Thursday, August 16, 2007

Winemetrics Unveils America's First Wine List Report Card

What wine brand appears on America's restaurant wine lists most? What's the most popular Pinot Noir from Oregon? What share of wine list placements are French wines? Now wine marketers and restaurateurs can get fast answers to these and other wine distribution questions, thanks to Winemetrics, the premier supplier of on-premise wine information management and market intelligence.

The Winemetrics 2007 On-Premise Wine Distribution Report analyzes data from over 10,000 U.S. restaurant wine lists, and delivers marketing executives and restaurateurs strategies for the on-premise channel (the outlets where wine is consumed, e.g., restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc.) For example, the Report compares on-premise performance of competing brands and products, identifying new placement targets for wine marketers. For restaurateurs, the Report reveals whether they are offering the most widely distributed brands at the most competitive national prices, and presents opportunities to maximize profit margins.

"Wine brands are built on-premise, but no distribution information was available when I was a marketing director," says Charles Gill, CEO of Winemetrics, and 29-year wine industry veteran. "I had to make decisions based on instinct, not insight. Data was incomplete or inaccurate, and didn't reveal competitive standings. I created our On-Premise Wine Distribution Report to give brand owners, marketing executives, and restaurateurs a very affordable, national report card that delivers the insight they need: competitive brand position and brand performance on a national level."

Winemetrics compiled the wine list data from 10,500 wine-oriented fine-dining and casual restaurants in 20 states, representing 24 of the top 30 metro markets for wine consumption. Independent restaurants, and regional and national chains were sampled for the Report. It is the most comprehensive wine list and distribution analysis ever assembled.

Winemetrics' distribution performance rankings are organized by brand, country of origin, region, and variety, with the top 25 to 50 brands and products listed in each category. These rankings are distilled into a "Top 100 List" of the most popular on-premise brands in the country.

For restaurateurs, Winemetrics' distribution rankings help them boost revenues by revealing the top brands and products, and national average prices per bottle. Restaurateurs can then react by adjusting their wine lists' level of mainstream brands, while also modifying pricing to remain competitive with other restaurants.

Winemetrics' 2007 On-Premise Wine Distribution Report is available for purchase online or by mail or fax order at for $299.00. The first six pages of the report are also available as a free preview by visiting

Winemetrics is the leading source of on-premise wine information and analysis, and provides the most complete, objective wine market intelligence available. Using information extracted from restaurant wine lists nationwide, Winemetrics provides distribution analysis and wine list management tools to wine suppliers, marketers, distributors, and restaurant wine managers. Its trio of software programs-Virtual Brand Manager, Wine List Analyzer, and Wine List Creator-delivers industry executives and restaurateurs instant reports on their wine brand performance and wine list quality, generating the most profitable distribution targets and wine lists in minutes. The company is headquartered in Fairfield, Conn. Visit the Web site at

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