic’s defined an era with libations and cuisine that “transported its customers to the tropics” – an experience that placated generation after generation of customers.
Scheduled to open in early October at the Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood, the storied brand, which is currently experiencing a global resurgence, will be re-invented for Las Vegas with new restaurant design elements and new island-inspired, Euro-Asian-Polynesian cuisine to go along with its featured award-winning dishes and its world-famous “shared” cocktails.

"There are very few culinary icons like Trader Vic’s — its legacy in the restaurant world is unmatched," said Doc Wiener, founder of DW Enterprises, the developer of Trader Vic’s Las Vegas and other top Las Vegas nightclubs and restaurants.

Spread over 15,000 sq. ft., Trader Vic’s Las Vegas will be unlike any of the other Trader Vic’s found in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Instead, the Las Vegas location will include three separate dining and entertainment venues featuring a ground-level restaurant and Strip-side patio that opens onto Las Vegas Boulevard and a second-level Tiki Club-ultra lounge, both providing customers with panoramic views of the Bellagio Fountains, the Eiffel Tower, and City Center.

Although inspired by Trader Vic’s famed tropical island motif, Trader Vic’s Las Vegas will build upon the signature Polynesian décor of towering wooden tikis and amplify the tropical theme with two separate DJ booths, a 20-foot outdoor bar and lanai surrounded by palms, thatch, a sweeping shingled roof, and an upstairs Tiki Club-ultra lounge.

Over the years, Trader Vic’s garnered international acclaim as a food and hospitality pioneer by introducing new audiences to unique foods, careful preparations, and welcoming service. By expanding internationally, Trader Vic’s became perhaps the first upscale American restaurant concept to go overseas with its first location abroad over 43 years ago

“We believe Trader Vic’s reputation as a sophisticated yet fun and affordable dining experience perfectly suits tourists and Las Vegas locals, both of whom we believe will appreciate the world-renowned cuisine that features dishes from Europe, Polynesia, Asia, and the Americas and the original libations that you can only find at Trader Vic’s,” Wiener added.

"We are seeing a great resurgence in the Trade Vic's brand, not only around the world, but here in the United States,” said Robert L. Davies, President of the Trader Vic’s Restaurant Group. “Many of our loyal guests grew up with Trader Vic's and have fond memories of our restaurant and the Las Vegas location can carry on the legacy of the Trader as we share it with new and old friends alike from around the world,” Davies added. In recent years, nostalgic brands such as the Playboy Club, the House of Blues, and Studio 54, to name a few, have reached new markets and have proven to transcend their original brand position in Las Vegas.

“Part of the magic of Trader Vic’s is its ability to temporarily transport our customers to far distant and imaginary shores,” said Bill Tremper, Vice President of Operations of DW Enterprises. “If you’re visiting Las Vegas, you can take a vacation within a vacation and indulge upon the food, service, escapist ambience that is uniquely Trader Vic’s,” added Tremper.

Construction of Trader Vic’s Las Vegas is currently underway at the north side of Planet Hollywood and is scheduled to open in early October 2007.

About Trader Vic's Las Vegas

Owned and operated by DW Enterprises, a Las Vegas-based development group led by entrepreneur Doc Wiener, Trader Vic’s Las Vegas is positioned to be the franchise’s premier restaurant. Steeped in a rich history as one of the world’s most recognized culinary experiences, Trader Vic’s Las Vegas builds upon a tradition that dates back to 1934 when Vic "The Trader" Bergeron, a San Francisco Bay Area cuisine pioneer, founded his first restaurant. Mr. Bergeron based his original Trader Vic’s on the simple premise: “an escape from ordinary life.” He went on to create an illusion that one had fled to a tropical island. From then on it became a tropical restaurant and bar, which specializes in serving world-famous island cuisine and tropical cocktails inside a refined exotic atmosphere. Trader Vic's Restaurant Group now includes an expanding collection of upscale, company-owned and franchised restaurants steeped in island-style service and atmosphere, stretching from the United States to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Incorporating different cultures from around the world, Trader Vic's brand of hospitality has garnered international acclaim for introducing unique foods, careful preparations and welcoming service, as well as for inventing exotic, crowd-pleasing drinks such as the world-famous Mai Tai. Today, Trader Vic’s has become a world-renowned corporation in the restaurant business with over 30 restaurants in 22 cities around the globe. For more information, visit

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Organic Raw Cashews - Premium Nuts that are Different & Delicious

It isn’t often that a truly unique gourmet food is introduced widely to the North American marketplace. Sunfood Nutrition has accomplished this with their new Organic Raw Cashews. These premium raw cashews are sourced directly from small-scale cashew growers that handpick the nuts from certified organic trees in Bali, Indonesia.

Cracked open with traditional knives and then hand-polished to remove the thin skin protecting the kernel, these enormous cashews are incredibly sweet and soft and even have an attractive shiny-white appearance. “The hand-processing of the nuts by the local farmers is a labor of love that has nearly disappeared around the globe,” says David Wolfe, founder of Sunfood Nutrition. Traditional producers on average can only prepare about 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) of raw kernels daily, but the Sunfood Nutrition focus is on quality - not quantity.

Organic snacks like these new nuts are one of the hot trends in the natural foods marketplace. According to an October 2006 report from market data researcher Mintel, organic snack sales grew by 33 percent from 2004-2006. The new Organic Raw Cashews also capitalize on the growing awareness of the healthy attributes offered by nuts and nut butters, such as being an excellent source of protein, fiber, essential fatty acids and vitamins.

‘Truly’ Raw Cashews
Many people assume that if a nut is not roasted, then the nut must be ‘raw.’ However, in the case of cashews where the shell is very challenging to open, it is important to consider how the shells are opened and whether the nuts are exposed to extreme heat at any point in processing. To increase production volumes, most cashews that claim to be raw are actually steamed open at high temperatures, thereby cooking the tender cashew nut inside the shell. “The flavor difference between raw cashews processed in this traditional manner and conventionally processed cashews is remarkable,” adds Wolfe.

Sunfood Nutrition Organic Raw Cashews are a tasty snack straight out of the bag or they can be featured in a wide variety of recipes. The SRP is $17.95 for a 16-ounce bag. They are available in stores across the U.S. or can be purchased at – the #1 raw food website.

Not only do the Organic Raw Cashews demonstrate high quality, they are also ethically traded. “In keeping with our mission, we are proud to support the farmers and their communities through our purchase and distribution of this unique product,” notes Wolfe. By cultivating these nuts in an ecologically sustainable manner, the farmers protect their fragile volcanic soils from destructive alternative land practices and they generate a premium product for which they are ensured a fairly-traded price.

Raw Foods & Sunfood Nutrition
“This product is 100% RAW,” notes Wolfe - a leading authority on the raw food lifestyle. “Absolutely no steam or other form of heat has been used to shell our cashews for the sake of increasing production,” he adds. Wolfe is the author of Eating for Beauty, Naked Chocolate, and The Sunfood Diet Success System. A new edition of Eating for Beauty, which celebrates the raw foods lifestyle, will be launched later this month.

Raw foods are simple, easy to find, fun to eat, contain thousands of healthy nutrients, and conform to the biological design of the human digestive system. Sunfood Nutrition and its website are dedicated to helping people succeed and prosper with the raw food lifestyle.

“Our products are inspired by the principles of sustainable agriculture, living in harmony with nature and ethical global cooperation,” says Wolfe, whom is also the President of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF), a nonprofit dedicated to planting fruitful trees and edible plants to benefit the environment and all its inhabitants ( FTPF’s mission is to plant 18 billion fruit trees across the world and encourage their growth under organic standards. For more information or to purchase other raw, organic, vegan and consciously-grown foods, please visit

Virginia's Live A Little Celebrates a Decade of Dressings and Croutons

Virginia’s Live A Little (, the San Francisco Bay Area-based company specializing in gourmet salad dressings and croutons, is celebrating a decade of success this year with a brand new face. The company, formerly known only as Live A Little, is adding Executive Chef, President and Founder Virginia Davis’ name to the brand, as well as freshening up the packaging.

“I’ve always wanted my customers to know that these are homemade recipes made especially for families to enjoy in their own homes,” said Ms. Davis. “Adding my name certifies my approval of the products that I am proud to share, and I look forward to more delicious success for decades to come.”

Live A Little was launched with the mouth-watering garlicky croutons that friends and family couldn’t get enough of. Soon after Perfect Croutons were put on the market, the fledgling company expanded into making premium fresh chilled salad dressings, launching Real Caesar Dressing, the company’s first, in 1997.

Virginia Davis has continuously expanded her offerings and currently produces two gourmet product lines —Perfect Croutons and Fresh Dressings. She offers a line of ten fabulous, flavorful dressings, including Real Caesar, Lemon Caesar, Thousand Island, Very Blue Cheese, Naturally Blue Cheese, Ginger Sesame, Bold Balsamic Vinaigrette, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Champagne Wine Vinaigrette, and Mango Lime dressings.

Virginia’s Live A Little products are available at select grocery markets in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. Virginia’s is also available online at For more information, or to find the most convenient retail location, call 888-744-2300.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Genisoy's Soy Crisps

How about healthy snacks that can help them jump start a New Year’s healthy lifestyle resolutions and provide that much wanted all-natural boost toward a productive day?

Genisoy's Soy Crisps, offering a flavorful and low-fat, natural energy boost from soy protein. Each serving provides 7 grams of heart-healthy soy protein and is available in the following flavors:

-Creamy Ranch
-Salt & Vinegar
-Rich Cheddar Cheese
-Nacho Cheese
-Apple Cinnamon
-Zesty Barbecue
-Roasted Garlic & Onion
-Deep Sea Salted

Cooking Danish

Are you hungry for æbleskiver? Salivating for a smørrebrød? Clamoring for frikadeller? Look no further! Stig Hansen, an award-winning Danish chef, has just authored Cooking Danish: A Taste of Denmark, the first Danish cookbook in English with color photographs. It’s 176 pages of 150 classic Danish recipes—from rullepølse and agurkesalat to smørbirkes and kransekage—and a perfect addition to your readers’ kitchens.

Chef Hansen received his degree from the Danish Culinary Academy and has worked as a professional chef around the world, including the esteemed Scandia Restaurant in Los Angeles and Nendel’s in Portland. He was recently awarded the prestigious “Master of Taste” by the Chefs in America Foundation for culinary excellence as Corporate Chef and Director of Food Service over a chain of 55 restaurants across the US.

Chef Hansen—a.k.a. “The Viking Chef” to friends—is also a proud homebrewer. In 2005, he won a silver medal out of 4,128 entries in the National Homebrew Competition for his Lazy Moose Golden Lager. Against all advice, Stig has decided to reveal his prize-winning recipe for all to enjoy in his upcoming cookbook.

From quick-and-easy home cooking like Caramel Potatoes, Red Cabbage, or Cucumber Salad to made-from-scratch Dill-Cured Salmon, fresh-baked pumpernickel, or house-smoked buttermilk cheese, Hansen captures the Scandanvian food of his youth. Inspired by a mother who perfected the art of cooking for her six boys, Hansen has translated the best recipes of his homeland for America’s dinnertable and is excited to introduce the fresh flavors of Denmark to the US.

Ted Allen - New Wine Project: Uncorked!

By 2008, we will be the leading wine-consuming nation in the world. And now, Ted Allen (Queer Eye, Top Chef, Iron Chef America), is continuing to eliminate the confusion and intimidation surrounding wine culture and give consumers the chance to see the world's most important wine destinations from their own living rooms. He just finished shooting Uncorked! Wine Made Simple, a concise and entertaining DVD box set which gives an overview of the wine world that appeals as much to the long-time enthusiast as it does to the intimidated novice. It will be available beginning in September, and will be in full-distribution by mid-fall, making it a perfect holiday gift.

Beautifully shot and full of useful information, the series consists of six, 30-minute episodes and begins with a thorough overview of the basics (what to pick, how to taste, what to look for, etc.). Viewers are then whisked away to California's wine country and subsequently to key areas of France that have long influenced wine culture. Topics covered range from vineyard processes to pairings, flavor profiles and key events in wine history.

Whether watching to learn about wine for the first time, to beef up your existing knowledge or to enjoy a new perspective on your favorite subject, the series calls out the fun nature of wine and dispenses with the intimidating and exclusive attitude that is too often associated with it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Organic Chocolate Flavor Takes the ‘Yuk’ out of Consuming Healthy Veggies

Good nutrition is vital to good health and is absolutely essential for the healthy growth and development of children. Yet, due to busy lifestyles and poor dietary habits, many kids in the U.S. fail to consume the USDA’s recommended 5-to-9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Just about every parent has experienced frustration trying to convince picky children to eat healthy vegetables. Amazing Grass has created a solution for children age 2 and up. Kidz SuperFood is a nutritional powerhouse that combines 33 fruits and veggies with organic chocolate to create a delicious drink powder.

Kidz SuperFood is the first delicious superfood chocolate drink powder developed specifically for kids - but parents enjoy it too. One serving blended with 6 oz. of milk provides the antioxidant equivalent of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables and contains over 1,670 mg of whole food fruit and vegetable concentrates. Kidz SuperFood contains more than 70% organic ingredients and is an excellent source of Beta Carotene, Thiamin (B-1) and Vitamin K and is a good source of Vitamin C, Iron, Riboflavin (B-2 and Folic Acid. This innovative superfood drink offers essential ‘whole food’ fruit and vegetable nutrition that you just can’t get from a multi-vitamin.

What is not in it is important, too. Kidz SuperFood is vegan and all-natural, which means no artificial colors, flavors and fillers. It is also decaffeinated and is gluten-free, dairy free and GMO-free. Amazing Grass uses only premium fruits and vegetables that are grown in the U.S. Kidz SuperFood contains only one gram of sugar per serving. The powder mixes easily with water or any variety of milk and is offered in a scoopable 200g canister for a SRP of $24.99, and in a 15-count box of convenient single-serve packets for $21.99. It is widely available at retailers around the country including Whole Foods markets and Wild Oats, and can also be purchased at
A Rainbow of Healthy Ingredients
The incredible list of all-natural ingredients is worth highlighting:
Amazing Grass Fruit & Veggie Blend (“GREENS” - Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Alfalfa, Asparagus, Lima Beans, Green Peas, Kale, Kiwi, Organic Spinach, Organic Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Green Beans, and Zucchini; “ORANGES & YELLOWS” – Apricots, Organic Carrots, Mangos, Pineapple, Sweet Potatoes, Tangerines, Yellow Squash; “REDS” – Pomegranates, Raspberries, Guavas, Cranberries, Red Cabbage, Cherries, Tomatoes; and “BLUES & PURPLES” – Beets, Plums, Purple Grapes, Blueberries); Organic Oat Fiber, Organic Soy Milk Powder (Organic Soy Beans, Organic Cane Juice), Organic Cocoa, FOS (from chicory root), Dutch Cocoa, Natural Vanilla, Apple Pectin Fiber, Carrageenan, Sea Salt, and Silicon Dioxide (anti-caking).

Phytonutrients in Kidz Superfood are Helping the ‘Phyt’ for Good Health
Nutrition experts have known for a long time that fruits and vegetables contain healthy vitamins and minerals, but only recently have they discovered that they also contain powerful substances known as phytonutrients. Plants naturally produce these compounds for multiple reasons: to protect itself against bacteria, viruses and fungi; to sustain life functions such as photosynthesis; and to act as antioxidants to protect from the damaging effects of oxygen and sunlight.

While the role of phytonutrients is for the plant’s benefit, research shows that humans benefit from them as well. In people, it is believed that phytonutrients act as antioxidants, cancer inhibitors, immune system boosters, and reduce genetic damage due to pollution and environmental toxins. Researchers are still discovering the ways in which they may protect against certain diseases, boost immune system responses, mediate enzyme functions and hormonal actions. So, while vitamins and minerals are necessary to live, phytonutrients are necessary to live well.
The thousands of phytonutrients aren’t found in just one or two foods, but are spread throughout the plant kingdom. People should eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to get the benefits each ‘color’ has to offer. That’s because pigments, which lend color to the fruits and vegetables, are phytonutrients. For example, lycopene is the pigment that makes tomatoes red. It also may help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. While most kid’s fruit and veggie intake is limited to two or three favorites, Kidz SuperFood contains 33 of the most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables in all the colors of the rainbow.

It is thought that phytonutrients are often destroyed or removed by modern food processing techniques, so eating fresh, minimally cooked and processed fruits and vegetables is encouraged. Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood utilizes a very low temperature dehydration process that keeps fruits and vegetables minimally processed and 'raw'. This ensures the antioxidant and phytonutrient power remains intact. Kidz SuperFood isn’t meant to replace the fresh fruits and vegetables your children should be eating. However, it does supplement and provide insurance that the health promoting benefits of a rainbow-colored whole food diet are being achieved.

Amazing Grass - A Brighter Shade of Green
Amazing Grass is a small, family-owned company with roots that date back over 60 years of growing and dehydrating green foods.. The company produces certified organic wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass, rye grass and alfalfa, and markets the most nutritious, convenient and affordable green superfoods to help families thrive. Amazing Grass stands out from other producers because the grasses are field-grown throughout the winter allowing the roots to soak up nutrients from mineral-rich soil for over 6 months. “We harvest the young leaves just one time each year at their nutritional peak,” says cofounder and CEO Todd Habermehl. The greens are then carefully flash dehydrated at low temperatures, frozen in pellet form as whole leaf powders and then packed in nitrogen to maintain freshness. These extra steps ensure customers get the most nutrient-dense raw green food powders in the world.

Many green foods contain grass juice powders. “We don’t juice our grasses because we understand that juicing requires immediate consumption,” says Habermehl. Once grass is juiced, rapid oxidation occurs resulting in nutrient depletion. Furthermore, valuable fiber is stripped away during juicing along with many of the nutrients it contains. “Our whole-leaf powders provide essential whole food nutrients in their natural state to ensure maximum potency and absorption,” he adds. In addition to Kidz SuperFood, the Amazing Grass line of superfoods includes Wheat Grass powder and tablets, Green SuperFood drink powder and capsules and Chocolate Green SuperFood powder. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Appliance Removes Impurities From Food

A kitchen counter top appliance that removes dangerous impurities from food, including E.coli, listeria, and salmonella, was made available to consumers today by Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions (CCMS).

The kitchen unit, called CulinaryPrep, is the only appliance available today that applies a patented process to remove dangerous impurities from food, giving families direct control over the safety of the food they eat. CulinaryPrep™ uses the patented Grovac™ Process to remove unwanted bacteria and food borne pathogens from meat, fish, and produce. Removal of impurities also enhances the natural flavor of the food and extends its shelf life.

With the recent rise in food poisonings caused by contaminated beef, chicken, seafood, spinach and lettuce, consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety of the food supply chain. CulinaryPrep™ provides a solution not previously available that enables individuals to control the safety of their personal food supply from their own kitchens, and ensure the food that they and their families consume is safe and healthy.

The Grovac™ process has been tested and refined commercially, but until now, was not available in a home kitchen appliance. The process and technology reduce the level of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria found on meat and produce by up to 99.5% – making it safer to eat and extending its shelf-life. Numerous independent studies conducted by Kansas State University, Louisiana State University, Whitbeck and Warren Analytical Laboratories confirm these proven results.

Initial testing of the Grovac™ Process took place in the early ‘90s, at Warren Laboratories (ConAgra) in Greeley, CO and proved a significant bacterial reduction. This testing was followed by studies carried out by microbiologists in the Louisiana State University (LSU) Food Science Department. These studies identified significant reduction of E. coli, Shigella, Listeria, Aeromonas and Vibrio in catfish and oysters. Dr. Wanda Lyons, PhD, reported the catfish findings in the Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 63, No. 9, pp 1231-1239. The test results are available for public viewing.

Further studies have concentrated on the process’ effect on microbial activity in ground beef, including a study undertaken by Costco Wholesale QA staff, conducted at the Kansas State University Food Science Department and the QA Labs at Costco.

The Grovac™ Process involves alternately exposing food to a vacuum environment and a specially-formulated, all-natural solution. It was developed by retired pharmacist Bill Groves, and was initially intended to remove the ‘muddy’ taste from catfish.

Jeff Schroeder, Chief Executive at CCMS, said, “Our appliance removes the need for families to put their trust in an unseen food chain that has documented vulnerabilities. We hope that CulinaryPrep™ becomes a standard feature in American homes and dramatically reduces the number of illnesses from food borne bacteria.”

Jim Hime, CEO of Grovac Systems, which owns the patent for the Grovac Process, commented, “Barely a week goes by without a food safety scare hitting the headlines. We strongly believe in giving Americans the ability to protect themselves against unforeseen dangers. The Grovac process provides this, and this is why we believe CulinaryPrep™ will be extremely popular for the peace of mind it gives. Now parents can be absolutely sure that the food they serve their children is free from dangerous impurities.”

The product will be manufactured and distributed by Creative Culinary Solutions, Inc. and marketed by Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions. The product will be available at retailers across the country and online at

Is Serotonin The Key To Weight Loss?

It's 10 AM - do you know where your serotonin level is?

QUICK FIX: If you don't know about serotonin levels you should because that candy bar you are craving right about now is because your brain's serotonin level is getting low and looking for a quick fix!

DID YOU KNOW? That when the important brain chemical, serotonin, gets depleted you subconsciously crave the types of foods that break down quickly into blood sugar?"

Yes, a brain chemical or actually, the lack of one, causes cravings," says Phoenix Gilman, author of the new book "Diet Failure: The Naked Truth: The Brain Chemistry To Losing Weight - And Keeping It Off".

Atlanta Based Author & Expert, Phoenix Gilman, with over 30 years experience in the health and nutrition industry adds: "That extremely powerful major neurotransmitter, serotonin, is the most important neurotransmitter in the brain. It is the master communicator among the many other brain chemicals. For your body and mind to function at its optimal best, your serotonin levels MUST BE MAINTAINED".

IS LACK OF SEROTONIN MAKING US FAT? Serotonin is also the brain chemical that has clinically proven to control two major reasons why diets inevitably fail.

HOW DOES SEROTONIN GET DEPLETED? Basically everything in life seems to deplete serotonin, ranging from stress, lack of restorative sleep, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, low-fat diets, excessive carb consumption, caffeine, nicotine, chocolate, alcohol, over the counter meds etc. etc. "I am not kidding when I say everything in life depletes serotonin" says Atlanta Based Weight Loss and Nutrition Expert & Author, Phoenix Gilman.

HOW DO WE GET MORE SEROTONIN? Where does serotonin come from? Is it made in our brains? From what "ingredients"? How can we maintain healthy levels of serotonin naturally? What foods should we eat? Can we eat enough to balance our serotonin levels? How long does it take to get our serotonin levels back up to normal levels? How do we know if we have low serotonin levels? What are the symptoms of low serotonin? What is "Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome"? What stimulates a quick release of serotonin? Answer: (carbs, caffeine, chocolate, nicotine, alcohol all stimulate a quick release of serotonin.) How long until our cravings for these bad foods stop?


What the marketing scams that are making us fatter than ever?** Is it the intention of the diet industry to keep us fat? (EGADS!)

DIETERS ARE HUNGRY FOR RESULTS BUT JUST GET FATTER AND FATTER: What is going on in the diet industry to keep dieters hooked on diet products?

As Americans' waistlines grow fatter and fatter, a new John Hopkins study predicts 75% will be overweight in less than 10 years (story below), the myriad of misleading miracle pills and programs also skyrocket, leaving trusting consumers hungry for results and even more at risk for health conditions and disease.

How does the diet and food industries' deception in product labeling intentionally addict us to their products? How is diet soda tricking you into sugar cravings? What other conditions does it perpetuate? What are the red flags that signal SCAM when researching diets and their products? What is the serotonin-insulin connection and why is it so crucial to our weight loss success? Why is willpower not enough when it comes to eating healthy and/or living a healthy lifestyle? What are three simple things a person can do TODAY that are easy to do and start the ball rolling? Why is a good night's sleep important to losing weight?

Diet industry "watch dog" and author of the book, "Diet Failure: The Naked Truth: The Brain Chemistry To Losing Weight - And Keeping It Off", Phoenix Gilman, has 30 years experience in the health and nutrition industry, from certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist to medical researcher. She uncovers the clues, revealing why 98% of diets fail and how to break the case of the dieter's dilemma . . . WHY DOESN'T ANYTHING WORK?

Entrepreneur and author Phoenix Gilman is an internationally respected wellness expert with over 30 years of diverse experience, from certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, to researcher, product developer, consumer activist, and speaker.

Fed up with the misinformation and marketing scams running rampant within the diet, food, and pharmaceutical industries, she vowed to make a difference. After dedicating years extensively to R&D testing various clinical studies, Phoenix spent another two years to write about that life-saving research.

Her critically acclaimed book, DIET FAILURE-THE NAKED TRUTH: The Brain Chemistry Key to Losing Weight-and Achieving Extraordinary Health! is the result.

Her research has been recognized by many, including the Centers for Disease Control, American Heart Association,, GA Governor Sonny Perdue, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Atkins, and best-selling authors Michael Murray, ND, co-author of the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and Diana Schwarzbein, MD, author of The Schwarzbein Principle.In addition to being a premiere weight loss expert, Phoenix's work has shown to alleviate depression, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, PMS, and migraines, while also greatly reducing one's risk for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Drink Up for Your Health



Hailed as the new "superfood" on the Oprah Winfrey show and website, the dark purple Amazonian açaí berry, pronounced "ahh-sigh-ee," has hip and healthful consumers clamoring for its high levels of antioxidants and cholesterol-fighting fatty acids, protein and fiber.

What many consumers don't know, however, is that antioxidants are most effective when combined with other antioxidants, a scientific principle dubbed "the antioxidant cascade effect."

The Purple Beverage Company has harnessed the power of this cascade effect by combining seven of the planet's most powerful antioxidants in the formula for its new beverage - PURPLE. All natural, no sugar added PURPLE combines the exotic acai berry with six other antioxidant-rich juices, including: black cherry, pomegranate, black currant, purple plum, cranberry and blueberry."

Today's consumers are very savvy," said Ted Farnsworth, CEO of the Purple Beverage Company. "They're looking for healthful benefits but want great taste as well. We see PURPLE as their answer, combining those properties with boosted antioxidant action in a delicious drink."

When asked how he came up with the name "PURPLE," Farnsworth explains, "It is not just because of the drink's color. In fact, it is really due to the fact that purple pigment in the fruit provides the highest degree of antioxidant benefit, so it just seemed natural to simply call our new beverage PURPLE."

PURPLE is great on its own and is the perfect ingredient for a healthy fruit smoothie or even in your favorite cocktail. In fact, researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture and Kasetsart University in Thailand recently reported that adding alcohol to antioxidant-rich berries increases their antioxidant capacity - a fact that will surely make PURPLE one of the most popular antioxidant cocktail trends in nightclubs and lounges.

Making up a few summer cocktails at home for some friends? Try mixing PURPLE with your favorite spirit and ice in your blender for a frothy indigo concoction that may just help you fight some free radicals while you're chilling in the sun. Looking for something a little healthier? Pour a 10 oz. bottle of PURPLE into your blender with some plain yogurt and puree for a creamy, lavender treat that will refresh and rev you up for your day.

On the go? Grab a bottle of PURPLE at your local deli and chug - after all, you can't get enough antioxidants! PURPLE is available in health food stores, restaurants, delis, drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores in select cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Miami and will be available at retailers nationwide in the Fall of 2007. PURPLE will retail for $3.99; watch for PURPLE's new website at

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chef & Child Recipe Contest Puts New Spin on Versatility of Soyfoods

A Chef and Child Soyfoods Recipe Contest was held at the Iowa Culinary Institute on Friday, at the culmination of a three-day soyfoods culinary tour held in Des Moines, IA August 8 thru 10, 2007. During the three days five chefs, their children (or young family friend) and 10 food editors visited a soybean farm, learned about soy nutrition and the culinary versatility of soyfoods, visited the Iowa State Fair and sampled locally produced soyfoods products from Pulmuone Wildwood, Inc, MicroSoy Corporation and Heartland Fields.

Winning the contest, and a $1,000 scholarship for culinary education, was MacKenzie Smith, age 12, of Las Vegas, Nevada. She competed with her mom, Shannon Kelly Smith, Culinary Educator for Las Vegas High School who received $2,000 for her expertise in helping MacKenzie with her recipe development and demonstration.

"I love to make tacos so it was easy for me to pick my recipe," exclaimed MacKenzie as she began her food demonstration. "They're easy to make and they're good for me and good for the earth because they're made with soybeans."

Smith also made "Guilt-Free Brownies" featuring black soybeans - one of the more creative uses of soyfoods seen during the recipe contest. (Recipes of the winning entrée are below.) Who knew soyfoods, an often-unapproachable food for adults, let alone children, would be the highlight of an event that brought chefs from all parts of the country together for the first Chef and Child Soyfoods Recipe Contest - an event focused on creating healthful, child-friendly soyfoods snacks and entrées.

"We wanted to create a venue where children were the focus," states Linda Funk, Executive Director of The Soyfoods Council. "With childhood obesity concerns looming, and the need to better educate parents and children about soy nutrition and versatility, we thought of no better way than to get children involved- making recipes they could prepare and, of course, love to eat!"

Winning the "Most Child-Friendly Recipe" award was Ruby, age six, and her dad, Chef Andrew Mayne, Executive Chef of Catering at Stanford University. Ruby explained in her food demonstration for a "Tempeh Avocado Sushi Roll with Soy Dipping Sauce," that sushi is her favorite food. When she takes sushi to school, the other children try to steal it because they love it too! Chef Andrew added,

"It's a great way to show kids and parents that healthy food is easy to make and tastes great."

Judges for the contest included Devin Alexander, Host of The Discovery Channel's "Healthy Decadence" and author of Fast Food Fix and The Biggest Loser Cookbook, Chef Robert Anderson, Chair of the Iowa Culinary Institute and Linda Funk, Executive Director of The Soyfoods Council.

Other Chef and Child Soyfoods Recipe Contest Winners Included:
Most Versatile - Executive Chef Ephraim Malag, Tournament Club of Iowa - The Oak View Restaurant and Jordan Franklin (age 13) of Polk City, IA. They prepared a "Lily Gyoza" for their snack and "Smoked Jasmine Pork Appanoose" for their entrée.
Most Creative - Master Chef Marcel Biró, Biró Internationale, LLC of Sheboygan, WI and Destinee Palimore (age 9) of Des Moines, IA. Chef Marcel and Destinee showcased a "Chocolate-Covered 'Soy-Prize'"(edamame, soy nut butter and chocolate fondue) for their snack and "Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps" as their entrée.

Most Surprisingly Healthy - Chef Steve Kapelonis, The PUMP Energy Food Restaurant, and Chrysoula Kapelonis (age 8) New York, NY demonstrated a "Mixed Fruit Topped with Soy Ice Cream and Soy Granola" for their snack and a "Grilled Chicken Soy Caesar Whole Wheat Twist" for their entrée.

Winning Recipes

Double Whammy Taco Wraps

Serves 6

1 12 ounce package soy meatless taco meat
1 15 ounce can black soy beans - rinsed and drained
1 package soy flour tortillas
1 small avocado - skinned, pitted and smashed
1 12 ounce container soy sour cream
1 12 ounce package of soy cheddar cheese alternative
1 large vine ripened tomato - chopped
1 10 ounce package shredded lettuce
1 small bottle of hot sauce - optional

Place the taco meat and beans in a medium size frying pan. Using medium low heat warm the meat mixture.

To assemble the wraps:
· Spread 1 tablespoon of the smashed avocado and 1 tablespoon sour cream on a tortilla.
· Place 1/3 of a cup of the meat mixture onto the avocado and sour cream mix.
· Top with 2 tablespoons of cheese.
· Add the shredded lettuce and tomato.
· Sprinkle on hot sauce if desired.
· Roll up the wrap by folding in the sides and then rolling up the tortilla from the bottom.
· Cut at a diagonal (/).
· Serve immediately.

Guilt-Free Brownies

Serves 16

1 15 ounce can black soy beans - drained and well rinsed
3 large eggs
½ cup granulated sugar
¼ cup soy flour
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 tablespoons brewed coffee
1 teaspoon baking powder
¼ cup soy oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
¼ cup powdered sugar - optional

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Spray an 8" x 8" glass baking pan with cooking spray.
Place beans into a food processor or blender, chop for several seconds. Beans should look coarse not smooth.
Add remaining ingredients to the beans and blend until smooth.
Pour mixture into the baking pan and bake for 25 minutes.
Brownies are done when a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean.
Cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar (optional).
Servings: 16
Serving Size: 2" x 2" squares
Weight, 3 ounces

Optional Ingredients
¼ cup semisweet chocolate chips
¼ cup chopped walnuts, pecans or almonds
Serving Suggestions:
Serve brownies warm with vanilla soy ice cream

Winemetrics Unveils America's First Wine List Report Card

What wine brand appears on America's restaurant wine lists most? What's the most popular Pinot Noir from Oregon? What share of wine list placements are French wines? Now wine marketers and restaurateurs can get fast answers to these and other wine distribution questions, thanks to Winemetrics, the premier supplier of on-premise wine information management and market intelligence.

The Winemetrics 2007 On-Premise Wine Distribution Report analyzes data from over 10,000 U.S. restaurant wine lists, and delivers marketing executives and restaurateurs strategies for the on-premise channel (the outlets where wine is consumed, e.g., restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc.) For example, the Report compares on-premise performance of competing brands and products, identifying new placement targets for wine marketers. For restaurateurs, the Report reveals whether they are offering the most widely distributed brands at the most competitive national prices, and presents opportunities to maximize profit margins.

"Wine brands are built on-premise, but no distribution information was available when I was a marketing director," says Charles Gill, CEO of Winemetrics, and 29-year wine industry veteran. "I had to make decisions based on instinct, not insight. Data was incomplete or inaccurate, and didn't reveal competitive standings. I created our On-Premise Wine Distribution Report to give brand owners, marketing executives, and restaurateurs a very affordable, national report card that delivers the insight they need: competitive brand position and brand performance on a national level."

Winemetrics compiled the wine list data from 10,500 wine-oriented fine-dining and casual restaurants in 20 states, representing 24 of the top 30 metro markets for wine consumption. Independent restaurants, and regional and national chains were sampled for the Report. It is the most comprehensive wine list and distribution analysis ever assembled.

Winemetrics' distribution performance rankings are organized by brand, country of origin, region, and variety, with the top 25 to 50 brands and products listed in each category. These rankings are distilled into a "Top 100 List" of the most popular on-premise brands in the country.

For restaurateurs, Winemetrics' distribution rankings help them boost revenues by revealing the top brands and products, and national average prices per bottle. Restaurateurs can then react by adjusting their wine lists' level of mainstream brands, while also modifying pricing to remain competitive with other restaurants.

Winemetrics' 2007 On-Premise Wine Distribution Report is available for purchase online or by mail or fax order at for $299.00. The first six pages of the report are also available as a free preview by visiting

Winemetrics is the leading source of on-premise wine information and analysis, and provides the most complete, objective wine market intelligence available. Using information extracted from restaurant wine lists nationwide, Winemetrics provides distribution analysis and wine list management tools to wine suppliers, marketers, distributors, and restaurant wine managers. Its trio of software programs-Virtual Brand Manager, Wine List Analyzer, and Wine List Creator-delivers industry executives and restaurateurs instant reports on their wine brand performance and wine list quality, generating the most profitable distribution targets and wine lists in minutes. The company is headquartered in Fairfield, Conn. Visit the Web site at

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Noodles The New Way

Noodles are colorful, tasty, inexpensive, quick and easy to prepare. They’re the perfect everyday food for family and friends, and provided the ingredients are prepared, you can cook a one-dish gourmet meal in less than 10 minutes.

In Noodles the New Way (Quadrille Publishing, Paperback; ISBN 9781844004782; 144 pages; $14.95), internationally celebrated food writer Sri Owen explains how to identify, prepare and cook all types of noodles.

In each of the easy-to-follow recipes—featuring vegetarian, seafood, poultry and meat ingredients—Owen presents delectable new combinations of ingredients and flavors that reflect today’s palates and eating habits, and that also pay homage to ancient Asian principles of creating a balance of textures and flavors. A treasury of recipes for basic stocks, sauces, pastes, dressings and condiments enables the home cook to build original noodle dishes from scratch and helps to elevate noodles from the everyday to the spectacular.

Recipes in Noodles the New Way include:
Coconut, Tofu and Pumpkin Noodles
Pan-fried Scallops with Endive and Apples on Parsleyed Egg Noodles
Balinese Ground Duck Satays on Fried Noodles
Barbecued Pork Spareribs with Shitake Noodles
Cold Soba Noodles with Lobster Meat Salad
Pad Thai
Egg Rolls

Noodles the New Way is available at major retailers including Barnes & Noble and

About the Author:
Sri Owen was born in Sumatra, an island in Indonesia, and has lived in the West for more than 30 years. A former university lecturer and BBC broadcaster, she has written over a dozen cookery books and is now a cookery teacher and food consultant. She belongs to the International Association of Culinary Professionals and travels extensively, giving cookery demonstrations and master classes.

NOTE: Received a preview copy of this book. A great "how-to" book with wonderful photography. If you like noodles a little bit, this may cause you to like them a lot!

USDA Finally Cracking down on Factory Farms Masquerading as Organic - Largest Dairy Facing Decertification

The Cornucopia Institute has learned that the USDAappears about to revoke the organic certification of the nation'slargest industrial dairy operator, Aurora Organic Dairy, withcorporate headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Aurora operates several giant factory dairies milking thousands ofcows each in semi-arid areas of Colorado and Texas. The company hasbeen the subject of a series of formal legal complaints filed withthe USDA by The Cornucopia Institute. The complaints from theWisconsin-based farm policy group filed in 2005 and 2006, called fora USDA investigation into allegations of numerous organic livestockmanagement improprieties on Aurora’s facilities.

“After personally inspecting some of Aurora’s dairies in Texas andColorado, we found 98% of their cattle in feedlots instead of grazingon pasture as the law requires,” stated Mark Kastel, Cornucopia’ssenior farm policy analyst. Cornucopia also found that Aurora wasprocuring cattle from a non-certified organic source in apparentviolation of the law. “Our sources tell us that the USDA’sinvestigators found many other violations when conducting their probeof Aurora.”

But Kastel warned that the USDA is under intense pressure to scuttle the Aurora decertification order. “We understand that powerfulpolitical influence is being brought to bear on the USDA in an effortto delay or water down the penalties against Aurora,” noted Kastel.

As part of their investigation of Aurora, compliance officers at theUSDA took sworn testimony from Cornucopia staff, visited Aurora'sfacilities and interviewed their organic certifier, the State ofColorado. The Institute found out about the impending enforcementaction, and the potential for its delay, from officials in Colorado,a political appointee at the USDA and a highly placed industryexecutive.The organic industry is carefully watching what the USDA does withthe Aurora matter because of its size and impact on the marketplace.

Aurora doesn't directly market milk under its own name, but it is the country's largest private-label producer of organic milk. Aurorapackages store-brand organic dairy products for Wal-Mart, Costco,Target, Safeway, Trader Joe's, Wild Oats, and other grocery chains.“The organic regulations are scale neutral,” added Kastel. “In termsof enforcement it shouldn't matter if we are talking about a powerfulcorporate player, with thousands of cows, or a smaller familyoperation, bad actors in this industry need to be removed from themarketplace.”

Because of the delay in USDA enforcement against Aurora Dairy, The Cornucopia Institute today filed a Freedom of Information request(FOIA) with the USDA to secure documents that could uncover possibleinfluence peddling and favoritism at the Department. “We hope thatthe USDA will issue tough sanctions, if warranted,” Kastel said.“And we want the agency to know that the organic community is veryclosely monitoring this case.”

Earlier this spring the 10,000-cow Vander Eyk factory dairy inPixley, California lost its organic certification after aninvestigation revealed numerous violations of federal organic rules.The industrial-scale operation had been publicly spotlighted by TheCornucopia Institute for organic management irregularities. TheVander Eyk dairy had been selling its milk to Stremicks (Heritage-Foods) and Dean Foods (Horizon).

Based on documents recently received by Cornucopia through an earlier FOIA request, the Vander Eck dairy lost their ability to marketorganic milk not only because they lacked pasture for their cattlebut also because they violated requirements for careful record-keeping to assure that all cows milked were eligible for organiccertification and all the feed they consumed was actually organicallygrown.

“It now appears that our concerns about the giant industrial dairycutting corners by confining cattle in a ‘factory-farm’ setting wasjust the tip of the iceberg,” said Will Fantle, Cornucopia's researchdirector. “The foundation of the organic certification process isthe maintenance of a comprehensive farm audit trail which can bereviewed by independent certification inspectors and the USDA. Thefact that Vander Eyk could not produce the documents requested by hiscertifier, and that he did not appeal the enforcement action, is just damning.”

The controversy about the growing number of factory-farms producingorganic milk has come to a head this year as the number of farmerstransitioning to organic dairy production has dramatically increasedcausing a surplus of organic milk for the first time. That surplus, largely attributed to the mega-farms, is now driving down prices tofamily farmers around the country endangering their livelihoods. It's also become a tragedy for some family farmers around the countrywho have gone through the arduous and expensive three-year transitionto organic management but now have nowhere to ship their milk.“

With at least 15 of these giant dairies operating, mostly in the arid west, they have succeeded in jeopardizing the livelihood of the1500 or so ethical dairy farm families who are doing this right,”said Merrill Clark, an organic livestock producer from Cassopolis, Michigan and former member of the USDA's expert advisory panel, theNational Organic Standards Board.

“The good news for consumers is that in our survey of organic dairybrands (posted on a full 90% of namebrandproducts received very high ratings in our scorecard that critiquedthe environmental and animal husbandry practices used in sourcing theorganic milk for the dairy products,” the Cornucopia's Kastel said.“With a small amount of research, consumers who care aboutmaintaining the integrity of organics can easily find organic dairyproducts they can believe in.”

Aurora is owned by some of the same conventional factory-farmoperators that founded the Horizon Organic brand and then later soldit to Dean Foods. Aurora's largest equity stake is controlled byCharlesBank of Boston, which invests capital for the Harvardendowment fund.Rumors have also been swirling in the investment community that Aurora’s owners are seeking to sell the company or to take it public.

The Cornucopia Institute is dedicated to the fight for economicjustice for the family-scale farming community. Through research,advocacy and economic development our goal is to empower farmers bothpolitically and through marketplace initiatives. The OrganicIntegrity Project acts as a corporate watchdog assuring that nocompromises to the credibility of organic farming methods and thefood it produces are made in the pursuit of profit.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Organic Bread Crumbs

Go organic this holiday season with Organic Breadcrumbs and Croutons from Edward & Son’s Trading Company.

The croutons are available in Lightly Salted, Italian Herbs and Onion Garlic flavors, and breadcrumbs are available in Lightly Salted, Italian Herbs and Panko (Japanese Style Breadcrumbs).
All are made with USDA certified organic ingredients, are vegan and are low in fat and cholesterol.

Holiday Stuffing
1 bag Edward & Sons Organic Lightly Salted or Onion Garlic Croutons
4 Tbsp Butter or Vegan alternative
1 cup Onions (or ½ cup onions & ½ cup celery)
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh parsley
1/2 tsp Sage
1/2 tsp Thyme
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Pepper
1/4 cube Organic Country Vegetable bouillon (dissolved in ½ cup hot water)

In a pan melt the 4 tablespoons butter or Vegan alternative. Add the onions (or onion/celery combination) and cook until tender but not brown (approximately 5 minutes). Remove from heat and stir in the parsley, sage, thyme, salt, and pepper. Stir in the croutons and mix well. Stir in 1/3 – 1/2 cup of prepared Organic Country Vegetable Bouillon cube stock. For stuffing you may now use as is. If baking separately, you may want to moisten with a little more prepared Organic Country Vegetable Bouillon cube stock before putting the mixture in a shallow buttered baking dish and baking at 350ºF. Bake for 25-40 minutes until a crust has formed on top.

Italian Herbs Breadcrumb Stuffing
6 Tbsp. Butter or Vegan alternative
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1/2 cup finely chopped celery
1 1/2 cups Edward & Sons Organic Italian Herbs Breadcrumbs
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp. Black pepper
1 Tbsp. Finely chopped fresh parsley
1/2 tsp. Lemon juice

In a pan, melt the 6 tablespoons butter or Vegan alternative. Add the chopped onions and celery. Cook until tender but not brown (approximately 5 minutes). In a separate bowl, blend the breadcrumbs with the salt, black pepper and parsley. Add the butter/vegetable combination to the breadcrumb mixture and add the lemon juice. Mix well. Ready to use as a stuffing for mushrooms, zucchini, squash or seafood.

Food Allergies Mean Back-to-School Jitters for Millions

The incidence of food allergy hasskyrocketed, doubling in the last 10 years, and scientists aren't sure whyMore than 12 million Americans - one in 25 - are caught up in thislife-altering epidemic. Among them are 2.2 million school-age children. For them, as well as fortheir parents, back-to-school is an especially anxious time.

That's because food allergy is not the harmless, whimsical condition somepeople still seem to think it is. "Food allergy is serious, and it's life-threatening," says AnneMuñoz-Furlong, founder and CEO of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network(FAAN). "Just one bite of the wrong food can bring on anaphylaxis - a severeallergic reaction that can cause death. Even trace amounts can be enough tocause problems - sometimes just through skin contact, or from inhalationwhen food is being cooked."

Food allergy is the leading cause of anaphylaxis outside the hospitalsetting in the U.S. and results in 150-200 deaths and more than 30,000emergency room visits each year. There is no known cure; strict avoidance isthe only way to prevent a reaction.

But avoidance can be hard in schools, where food allergens are everywhere: in the cafeteria, on the playground, in the classroom. Not just in meals and snacks, but in art projects, craft activities, even math lessons.

Yet there is no uniform food-allergy policy to guide our nation's schools-some of which are well-prepared to deal with food allergy, while others aren't. "The bottom line is that parents can't be sure that a school isequipped to protect their child," says Muñoz-Furlong.That may change as a result of legislation recently introduced in Congress.

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act (HR.2063/S.1232) would, ifpassed, call on the federal government to establish voluntary nationalguidelines for managing students with food allergies ( "What's needed is a food-allergy blueprint for schools to follow, and thiswould provide it," said Muñoz-Furlong. "Children with food allergy, and their parents, have to always be on guard,to prevent a reaction. It's not easy, but they can do it with thecooperation, and the understanding, of everyone around them."

ABOUT FAAN - Founded in 1991, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) is the worldleader in information about food allergy, a potentially fatal condition thatafflicts approximately 12 million Americans, or one out of every 25, and israpidly increasing in prevalence. A nonprofit organization based in Fairfax,Va., FAAN has 30,000 members in the U.S., Canada, and 62 other countries. Itis dedicated to increasing public awareness of food allergy and itsconsequences, to educating people about the condition, to advocating onbehalf of all those affected by it, and to advancing research into itscauses, prevalence, cure, and prevention. FAAN provides information andeducational resources about food allergy to patients, their families,schools, health professionals, pharmaceutical companies, the food industry,and government officials. The FAAN Medical Advisory Board, which reviews allof the organization's educational materials, is comprised of 14 of theleaders in food allergy science and medicine in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to its printed materials, FAAN also sponsors such awarenessprograms as Food Allergy Awareness Week, the Mariel C. Furlong Awards forMaking a Difference, food allergy conferences, and fundraising walks. For more information, visit FAAN on the Web at

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What are the 100 Healthiest Foods?

We’re bombarded with information telling us to eat ‘healthier.’ While most of us understand that means we shouldn’t live solely on potato chips, cheeseburgers and ice cream, many of us are hard-pressed to understand what ‘healthy food’ really is. After all, there’s so much conflicting information about food and diets and some new study is always popping up in the news telling us that we shouldn’t be eating this or drinking that. So, what if someone created a lifestyle plan—not a diet—that features 100 of the world’s healthiest foods with quick and easy recipes to prepare them in a way that tastes delicious and makes you feel energized and healthier?

Someone has. George Mateljan has dedicated 10 years to researching and writing his latest book, “The World’s Healthiest Foods.” Alarmed by the steady rise in obesity, he’s on a personal mission to help people eat healthier to live longer, healthier lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 66% of adult Americans are overweight, increasing their risk of heart disease, type 2 Diabetes and some cancers. “Most people want to improve their health,” says Mateljan. “With the Healthiest Way of Eating Plan in just 4 weeks you can energize your life. All of the information about the World's Healthiest Foods and their health benefits are backed by scientific data. Plus, the food tastes great. If food doesn’t taste good, people won’t eat it.”

Mateljan researched cultures known for their health and longevity and compiled a list of the 100 Healthiest Foods. “The health-promoting foods on my list contain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the least number of calories,” says Mateljan. “These factors all work together to help your body function at optimum levels. He says by incorporating these foods into your diet, you’ll have a healthier heart, better memory, and physically you’ll see differences in your hair and skin. Your energy level will increase and if you’re overweight, you’ll shed some pounds too.

The Healthiest Way of Eating Plan provides a selection of foods to choose for each meal, along with hundreds of recipes, most of which take 7 minutes or less to prepare. The recipes are so easy you can prepare an entire meal in less than 15 minutes-- a key benefit for squeezing healthy eating into today’s hectic lifestyles. “Most people cook the nutrients right out of their food,” says Mateljan. “They don't realize that the way they wash, store and cook their food can result in a loss of vitamins and minerals and that overcooking can lose from 50-80% of the nutrients! My recipes are super fast and easy and designed to help food retain the maximum nutrition. Everything tastes so good you’ll forget that you’re eating healthy. You won’t feel deprived and you’ll make a positive and lasting impact on your health.”

Ten little known facts about healthy eating include:

1. Eating fresh fruit with each meal helps the digestive process
2. Soaking produce in water leaches out water soluble vitamins
3. Don’t sauté with olive oil; add it to sauces and foods after they’re cooked to retain the flavor and nutrients in the oil
4. Bell peppers may have a protective effect against cataracts
5. Eating one large apple a day can lower serum cholesterol by up to 11%
6. Adding fish, shellfish, flaxseeds or walnuts to one meal each day provides anti-inflammatory protection
7. Refined sugars can lead to reduced immune system function
8. Refined grains can lead to blood sugar elevations
9. Whole foods high in fiber such as beans and legumes digest so slowly that many people eat them as natural appetite suppressants
10. Three cups of green tea daily can reduce body weight and waist circumference by 5% in three months

George Mateljan is an expert on foods that are good for you and healthy cooking. The author of five best-selling books and founder of Health Valley Foods, one of the largest health food companies in the world, George was a pioneer in the organic food movement, encouraging and supporting the development of organic farming. After 26 years with Health Valley, he turned his energies and resources to the George Mateljan Foundation. The Foundation helps individuals learn about the Healthiest Way of Eating through the creation of the number one website on healthiest foods, and the publication of health-promoting books. provides information on how to include nutrient-rich foods as part of your every day life. It is the most comprehensive website with up-to-date information about the foods that are good for you and the information is supported by more than 2,000 scientifically based studies.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

All-Natural Hot Pocket Alternative for Back-to-School

With only moments in the morning and a million things to juggle, how about a round up of quick and easy breakfast and lunch items for the back-to-school season to help Moms and their kids get the sustenance they need for a productive day?
Van's International Foods new line of Stuffed Sandwiches are made with all-natural ingredients, great for a breakfast, lunch or dinner on-the-run. These new stuffed sandwiches are:

- Wrapped in a golden flakey crust
- Free of trans fats, artificial ingredients and preservatives
- Offer 8-10g of protein in each sandwich
- Have no nitrites or nitrates added, and are made with pork that is free of antibiotics and growth promotants.

Flavors include: Sausage, Egg & Cheese, Western Style Egg & Cheese (vegetarian option), Pepperoni Pizza and Ham & Cheese.

The Racing Chef

Nicky Morse is the chef for Jeg Coughlin Jr. (3 time National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) champion). This is Nicky’s sixth year with the team. I realize that being at a race track is not an affiliation that you would closely associate with fine dining. When speaking of a race track one first thinks of hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. However, I have a story idea you might be interested in.

Since racing is an all day event over the course of four days, team members do not have a chance to leave and get a nutritious meal. Jeg Coughlin Jr. has hired Nicky Morse as a full-time chef to solve that problem. Nicky Morse is from London, Ohio. He cooks lunch and dinner for anywhere between 20-30 people and travels around the country with the team from Feb.-Nov. Among other things, he has worked for a four star restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, he has cooked on the set of different shows on Country Music Television (CMT). He specializes in French and Italian-style cooking and all of his food is prepared at the track in the JEG’S customized industrial-equipped kitchen.

The NHRA POWERADE Drag Racing Series is the premier series for the sport of drag racing in the United States and is one of the most popular forms of auto racing nationwide. The 23-race, $50 million series makes 20 stops across the country including Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Dallas, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Denver. Thank you for your time and consideration. Click here to see the 2007 schedule.

Fair Trade Bananas Target National and Local Grocers

Tens of thousands of U.S. consumers are being organized by the non-profit Co-op America to pressure major national and independent grocery store operators to follow the lead of European Union (EU) grocers by making "Fair Trade bananas" more widely available. Information about the Co-op America campaign is available at

The new push for Fair Trade Certified bananas is being launched amidst growing concerns about the human rights and environmental records of large conventional banana companies. For example, Chiquita Brands Inc. recently paid a $25 million fine to the US government after pleading guilty to transacting with terrorist organizations in Colombia.

Co-op America Fair Trade Program Coordinator Yochanan Zakai said: "The chances are you have heard about Fair Trade coffee and Fair Trade tea, but you probably don't know about Fair Trade bananas and other tropical fruit. Even though Fair Trade tropical fruits have been available in the US since 2004, they are relatively rare in the U.S. In Europe, where Fair Trade fruit has been available since the mid-1990s, sales of such bananas have been growing at a rate of about 50 percent a year. It's time for U.S. grocers to start making available Fair Trade bananas and other fruit."

Participants in the Co-op America campaign are asked to sign a Web-based letter to major supermarket chains asking for more Fair Trade fruit. The campaign also seeks to enlist interested consumers in working with a supermarket in their community by sending emails, making phone calls and enlisting other local shoppers. Past Co-op America consumer action campaign have resulted in the mobilization of 10,000 or more consumers to press U.S. companies for more responsible/greener actions.

As the Co-op America Web site explains: "Fair Trade means a fair deal for farmers, and a healthier environment for all of us. Through Fair Trade certification, banana farmers earn a living wage that enables them to not only cover production costs but also send their children to school and provide medical care to themselves and their families. Fair Trade premiums are also often invested in programs that teach farmers about recycling, organics, reforestation, and other strategies for building healthy communities."

The Fair Trade certification standards forbid the use of the most dangerous toxic chemicals and pesticides, protecting workers in the field, and guaranteeing the safety of the bananas in your store. Fair Trade bananas are better for our environment, as they are not genetically modified, and are grown using sustainable farming practices such as, mulching, non-chemical weed control, filtering waste-water, recycling, and safe waste management.

Zakai said: "The actions of Chiquita are a stark contrast to the family farmers and co-ops who produce Fair Trade Certified bananas on their own land."

Several independent banana importers - Oke Bananas, Turbana, Albert's Organics and Jonathan's - offer Fair Trade Certified bananas that are available to distributors serving U.S. grocers.

For more information on Fair Trade bananas, visit

ABOUT CO-OP AMERICACo-op America is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1982, providing the economic strategies, organizing power and practicing tools for businesses and individuals to address today's social and environmental problems. For more information about climate change and other environmental and social issues please visit

Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause Living and Laughing through Hot Flashes

Over 100 hilarious and heartwarming stories contributed from writers all across the US and Canada will be found in the new Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause Living and Laughing through Hot Flashes and Hormones, the latest book in the NY Times best selling Chicken Soup for Soul series has just been released.

Each story was selected from thousands of other potential stories to be included in Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause because of its unique and special ability to entertain, inspire and immortalize those recollections of special moments faced by aging women and men everywhere.

This book is a laugh-out-loud, pick-me-up collection of stories for the millions of women who are battling hot flashes, mood swings and mental lapses.

As baby boomers hit their late forties and fifties, a record number of women are going through menopause. Whether they're in "active" menopause or just beginning to experience their first gray hairs and the hot nights of perimenopause, they'll find support, comfort and advice in this collection of stories from women who've been there and have survived.

With chapters such as Who Turned Up the Heat?; Mental-Pause; and You're Not Alone, women will gain renewed perspective on reaching the milestone of middle age, feel empowered by their changing identity and realize the innumerable ways in which menopause can impact them in a positive manner.

Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause Living and Laughing through Hot Flashes and Hormones will show millions of women that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Chicken Soup for the Soul books were first published in 1993 and quickly rose to number one on the New York Times bestseller list. With over 100 million copies sold and 145 titles in 37 languages, Chicken Soup for the Soul has made international publishing history and garnered numerous prestigious awards for creators, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are the bestselling coauthors of the #1 New York Times and USA Today best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. They are joined in this book by co-author Dahlynn McKowen.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cooking with the Wines of Washington and Oregon

Cooking with the Wines of Washington Washington state has been recognized as a world leader in producing award-winning wines, many of which originate from family-owned wineries. The region boasts fertile land for growing grapes and fresh ingredients, rendering it one of the most sought-after areas for wine lovers and culinaryaficionados alike.

As good meals and great wine go hand in hand, Cooking with the Wines of Washington celebrates the wineries of Washington with a collection of over a hundred recipes for cooking with wine.

Authors Troy and Cheryl-Lynn Townsin have scoured the region for secret family recipes and the tricks of renowned chefs. The result is a comprehensive book capturing Washington's hidden gems and brightest diamonds from kitchens and vineyards across the state.

This book takes readers on a culinary journey spanning Puget Sound to the Columbia Gorge, complete with useful winery listings, maps, and driving distances. Serving as a culinary tour guide and cookbook, each recipe uses wine as the feature ingredient so that meals can start and finish with the pop of a cork. Elegant recipes like Mushroom and Pinot Noir Soup, Masset Winery Braised Duck, and Hedges Family Estate Fortified Poached Pears make for dazzling wine-inspired meals, each dish rooted in the rich histories of the wineries that motivated their creation. Cooking with the Wines of Washington is a delightful springboard to the culinary exploration of Washington wine country, a perfect wine companion for the road or in home kitchens.

Cooking with the Wines of Oregon
Oregon wineries attract approximately five million visitors each year. There are over 40 types of wine grapes growing in the state, making it one of the most prosperous wine regions in North America.

Authors Troy and Cheryl-Lynn Townsin raise their glasses to Oregon wine country in Cooking with the Wines of Oregon, a culinary journey through over 250 wineries in the area. This book doubles as a wine tour guide and cookbook. Packed with essential winery tour information, driving directions and maps, Cooking with the Wines of Oregon also brings home the experience with a collection of more than 100 wine-inspired regional recipes.

Troy and Cheryl-Lynn follow their noses to compile favorite recipes from renowned wineries: Willamette Valley Vineyards Lamb and Goat Cheese Wontons Aramenta Almond-Crusted Halibut, King Estate Dungeness Crab Strudel, Ribbon Ridge Vineyards Chocolate Lavender Torte with Early Muscat Sabayon, LaVelle Vineyards Riesling Curried Prawns

Ripe with bold flavors, contemporary vibrancy, and unique histories, the wineries and recipes in Cooking with the Wines of Oregon paint a colorful portrait of a thriving cuisine culture in the Pacific Northwest. Troy and Cheryl-Lynn Townsin capture the vitality of the region through the most comprehensive exploration of Oregon wineries ever published.

Award-winning authors Tory and Cheryl-Lynn Townsin are a husband and wife team with a passion for food, wine and travel. Both have traveled extensively, independently pursuing international careers in hospitality, travel writing and business. They won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for best book on cooking with wine for their first book, Cooking with BC Wine.

NOTE: Received sample copies of the book. If you have a love of cooking and a love of wine from the Pacific Northwest, you're in luck! The books are recipe heavy and while most of them will translate well on their own, these are niche publications specializing in wine pairings with the native wines. If this sounds like you, it's worth the $24.95 cover price (each.)

DO IT WHITE! Five Tips For Perfectly Prepared White Tea

While many Americans may be aware of the health benefits and growing popularity of white tea, they may not realize that how you prepare the beverage is just as important as drinking it. Recent studies indicate that compared to other teas, white tea contains even higher amounts of flavonoid antioxidants. This is due to the fact that white tea is the least processed of any tea. To reap the full benefits, however, it is important to prepare white tea properly.

Following are five tips for perfectly prepared white tea from the tea experts at Salada:

1--Start with Good Water. A water filter will remove chlorine and some impurities from tap water. Compare your filtered tap water with the bottled waters available. Read their content labels. The perfect water for white tea has a pH of 7 and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) under 400.

2--Use at Temperature Below Boiling. Boiling water spoils white tea, which requires water at least 30 degrees cooler, approximately 170 to 185 degrees. When steam rises in a vertical column from your kettle, the water is too hot.

3--Use Right Amount of Tea. One teabag or teaspoon of leaf (approximately three grams) per five-ounce cup of water is necessary for full flavor.

4--Avoid Over-Steeping. Steep white tea for three minutes at the most, preferably two minutes; then, remove teabag or tealeaf from cup or pot. For lighter flavor, use shorter steeping time. Get a timer and experiment!

5--Repeat. White tea is one of the most economical and healthy beverages. For full health benefits, include three to five cups each day as part of your self-care routine.

For more information on white tea, please visit

26th annual Great American Beer Festival

On October 11-13, 2007, the 26th edition of the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) returns to Denver. The granddaddy of all US beer fests, the 2007 GABF will serve over 1,700 beers (in one-ounce tasting portions) from over 400 American breweries to the event's 41,000 attendees. The list of beers is the largest array of US beers ever gathered together in one setting.

That list of beers and the event's growing attendance (last year's GABF broke the previous year's attendance total by 28%) are proof of the GABF's crucial role as a showcase and catalyst for the US craft beer industry (which is now at an all time high).

While sales of beers from large domestic brewers have remained flat in 2006, sales of craft beer continue to explode. Scan data from Information Resources Inc. shows craft beer with a 17.8% increase in supermarket sales for 2006 -- more growth than any other alcohol beverage category in the supermarket sales channel. In the past three years, craft beer over all sales have grown by an astounding 31.5%.

"Craft beer is now a vital part of American culture," says Charlie Papazian, GABF founder and president of the Brewers Association, which presents the event each year. "Flavorful, innovative and diverse beers are what more and more people want today, and the growing success of the Great American Beer Festival reflects that cultural shift. The festival has helped America's small brewers show the public why American beer is some of the best in the world."

The beers served at the festival (along with others sent in by US brewers not attending the GABF) are evaluated by over 100 premier beer judges. Last year's judging included over 2400 beers in 75 different beer-style categories, from 450 US breweries. The 2007 medal winners will be announced during the Saturday afternoon session on October 13.

New this year, the festival will include numerous "green" practices carried out in conjunction with the Denver Convention Center, host site of the 2007 GABF. Tens of thousands of bottles, glasses, programs and other products will be recycled to greatly reduce the waste stream of the festival. There will also be an increased promotion of public transportation to the festival, in an effort to reduce the carbon "footprint" of the event.

Over its 26 years, the GABF has also become an annual reunion for the nation's craft brewers, and a chance for them to share advice and knowledge, network with distributors and retailers, and connect with beer enthusiasts. For those enthusiasts, the fest is "Who's Who?" gathering of America’s beer pioneers, innovators and celebrities, and a chance for beer fans to meet their brewing heroes.

The GABF's most important people may be the massive number of beer-loving volunteers from around the US who "work for beer" in exchange for admission into the GABF. "This year's GABF will have 2,700 volunteers," Papazian says, "and they'll put in 40,000 hours of their time just to be a part of the festival. Our event would not take place without these volunteers." For information on the Great American Beer Festival visit:

For photography, interviews or to apply for media credentials please contact Cindy Jones: Tickets are currently available through the Brewers Association, through the festival website and Ticketmaster beginning July 16 and at Denver area ticket outlets in late August. Prices are $45 in advance for an evening session (Thursday, Friday or Saturday). Saturday Afternoon Members Only session ticket is $73, includes a membership to the American Homebrewers Association and can only be purchased through the Brewers Association and Ticketmaster.

2007 Official Sponsors Include: DRAFT Magazine, Anheuser- Bush, Miller, Coors Light, MircoStar Keg Management, and KBCO

Kyocera Kitchen Gadgets

It's a product that gives you two greatkitchen tools together in the palm of your hand. The new Kyocera"Y" horizontal peeler not only makes quick work of fruits &vegetables, it also features two eye corers on each side of theunique ceramic blade to remove imperfections in the skin of theproduce. The Y Peeler, named for its creative design shape, alsosports a comfortable form fitting ergonomic handle that allowsfor ease and comfort in the kitchen.

The ceramic blade of the Kyocera Y Peeler is similar in hardnessto a diamond but because it isn't a metal blade there is norusting, pitting, corrosion or transfer of metallic taste orsmell to foods. Even more importantly, the product's zirconiumoxide blade starts out sharper and stays sharper longer thantraditional kitchen product blades.

The Kyocera Ceramic Y Peeler comes in six unique colors andsells for $11.95 at (click on Peelers) as well asat many specialty kitchen retailers nationwide. To find aretailer in a specific area go to: and click "Where To Buy".

#2 New Wide Ceramic Julienne Slicer Combines Ease, Safety &Affordability.

It's a new tool that makes vegetable prepin the kitchen quicker, safer and more effective. The KyoceraWide Julienne Slicer Mandolin sports precision hardened ceramicblades to make perfect matchstick strips in seconds - perfectfor julienning zucchini, carrots, potatoes, and more. Extra wide(1/8" or 3.125 mm) teeth produce perfect string cuts forsaut

The ceramic blade of the Kyocera Wide Julienne Slicer is closein hardness to a diamond but because it isn't a metal bladethere is no rusting, pitting, corrosion or transfer of metallictaste or smell to foods. Even more importantly, a zirconiumoxide blade starts out sharper and stays sharper longer thantraditional steel mandolin blades. Because there are noattachments, accessories or interchangeable blades no set up isrequired.

The Kyocera Wide Julienne Slicer also includes a safetyhandguard that accommodates large ingredients, minimizing theneed for precutting. The new ergonomically angled handle ispositioned for optimum cutting efficiency with the least amountof effort. Another unique feature included is a hang hole andcorner notches to fit over bowls and prevent the slicer formsliding. Unlike most mandolins, which are bulky, heavy and takeup lots of space, the lightweight and slim profile of theKyocera Julienne Slicer makes it easy to store. The entireslicer is dishwasher safe or can easily be cleaned with a dishbrush.

The Kyocera Wide Julienne Mandolin Slicer sells for $24.95 isavailable at Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma and many other finespecialty kitchen retailers nationwide. To find a retailer in aspecific area go to: and click"Where To Buy".
# # #
About KyoceraAdvanced Ceramics - The worldwide leader inadvanced ceramics, Kyocera has been dedicated to thedevelopment, manufacture, and application of advanced ceramicssince 1959. Kyocera's complete line of kitchen products includesceramic knives, peelers, mandolin slicers, grinders, andgraters. Special utility tools include ceramic scissors, steelknife sharpeners and utility scrapers. For more information onKyocera Advanced Ceramic products, please call: 800-537-0294 orvisit: