Monday, August 27, 2007

Ted Allen - New Wine Project: Uncorked!

By 2008, we will be the leading wine-consuming nation in the world. And now, Ted Allen (Queer Eye, Top Chef, Iron Chef America), is continuing to eliminate the confusion and intimidation surrounding wine culture and give consumers the chance to see the world's most important wine destinations from their own living rooms. He just finished shooting Uncorked! Wine Made Simple, a concise and entertaining DVD box set which gives an overview of the wine world that appeals as much to the long-time enthusiast as it does to the intimidated novice. It will be available beginning in September, and will be in full-distribution by mid-fall, making it a perfect holiday gift.

Beautifully shot and full of useful information, the series consists of six, 30-minute episodes and begins with a thorough overview of the basics (what to pick, how to taste, what to look for, etc.). Viewers are then whisked away to California's wine country and subsequently to key areas of France that have long influenced wine culture. Topics covered range from vineyard processes to pairings, flavor profiles and key events in wine history.

Whether watching to learn about wine for the first time, to beef up your existing knowledge or to enjoy a new perspective on your favorite subject, the series calls out the fun nature of wine and dispenses with the intimidating and exclusive attitude that is too often associated with it.

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