Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Caffeine Fortified Italian Energy Latte Introduced

Caffe D'Amore, an international leader in the gourmet coffee industry, today introduces RoBoosto, a new caffeine fortified Italian energy latte. The RoBoosto mix contains a caffeine content of 150 mg per 1 oz of mix and over three times more caffeine than any other Caffe D’Amore beverage mix.

RoBoosto breaks the norm of the typical sugar-laden, syrupy energy drinks, and offers a supercharged caffeine experience with the incomparable flavor of a traditional Italian latte.

Easily prepared hot, over ice, or ice blended, RoBoosto also comes available in single service packets, for an on-the-go RoBoosto energy drink made simply by mixing the packet in a standard 12 oz water bottle. With triple the caffeine, RoBoosto can stimulate metabolism, improve performance and concentration, and wake up the palate.

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