Friday, August 31, 2007

Eastman Outdoors Introduces Savory "Grill Perfect" Flavoring System

Eastman Outdoors has developed a unique three-step BBQ flavoring method for those who take grilling to heart. The new Grill Perfect™ Steakhouse Flavor Method is a convenient system that delivers restaurant-quality results in minutes. Professional chefs selected a blend of high-quality ingredients and created three separate flavoring steps that work perfectly together for outstanding results every time. With the Grill Perfect system, there is no marinating time, just apply the Infused Oil and Rub Blends prior to grilling and then apply the Finishing Sauce when done. The result? Quicker, superior results bound to impress your friends and family.

Grill Perfect comes in two easy, three-step flavoring systems. The Steak, Chops and Burgers system, which includes the Infused Oil, the 9 Herb Rub and the Sweet & Tangy BBQ Finishing Sauce, and The Chicken, Ribs and Brisket system is complete with Infused Oil, the 9 Herb Rub and the Red Wine & Herb Finishing Sauce.

Here’s how it works: Step One -- The Infused Oil is a soy-based oil with a hint of garlic, onion and other herbs that offer a flavor that gives a pleasant charcoal taste to food even when cooked on a propane grill. The oil makes the meat non-stick on the grill, and helps keep the already existing juices and moisture inside the meat, while providing a base surface for the rub. Step Two -- Coat the meat with the 9 Herb Rub, and grill normally. This Rub fuses to the oil on the meat while grilled. Step three -- Simply add the Finishing Sauce, which concludes the cooking process. Here, the sauce caramelizes with the heat to produce a superior glaze, delicious aroma and appetizing appearance. The Finishing Sauce can also be used as a table steak sauce for added flavor to any meat.

“Grill Perfect is an all-inclusive steakhouse favoring method that blends three steps into one perfect process, making it as easy as it is delicious,” said Managing Director for Eastman Outdoors, Massimo Baldini. According to Baldini, each step is designed to work together to provide the most flavorful grill every time.

Each Grill Perfect system is backed by the 5-star Grill Perfect Guarantee. If a customer is not completely delighted with the results of Grill Perfect, they can return the unused portion for a full refund. To purchase, or learn more about Grill Perfect, visit or call (810) 733-6360.

About Eastman Outdoors®
Eastman Outdoors® takes the guesswork out of gourmet. Our innovative products elevate the outdoor experience and make it easy for the everyday cook to achieve expert results. Working with leading chefs, we adapt professional equipment and processes to make them simple and satisfying to use. We integrate and merchandise our lines so you’ll find everything at one complete source. Avid epicurean or casual cook, Eastman Outdoors® brings quality, ingenuity and expertise to enrich the experience of the great outdoors.

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