Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anderson Valley Brewing Company And Wild Turkey

As part of an exclusive partnership, the Anderson Valley Brewing Company and Wild Turkey® Bourbon announced today that they will be teaming up to develop world-class bourbon-barrel aged craft beers. As part of the partnership, Anderson Valley Brewing Company will be using repurposed American oak barrels from the famed bourbon brand’s Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky.

“I’ve been familiar with Anderson Valley Brewing for some time, and I’ve always admired the pride and care they take in crafting and brewing their beer,” said Jimmy Russell, Wild Turkey Master Distiller. “It’s similar to the approach we take with our bourbon, which made this partnership such a natural fit. Now I finally have a good excuse to drink a great craft beer!”

“The opportunity to partner with the Bourbon Hall of Fame Russell family and Wild Turkey is tremendously exciting,” said Trey White, Anderson Valley owner and CEO. “We have done some trial brews with a limited number of Wild Turkey barrels over the past several months and the beers to date have been awesome. We cannot wait to create some truly special craft beers utilizing barrels from the distillery. The relationship we have developed with Wild Turkey provides Anderson Valley with a world class, consistent source of barrels. Anderson Valley Brewing will work alongside the Russells to explore new frontiers in barrel aged craft beer.”

The initial production from this first-of-its-kind collaboration will be a Bourbon barrel aged Stout featuring Anderson Valley’s award-winning Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout. Aged to perfection for three months, the resulting beer will be deep ebony in hue with a beautiful mahogany head, an aroma of fresh-baked bread, toffee, and espresso mingling with the woody vanilla notes of Bourbon whiskey and the rich roasted flavors wrapped with Bourbon.

“We chose to work with Wild Turkey not only because their whiskey is so outstanding - they are also the only major Bourbon producer to use a #4 ‘alligator’ char on their barrels. This helps to introduce way more flavor to the Bourbon, and therefore way more flavor to our famous Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout,” continued White.

This draft beer will be released in the fall and will be followed by bottled products in early 2013. Anderson Valley and Wild Turkey will work together in the coming months on a variety of exciting promotional opportunities to engage fans and introduce them to the quality and authenticity of Bourbon barrel aged products. Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout draft will be available in several states including: California, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and New Jersey amongst others by the end of the year.

More information on Anderson Valley Brewing Company can be found at;; Information on Wild Turkey can be found at, or

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Praise of Green Bean Delivery

You may have seen their delivery vans around the area and wondered, "What the heck is Green Bean Delivery?" Just like it sounds, Green Bean is a delivery service of fresh produce and foods right to your door.

They gave us an opportunity to try it and they now have a new customer! A standard produce bin cost $35 (medium is $42 and large $49) and can be delivered once a week. Less often if you prefer. The standard bin has a variety of fresh produce including locally grown and organic products. Once you have set up an account, you can make alterations to the bin and/or make additions to your delivery. They have a number of other interesting food and beverage items available for delivery as well.

Looking for an alternative to candy oriented vending machines for your place of work? Green bean also offers Break Room Bins for local delivery that offers a healthy variety of fruits and veggies to chips and chocolate.

Well worth a serious look, you can find everything you need to know at their web site:

You may spend a little more than you would at your local mega-mart, but you won't find the variety and convenience. It's well worth your serious consideration. As I stated earlier, we are now a customer... 'nuff said!

Monday, October 22, 2012

This Cyber Monday: Caribbean Liquid Sugar Shares the Gift of Pure Sweetness at a Cheerful Holiday Price

October 22, 2012 — Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday) in 2010 marked the largest day in online shopping history and the first day that online sales exceeded $1 billion total.[1] In 2011 that record was surpassed with $1.25 billion dollars in sales, up 22% from the year before. Now that history has proven itself, ambitious retailers are all vying for consumers’ attention on the biggest online sale day of the year. Caribbean Liquid Sugar ( is getting in on the action and offering a 15% discount on its two organic cane sugar syrups that are GMO free, gluten free, vegan and kosher. “Hey Shuga!” and “Lil’ Shuga!” are dynamic sweeteners that are beautifully packaged in glass bottles with charming labels making them the perfect gift for anyone on the holiday shopping list including those typically challenging to shop for such as grandpa, dad or a boss.

These versatile sweet syrups are made via a delicate and natural enzymatic process that bio-mimics the one that bees use to naturally produce honey. “Hey Shuga!” is a pure sugar cane syrup and “Lil’ Shuga!” is a blend of both cane sugar and Stevia. These “Shuga” syrups pour more easily than honey and are wonderful for baking, as condiments, and effortlessly blend into hot and cold beverages.

“Hey Shuga!” is a 12 oz. glass bottle of potential. It works well as a syrup condiment on pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal and many others dishes. The syrup encourages almost any culinary whim. “Hey Shuga!” makes coffee and tea in the morning a breeze. Just pour any beverage over “Hey Shuga,” and with no stirring necessary, and you’re out the door to start the day. One of best capabilities of this syrup is its baking benefits. Professional bakeries love “Hey Shuga!” because it takes approximately 30% less time to bake. The baking community reports their baked goods taste better, stay fresh longer, have better texture, and show superior browning. Anyone who bakes must take “Hey Shuga!” home and see what all the professionals are raving about.

“Lil’ Shuga!” is the 8 oz. smaller sidekick to its larger companion. “Lil’ Shuga!” has all the same baking, condiment, and blend-able advantages of “Hey Shuga!” with one more punch- it has only five calories per serving! The flavor is identical, with the same honey-like consistency, but “Lil’ Shuga!” is a combination of pure cane sugar and natural organic Stevia. Slightly sweeter than sugar, Stevia lightens “Lil’ Shuga!” up and comes in a smaller bottle. A “Lil’ Shuga” syrup goes a long way.

Caribbean Liquid Sugar
In 2004 Caribbean Liquid Sugar was created in Don Tejada’s kitchen, driven by a passion for healthy foods, good nutrition, and love for natural products. The dream of developing an all-natural, artificially free sweetener gave birth to “Hey Shuga!” and “Lil’ Shuga!” Both of which are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free and above all, delicious, Caribbean Liquid Sugar brings natural sweetness while striving to promote sustainability and a healthy planet. For further information about Caribbean Liquid Sugar, please visit

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Smirnoff Reveals Iced Cake and Kissed Caramel Flavored Vodka for the Holidays

With the holiday season kicking off at the end of the month, SMIRNOFF® Vodka is introducing two new flavored vodkas – Iced Cake and Kissed Caramel – giving adult consumers a reason to raise their glasses and celebrate every occasion this holiday season. As the world’s number-one selling and most awarded vodka brand, these decadent new flavors are the best way for consumers and fans of SMIRNOFF to honor every event, big or small.

Created from award-winning SMIRNOFF No. 21 Vodka, SMIRNOFF Iced Cake and SMIRNOFF Kissed Caramel flavored vodkas join SMIRNOFF Fluffed Marshmallow and SMIRNOFF Whipped Cream in the brand’s increasingly popular line of confectionary flavored vodkas. Just as there are two faces of the moon, two edges of a sword, and two sides to every story, SMIRNOFF is offering consumers two smooth, creamy tastes to experience: the sweet flavor of Iced Cake and the sultry essence of Kissed Caramel. To indulge either side this Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, and every holiday in between, try whipping up the Upside-Down Cake cocktail with SMIRNOFF Iced Cake or the Caramel Candy Apple cocktail with SMIRNOFF Kissed Caramel:

Upside-Down Cake 1.5 oz. SMIRNOFF Iced Cake Flavored Vodka
1 oz. orange juice
1 oz. pineapple juice

Build in a Highball glass over ice and top off with Club Soda. Garnish with sprinkles, a cherry and an orange twist.

Kissed Caramel Appletini

1.5 oz. SMIRNOFF Kissed Caramel Flavored Vodka
1.5 oz. apple juice
25 oz. lemon juice
25 oz. simply syrup

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with think apple slices and a caramel rim.

“As pioneers in the world of cocktail culture, we’re always experimenting with new tastes and trends to expand our portfolio and give consumers delicious, high-quality flavored vodka options suitable for all responsible drinking occasions,” said Dan Kleinman, Brand Director for SMIRNOFF. “SMIRNOFF Iced Cake and SMIRNOFF Kissed Caramel make the perfect base for any celebratory cocktail; whether it’s a birthday, an engagement or a promotion at work, these flavors work so well with those key moments that call for raising a glass.”

Formerly reserved exclusively for the characters of VH1’s hit scripted television show Single Ladies, SMIRNOFF Iced Cake and SMIRNOFF Kissed Caramel are now available for consumers of legal drinking age at liquor and grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $12.99 for a 750mL bottle.

Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Baking cookbook is here!

The Old Farmer's Almanac is proud to announce the latest title in its Everyday cookbook series-Everyday Baking, a collection of specially created recipes that make baking easy as pie. Available this fall wherever books and magazines are sold, Everyday Baking features 118 original recipes by celebrated baker and longtime Almanac collaborator Ken Haedrich. A winner of the Julia Child Cookbook Award, Haedrich may be best known as the author of Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie, which was recently named one of the best baking books of the past 25 years by Cooking Light magazine.

Everyday Baking, with its handy reference section and time-tested advice sprinkled throughout, demystifies the art of baking and will inspire home bakers of all skill levels to make delicious breakfast treats, after-school snacks, and impressive desserts The easy-to-follow recipes in Everyday Baking don't demand unusual ingredients or abstract cooking techniques, but rather just a desire to make delicious home-baked goods completely from scratch.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Baking answers the burning questions with which bakers are faced each and every time they turn on their ovens:

What's for breakfast? The most important meal of the day can be made sweet with Big-Batch Fresh Raspberry Muffins or savory with Bacon-Blue Cheese Scones. In the fall, make the most of seasonal flavors with Pumpkin Sugar Cake, one of several coffee cake offerings.

Is it possible for corn bread to be too rich? Yes, and Everyday Baking has the recipe (it's delicious, we promise), alongside others for quick breads such as Glazed Lemon Coconut Loaf, Pumpkin Cranberry Bread, and Wheaten Irish Soda Bread-all of which can be made in under an hour.

What to do with all this fresh fruit? Easy . . . put it in a crisp, cobbler, crunch, grunt (hint: a steamed cobbler), or pandowdy. No matter what's in season, Everyday Baking has a recipe to suit, with offerings for Maple Apple Crisp, Blueberry Peach Cornmeal Cobbler, Fall Fruit Pandowdy, and more!

Which cookie goes best with milk? Try Triple-Chocolate Pecan Cookies, Pumpkin Spice Cookies, Really Old-Fashioned Gingerbread People, or one of the over two dozen recipes in Everyday Baking's cookies section. Pie or cake? Everyday Baking features chapters for both types of sweet treats. Let them eat cake with recipes for Carrot Coconut Layer Cake, Cherry Vanilla Tea Cake, and Mississippi Mud Cake, among others. While there's a cake for every occasion, that doesn't mean that we skimp on the pie-Haedrich is a world-class pie-maker who lays out techniques and recipes for flaky, foolproof crust. "Pie-riffic" recipes include Best Ever Coconut Cream Pie, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with Coconut Crumb Topping, and Chocolate Chess Pie.

The best way to use eggs is . . .? At room temperature. Cool eggs affect the consistency of butter and other room-temperature ingredients in the dough. This is just one of the dozens of recipe-saving tips included throughout Everyday Baking.

For a sample of recipes from Everyday Baking and more Almanac favorites, check out The Old Farmer's Almanac cooking blog.

Need more pie? Tips, that is? Sign up for classes with Dedicated to the idea that anyone can make a great pie, Ken Haedrich's site provides step-by-step video tutorials, recipes, and tips on the best tools.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Baking is produced by Yankee Publishing Inc. of Dublin, New Hampshire Its parent publication, The Old Farmer's Almanac, has been delighting readers since 1792. Everyday Baking is the third title in the Everyday cookbook series, joining The Everyday Cookbook and Everyday Recipes. The Almanac cookbook family also includes The Garden-Fresh Cookbook.

Always "useful, with a pleasant degree of humor," The Old Farmer's Almanac is known for home, garden, and food advice, as well as for its 80 percent-accurate weather forecasts for the United States and Canada. The Old Farmer's Almanac family of publications includes themed calendars for 2013 (Gardening, Weather Watcher's, Country, Recipe, and more), a collection of cookbooks, journals, The All-Seasons Garden Guide, and The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Baking is available for only $9.99 wherever books and magazines are sold. Folks who can't find it in bookstores, supermarkets, or kitchen stores can order individual copies at or by calling 800-ALMANAC.

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Knauss Foods Expedites National Rollout of PJ’s All Natural Beef Steak

While Knauss Foods’ management was methodically rolling out PJ’s All Natural Beef Steak in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, they were somewhat surprised when consumers outside the tri-state region started to ask for it. Since the product is not widely available in stores across the country, some potential customers were unable to find it. People as far away as California from Knauss Foods’ Pennsylvania headquarters were learning about PJ’s through Facebook, Twitter and blogger reviews. When they asked where they could buy it, Knauss Foods’ Chief Operating Officer, Joseph Bucara, had to come up with a quick solution. The digital age had created the buzz, and a digital solution was in order—expediting the introduction of a responsive online store.

“Sometimes it’s a slow process to gain in-store placement for a new product,” says Bucara, “and in this case consumer demand has outpaced our grocery and convenience-store distribution. It’s an excellent problem to have, and we want to make sure that we meet consumer needs as quickly as possible. Expediting the introduction of an easy-to-use online store takes care of immediate demand as we continue to grow our brick and mortar distribution.”

So what’s all the excitement about? PJ’s All Natural Beef Steak, a gluten-free alternative to beef jerky, is made by marinating and cooking the beef over a seven-day period. This compares to national beef jerky brands that dry the beef in several hours and blend in a concoction of ingredients, including preservatives. “PJ’s result,” says Bucara “is a naturally tender and flavorful treat.”

There are several reasons why the interest in the beef snack grew so quickly. Some beef jerky fans learned about PJ’s as they read reviews from bloggers like Kaysi, who comments “It is clearly not beef jerky. It’s just a really great beef snack.... your taste buds will be jumping for joy.” Others are drawn to the product because it’s healthy. For example, bloggers who write about gluten free foods are covering it because unlike most beef jerky products, it’s gluten free. This makes it a perfect snack or meal supplement for people suffering with celiac disorder who are on gluten free diets. It has also gained favor with parents of autistic children, some whose children are on gluten free casein free (GFCF) diets and others who find it challenging to persuade their children to eat enough healthy protein. Finally there are athletes and dieters who want a low-calorie, high-protein energy boost to keep them going.

PJ’s All Natural Beefsteak tempts the taste buds with three flavors—Original, Cracked Pepper and Teriyaki. For easy snacking it’s packaged in 3.25 ounce re-sealable pouches as well as 1 ounce pouches for on-the-go school children and adults. Customers can select tenders, a chunky cut, or slices. To learn more about PJ’s Beefsteak and to buy the product online, visit or call 800-648-4220 to learn whether it’s available at a store near you.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Crisco® Pie Hotline Helps Make Holiday Baking As Easy As ... Pie

Stuck in a pie predicament? Call on the experts! The Crisco® Pie Hotline (1-877-FOR-PIE-TIPS) is back for a seventh year to offer around-the-clock advice and inspiration to help consumers on their way to pie baking perfection. Whether mastering the traditional pie crust or looking for new inspiration, the trained pie professionals staffing the Crisco Pie Hotline are available during extended holiday hours to help home bakers conquer their most perplexing pie problems.

Information and tips on the Crisco Pie Hotline are available 24 hours a day, to help solve some of the most common pie-baking challenges – from baking a flakier pie crust to preventing a pie crust from shrinking. Live pie experts can also be reached year-round Monday through Friday (9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET) by calling 1-877-FOR-PIE-TIPS ((877) 367-7438). During the busy holiday season, live pie experts can be reached Monday through Friday (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET) from November 12-21 and (8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET) from December 10-21, 2012.

In addition, the Crisco Pie Hotline will feature tips and trends from award-winning pie expert and author, Michele Stuart , the owner of Michele's Pies (located in Westport and Norwalk, CT) and the author of the best-selling cookbook Perfect Pies (Random House, 2011).

"Whether you're an experienced or novice baker, baking pies during the holiday season can be stressful," explains Stuart. "Every year, thousands of home cooks struggling with their pie crusts rely on the Crisco Pie Hotline as a one-stop resource to help ease the stress of holiday baking."

In April, Michele took first place at the 2012 American Pie Council and Crisco Professional National Pie Championships® in the "Mini Pie Category" for her Orange Creamsicle Pies. Below are Michele's expert pie-baking tips and trends for this year's pie baking season:

Double Duty Pie Crust: Once you're done making a pie, use leftover pie dough to make a variety of savory appetizers and fun treats to share with guests. Leftover pie dough can be dusted with sweet flavors like cinnamon and sugar, sprinkled with savory flavors like Parmesan cheese, filled with salsa or mashed potatoes and even made into tantalizing fruit empanadas.

Less is More: The miniature trend is still going strong and it's a fun way to sample a variety of pie favorites during the holiday season. Instead of making one 12-inch pie, let guests sample from a diverse variety of small 5-inch pies.

Ingredient Inspiration: Once a traditional fruit pie recipe - like apple or peach - is mastered, don't be afraid to experiment with fruit combinations like Peach Blueberry, Apple Raspberry or Strawberry Rhubarb. Add a new flavor to a classic pie by including an unexpected ingredient like nuts, fresh seasonal fruit or a crumb or caramel topping. This is a great way to be creative and discover new flavors that are sure to impress. For more information about the Crisco Pie Hotline or for additional tips, recipes and how-to videos, visit Join the Crisco community on Facebook at or on Pinterest at

Friday, October 12, 2012

Farm Fest 2012 presented by Green BEAN Delivery

Farm Fest 2012, presented by Green BEAN Delivery. This fun-filled family event will include all the best that fall has to offer. There will be a pig roast, apple cider press and fresh fruit. Activities will include hayrides, pumpkin picking and painting, a bounce house, face painting, balloon twisting, scarecrow stuffing and music from a bluegrass band.

Exclusively for Green BEAN Delivery customers and employees; free admission

Saturday, Oct. 13 from noon-5:00 p.m.

EcOhio Farm (a partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo) located at 2210 N. Mason Montgomery Road, Mason, Ohio.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Noodles & Company to Host Market-Wide Fundraiser for Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Polar Bear Conservation Project

WHO: Noodles & Company benefiting the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Polar Bear Conservation Project

WHAT: All three Noodles & Company restaurants in the Cincinnati area will host a fundraiser to support the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Polar Bear Conservation Project

$1 of every dish with NEW slow-braised, naturally raised pork will be donated to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Polar Bear Conservation Project

The Cincinnati Zoo partners with other zoos around the county to strategically breeding the polar bear species in an effort to develop a self-sustaining captive population while employing these charismatic ambassadors to educate visitors about global warming and wildlife conservation.

WHEN: Monday, October 15, 2012 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

WHERE: ALL three Cincinnati-area Noodles & Company restaurants. (For a complete list of restaurants, please click here or go to

Monday, October 8, 2012

IHOP Announces Fall Flap Jack Flavor Frenzy

What will IHOP® do with more than 100 tons of pumpkin this fall? Beginning October 8th, satisfy guests with more than three million pumpkin pancakes, of course.

IHOP, known for its world famous buttermilk pancakes, announced today that its fall line-up of signature pancakes will include a trio of the company’s most popular flap jack favorites: New York Cheesecake, Pumpkin and, back again for the first time in four years, Carrot Cake pancakes. The unique flavor offerings continue IHOP’s tradition of satisfying customers with specialty pancakes made from seasonal ingredients.

Natalia Franco, IHOP’s senior vice president of marketing, is confident that this latest signature trio will inspire flavor seekers. “Our guests have their favorites when it comes to IHOP’s signature pancakes. Just in time for fall, we are offering three of the most popular flavors together at one time,” she says. “These are fresh, creative and seasonal twists on classic favorites, perfect any time of day.”

Starting at $4.99, the new trio of signature pancakes will be available at participating IHOP locations nationwide beginning October 8th through January 2013:

· Pumpkin Pancakes: Made with real pumpkin, spices and crowned with creamy whipped topping. Pumpkin is the perennial #1 selling limited-time offer Signature pancake. Last year IHOP served 3.1 million pumpkin pancakes.

· New York Cheesecake Pancakes: Griddled with real cheesecake pieces, then crowned with glazed strawberries and creamy whipped topping. More than 250,000 pounds of cheesecake were used last year for fans of this item.

· Carrot Cake Pancakes: Rounding out this season’s offerings is an oatmeal spice pancake recipe featuring a sweet-savory mix of fresh, diced apples, shredded carrots, coconut, raisins, crunchy walnut pieces topped with whipped butter and a drizzle of cream cheese icing.

More Organic Brands with Corporate Ties Funding Opposition to GMO Labeling

The Cornucopia Institute updated its popular infographics, which contrast the organic brands that are supporting the campaign in California to label genetically engineered foods (GMOs) with the organic brands that are part of a biotechnology/agribusiness campaign to keep consumers in the dark about genetically altered food patented and controlled by Monsanto and other biotechnology giants.

Many more well-known independent organic brands have joined the fight on the side of California citizens and the "Yes on 37" campaign, pushing their funding total to over $4 million. This figure, however, still pales in comparison to the $35 million raised so far by corporate opponents.

Click on image for larger view Recent surveys indicate that 60%-70% of California citizens support the ballot initiative Proposition 37.

In addition to many new brands, including a number of cooperative and independent retailers, it is noteworthy that Applegate, a purveyor of natural and organic meat, recently contributed $50,000 to the Yes on 37 campaign.

"Applegate officials, who had previously made contributions in support of labeling efforts in Washington, DC told us that our educational work at Cornucopia helped convince them that the fight for labeling in California was a unique opportunity that they needed to be a part of," said Mark A. Kastel, Cornucopia's Senior Farm Policy Analyst.

Applegate and Stonyfield previously appeared on Cornucopia's Missing in Action infographic, which asks some of the major organic brands why their funding has been "conspicuous in its absence" during the Proposition 37 battle.

Applegate Founder and CEO Stephen McDonnell announced their contribution saying his company is “happy to support efforts that empower consumers to make informed choices about the food they purchase.”

Cornucopia says it applauds recent donations by Stonyfield Chairman Gary Hirshberg, and Applegate, and is quite pleased to move the logos of these well-known brands from its MIA infographic into the hero category of its main Proposition 37 brands scorecard.

That leaves Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Hain Celestial, Newman's Own and [newly added] Driscolls, the giant privately-owned berry producer, on the list of prominent players in the organic marketplace that, so far, are sitting this fight out.

"Some of these companies are the largest and most profitable in the organic industry. We continue to believe that they should reevaluate their hesitancy to financially back an issue that is near and dear to the vast majority of their most dedicated customers," Kastel added.

Whole Foods’ stock is currently enjoying record high levels on Wall Street, but has also been the subject of mounting criticism. After being the focus of Cornucopia's "Missing in Action" infographic, the retailer came out publicly with qualified support of Proposition 37. However, Whole Foods has not backed their position with a contribution to the Yes on 37 campaign. The giant retailer stated that it was their policy not to fund political campaigns.

"This is not a partisan campaign that would prevent direct corporate involvement," said Will Fantle, Research Director at The Cornucopia Institute. "This is a nonpartisan, grassroots citizen effort that dozens of other organic manufacturers and retailers have already invested in. There is no legal or ethical reason why Whole Foods can't throw their weight behind this community effort."

Several more brands that market organic products were added to the infographic’s "corporate charlatans" side when their corporate owners recently joined Monsanto and others in fighting Proposition 37. These brands include H.J. Heinz, Welch’s, Tree Top, S&W and Goya.

Organic industry stakeholders are encouraged to visit The Cornucopia Institute’s website and sign a petition that will send a message to CEOs of organic companies asking them to join with other members of the organic community in securing the right to know which foods contain GMOs.

Driscolls came under criticism over the past year when one of its executives, Carmela Beck, was appointed by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to serve on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). Although Ms. Beck was originally nominated by Driscolls to serve in a seat reserved for a handler (food processor), Vilsack appointed her to serve in a seat reserved by Congress for an "owner or operator" of an organic farm. Cornucopia's hard-hitting investigative report, The Organic Watergate, highlighted by the New York Times' own inquiry, focuses on how the USDA, during the Bush and Obama administrations, has subverted the intent of Congress by stacking the NOSB with corporate representatives.

Driscolls' Beck has already drawn scrutiny by organic watchdogs after voting for a number of controversial corporate-backed proposals adding questionable materials to the list of synthetics approved for use in organics.

While many eminently qualified working organic farmers, some with a lifetime of experience, were passed over by Secretary Vilsack for the "farmer" seat on the NOSB, Driscolls was apparently added to the USDA’s list of certified organic farms just days before Beck's appointment (as a token grower of nursery stock—supplying contractor farms—rather than producing strawberries or other produce).

Friday, October 5, 2012

Winning Chefs Host Pop-Up Heritage BBQ Dinners on Monday, October 15 & Sunday, October 28

Brady Lowe of Taste Network and COCHON 555 hosted the first-annual COCHON Heritage BBQ event this past Labor Day weekend, crowning Atlanta-based Local Three Chef Todd Mussman, Chef Jay Swift of 4th & Swift, Chef Nick Melvin, and Farmer Tommy Searcy of Gum Creek Farms the winners of the BBQ cooking competition. To celebrate the victory, Atlanta chefs Mussman and Swift will host exclusive pop-up dinner events featuring the winning BBQ menu at their respective restaurants – on Monday, October 15 at Muss & Turners and on Sunday, October 28 at 4th & Swift.

As part of the pork-fueled Heritage BBQ weekend this past Labor Day, organizers Brady Lowe and Ryan Trimm of Sweet Grass in Memphis, alongside Food & Wine People’s Best New Chef Jamie Bissonnette of Boston’s Toro, created a Heritage BBQ Pop-Up Restaurant as a model to show diners what Heritage BBQ restaurants can be. This never-before-done pop-up dinner showcased the benefits of whole animal utilization in BBQ, helping to further COCHON’s mission of raising awareness of heritage breed pigs.

At the competition, Chef Mussman and his Heritage BBQ team impressed the judges with their menu, taking home top honors. His team, like all other competitors, executed a menu from a whole heritage hog, focusing on four meats (pull, muscle, bone, stew) plus two sides (mayo, mustard) for the complete snout-to-tail pork feast. For these exclusive dinner events hosted by chefs Mussman and Swift, guests will experience the following menu that won BBQ gold in Memphis:

Chile Relleño Pie

Pig Head Gumbo with Dirty Rice Calas

Master Chang Broth

Tennessee State Fair Slider

Esquites, Pork Fat Mayo, Hominy Corn Nuts

Pork and Cranberry Beans, Belly, Ham Pastrami, Mustard Molasses Glaze

Taste Network Founder Brady Lowe will be attendance at both dinners to talk about the importance of preserving the heritage breed pig and supporting local farms. As a special thanks to guests, Lowe will pour an exclusive tasting of bourbon from his private cellar.

For both dinner events, the evening will begin with a cocktail reception featuring a welcome cocktail with Templeton Rye whiskey, a spirit that is new to the Atlanta market. Dinner will follow, where guests will enjoy a tasting of the entire heritage menu. The dinner at Muss & Turner’s on October 15 will begin at 7 p.m., while the dinner at 4th & Swift will begin at 5 p.m. and will take place on the restaurant’s patio.

Priced at $35, tickets include the welcome cocktail and dinner, with optional cash bar for additional imbibing Reservations are required can be made for either dinner event by visiting Brown Paper Bag tickets:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents: Christmas in Tinseltown, Celebrity Recipes and Hollywood Memories from Six Feet Under the Mistletoe

Put Some Glam in Your Holiday Ham!

When it comes to holiday fun, the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age knew how to make merry – on stage, on screen, and especially on the dinner table. With Christmas in Tinseltown– the follow-up to his international sensation The Dead Celebrity Cookbook – Frank De Caro shows how to put the kitsch into your holiday kitchen as he salutes a quirky collection of celebrities who are gone, but fondly remembered every year at Christmas time.

Filled with pop culture ruminations and genuinely delicious recipes, Christmas in Tinseltown pays tribute to such movie classics as It’s A Wonderful Life and White Christmas, gives three cheers for such time-honored animated gems as Frosty the Snowman and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and puts such offbeat offerings as The Star Wars Holiday Special and The Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special in their rightful place – your dining room!

In such chapters as “Miracle Whip on 34th Street,” “Eat Meat in St. Louis,” and “Munch of the Wooden Soldiers,” De Caro dishes up a smorgasbord of culinary delights that will enliven any holiday gathering.

Tempt your guests with Peggy Lee’s Holiday Halibut Casserole, Burl Ives’s Stuffed Leg of Goat Hawaiian, Lucille Ball’s Brazil Nut Stuffing, Nat “King” Cole’s Baked Ham Loaf, Guy Lombardo’s Lobster Lombardo, Dick Clark’s Spicy Turkey Meatloaf, Rosemary Clooney’s Viennese Goulash, Bing Crosby’s Sugar Cookies, Shirley Booth’s Pumpkin Bread, Dinah Shore’s Fruitcake, and Spike Jones’s Molasses Jumbles. Then wash them all down with Robert Mitchum’s Eggnog, Edmund Gwenn’s Christmas Cup, or John Lennon’s Hot Cocoa. This star-studded cookbook promises to get even the biggest Scrooge in the holiday spirit and will have you saying your “ho, ho, ho’s” in true Hollywood style for many years to come.

About the Author
Best known for his years as the movie critic on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, writer/performer Frank De Caro is heard each weekday morning on his own live call-in program, The Frank De Caro Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. The author of the groundbreaking memoir A Boy Named Phyllis, De Caro’s writing has appeared in Martha Stewart Living, Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, and The New York Times. Follow him @frankdecaroshow on Twitter, “like” him on Facebook, and visit him at

Unique Slow Cooking Device - Clay Pot Electronic Slow Cooker

The VitaClay Multicooker is a fusion of the time-honored clay pot method of cooking and a modern electronic dual slow cooker and rice cooker, offering a new and better way to accomplish both tasks.

The VitaClay utilizes a mineral-rich liner made from all-natural, hand-selected Zisha clay that retains and enhances the fresh, natural flavor of food and preserves its natural juices and nutrients. Unlike non-stick aluminum or ceramic cookware, the clay liner is pure and free of metals and chemicals like lead or Teflon. The liner is removable and completely dishwasher and microwave safe. In addition to excellent flavor and healthiness, the VitaClay is a fantastic time-saver, through its slow cook/rice cook feature and its set-and-cook capacity, perfect for families that want a home-cooked meal after a busy day.

Its unique microcomputer and precision built-in thermostat enable it to self-adjust the heat up or down based on the ingredients in the pot, the volume, and the set time. Can be set to cook over a longer or shorter period of time than other cookers, ranging from 30 minute boil to 20 hour slow-cook.

Retails for $139.99, it can be purchased online at, via phone at (877) 877 - 9121 or at retailers throughout North America.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bragging Rights and Value Float the Food and Wine Lover's Boat

Food & Wine Trails has released twelve new food and wine cruises for next year, filled with opportunities to drink the best wines, experience great meals and travel with top wine and food personalities.

The trips support the company's mission to provide great value and unique access to the worlds best culinary experiences and to make those experiences so special, that they are recounted (or bragged about) upon one's return home.

Sample bragging opportunities for the 2013 season include:

A multi-course, wine-paired dinner at Chateau Smith Haut-Lafite in Bordeaux hosted by star Napa winemaker David Ramey who has previously worked in Bordeaux - on the Oceania Nautica June 13-20 Lisbon to London cruise. A vertical library tasting of Duckhorn's acclaimed Merlot, with founder Margaret Duckhorn - on the June 26 to July 3 Azamara Journey Rome to Monte Carlo cruise. A private wine-maker hosted luncheon at a top Chateauneuf-du-Pape winery served by a Michelin starred chef on the Azamara Journey July 3-11 Monte Carlo to Barcelona cruise. A tour of the Grgich family winery in Croatia with Violet Grgich - on the Oceania Riviera Sept 7-19 Venice to Barcelona cruise. The value of a Food & Wine Trails cruise becomes apparent when viewed against a comparable land-based culinary vacation. Whereas a typical price for a land-based wine program is $4,000 to $5,000 per week per person, the price of a similar length Food & Wine Trails wine cruise starts at $2,274. This includes the cruise cost with transportation to and within Europe, all meals and entertainment, plus an exclusive to the group wine experience with winemaker dinners, parties, receptions and educational wine tastings.

If bragging-rights and value float your boat, Food & Wine Trails can be contacted at 800 367-5348, or A complete list of 2013 wine cruises can be found at

Monday, October 1, 2012

Santa's Fireplace Cookies - An Updated Idea

Santa will certainly put down his sack, take off his white gloves, and pull up a chair to bite into a homemade ooey- gooey Oatmeal cookies left by the fireplace. He won't be able to resist a fresh Coyote Oaties batch made fresh everday and shipped that same day. The scrumptious oatmeal& chocolate, oatmeal& walnuts or oatmeal, raisin&walnut cookies may even arrive still warm, saving you from having to turn on the oven.

Every cookie is made from the freshest, most eco-friendly ingredients available; whole rolled oats, creamery butter, and cage free eggs. You won't find preservatives, trans fats and something you can’t pronounce.

They can be ordered in a customized engraved wooden crate with a special Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays message or even a company logo. They even make a great wedding guest gift.

By plane, train, boat or car, the cookies travel well on the way to Grandma's house or to any relatives for the holiday. Whether six or a dozen, you are sure to be Santa's and the family favorite or at least the Coyote Oaties cookies will.

Eco-Kind Cookie Bag by Eco-Ditty-
This Christmas, Santa's cookies will be kept safe and warm inside an eco-friendly Eco-Ditty snack bag Santa can keep and take home to Mrs. Claus Featured on The Today Show, award-winning Eco-Ditty reusable snack bags are, 100% organic cotton reusable snack bag is perfect for storing Santa's treats or a family stocking stuffer. Each fun print is made from the softest, safest cotton that is just as healthy as the snack it’s carrying and Eco-Ditty's bags are saving the country's landfills from millions of plastic baggies. Cleaning off the crumbs and chocolate is easy too. Just pop the bags in the dishwasher or washing machine as many times as you want.

Eco-Ditty's design-your-own DIY bag is perfect for letting the kids personalize Santa's cookie bag. Kids can color his name, draw his picture or both. The DIY bag comes with three toxic free markers so it's safe for the children and your jolly Pal. Happy Holidays!

PERSONAL NOTE: We've had the opportunity to sample Coyote Oaties and they are excellent. Some of the best cookies we've had the opportunity to taste. Nut-free options are available.

Introducing Wendy's Bacon Portabella Melt

Just in time for cooler temps, Wendy’s® new Bacon Portabella Melt cheeseburger has what it takes to make you melt. This latest offering is a savory hamburger with unexpected, superior ingredients that combine to make it Wendy’s most indulgent cheeseburger yet!

The new Bacon Portabella Melt starts with Wendy’s 100% pure, North American, fresh, never frozen beef* that’s topped with fresh cooked, thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, and sautéed portabella mushrooms in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce made with Old English Cheddar giving this cheeseburger a rich, intense flavor. The mouth-watering fresh beef is also topped with American cheese … and every Bacon Portabella Melt is made fresh to order just like all of Wendy’s sandwiches.

“We understand that hamburger lovers crave unique flavor combinations and we constantly challenge ourselves to create new flavor combinations using the best, quality ingredients,” said Bob Holtcamp, Wendy’s senior vice president of marketing.

Following on the launch of Wendy’s Son of Baconator™ and America’s current bacon craze, the Bacon Portabella Melt is the latest innovation in a long line of Wendy’s bacon offerings. From hamburgers to chicken sandwiches to salads, all of Wendy’s menu items with bacon have thick, center-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon that is cooked fresh in Wendy’s restaurants every day.

The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook

The more than 7 million vegetarians and 3 million vegans in the United States alone are proving that chowing down on planet-friendly fare not only helps them look and feel better, but it can be delicious too. In her debut cookbook, Karma Chow creator and celebrity chef Melissa Costello shares an exciting collection of 125+ recipes that will be a welcome addition for anyone already following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle or for the growing number of people embracing more plant-based meals. As personal chef to celebrity fitness guru Tony Horton, creator of the bestselling P90X® fitness system, Melissa is constantly finding creative ways to keep Tony and her other clients happy, fit, and fueled.

With her “keep it simple” and “make it tasty” approach, she offers a smorgasbord of dairy- and animal-free appetizers and desserts, breakfasts, and dinners, as well as holiday- and company-worthy menus. Recipes include: Mac & Cheeze, Karma Burgers with Chipotle “Mayo,” Thai-Style Tempeh Lettuce Wraps, Supreme-Oh Burritos, Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, Korean-Style Tempeh Tacos with Red Dijon Slaw, Enchilada Casserole with Ranchero Sauce, Artichoke and White Bean Dip, Cilantro Cauliflower Smash, Pad Thai in Peanut Coconut Sauce, Stuffed Mushroom Poppers, Indian Spiced Coconut Yam Soup, Chili Sweet Potato Fries, Un-Shepherd’s Pie, Strawberry Crème Mousse with Pistachio Nut Topping, Banana Carob Bread Pudding, Apple/Pear Crisp, Brownie Bites, Chocolate Truffles, and Cardamom Chocolate Chippers (a Tony Horton favorite!)

The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook shows anyone how to reconnect with their food and honor it as Earth’s source for keeping us alive—all while finding it easier to rock their workouts and sculpt a well-defined physique. It’s a winning recipe for success for anyone looking to transition to a healthier way of life!

About the Author
Melissa Costello, founder of Karma Chow and creator of The Vital Life Cleanse, is the personal chef to celebrity fitness guru Tony Horton, creator of the highly popular workout system, P90X®. A Certified Nutritionist and wellness coach, Melissa is constantly finding creative ways to keep Tony and her many other clients happy, fit, and healthy through a whole foods, plant-based way of life. She works one-on-one with clients as well as leads thirty-day food-based cleanses with large groups, teaching them how to implement changes in their diet that will last a lifetime as well as offering skills on how to relate to food differently. Melissa was featured on TV Guide’s Secrets of the Hollywood Body as well as CNBC’s How I Made My Millions with Tony Horton.

Sample Recipes
Euphoria Nuggets
15–20 nuggets

These energy nuggets are great to make as a snack for your kids. Actually, your kids will love to help you make them! They are loaded with protein, healthy fats, natural sugars, and flavor. They are great for marathon runners or athletes who need to restore their glycogen levels on the go. Who needs a candy bar anyway?

Karmic Health Tip: Agave nectar is a lower glycemic sweetener, but make sure you buy the raw dark blue agave to ensure the least amount of processing.

1 cup shelled sunflower seeds
⅓ cup pitted dates
½ cup almonds
⅓ cup raw dark blue agave nectar
3–5 tablespoons raw cacao powder
Pinch of nutmeg and/or cinnamon
Pinch of sea salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

In a food processor, process the sunflower seeds and dates into a fine meal. Add the remaining ingredients and process until sticky and blended together. Refrigerate for 10 minutes to harden and then roll into one-inch balls.

Indian-Spiced Coconut Yam Soup
8 servings

I love Indian fare and I love yams, so I’ve combined the two together to make a dreamy, creamy, delicious soup that will light up your taste buds and transport you right to Marrakesh . . . well, maybe not, but dreaming is fun!

Karmic Health Tip: Coconut oil is loaded with medium-chain fatty acids that help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism, and it is also great to use directly on your skin. I leave a jar in the shower for an après shower smoothing.

1 tablespoon coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon fresh ground ginger
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 celery stalks, diced
1 medium yellow onion, diced
2 teaspoons garam masala
3 large carrots, diced
3 large garnet yams, peeled and cubed
4 cups vegetable broth or bullion (2 cubes with 4 cups water)
1 15-ounce can coconut milk
Sea salt and cracked black pepper, to taste

Heat the oil in a large soup pot over medium heat and sauté the ginger, garlic, celery, and onion until translucent and soft. Add the garam masala and stir to combine to release the flavor of the spice. Add the carrots, yams, and veggie broth. Turn the heat to high and bring to a boil, turn down to a simmer, and cover. Simmer for 20 to 30 minutes or until the yams are soft. Remove from the heat and stir in the coconut milk. Puree using a hand blender until creamy smooth and season with salt and pepper to taste. Top with cinnamon, to taste, before serving.

Recipes from The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook by Melissa Costello. (HCI; October 2012; $18.95/Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-0757316333).

Eat Like a Local in Saint Lucia with Culinary Offerings as Diverse as the Natural Landscape

No bites about it, Saint Lucia is full of unique eats and specialty dishes that showcase its rich heritage, such as Saint Lucia Crab Back, Green Bananas and Salt Fish, home-grown chocolate delicacies, and weekly community fish fries that welcome visitors.

October marks Creole Heritage Month, celebrating the Caribbean island’s distinctive blend of West Indian, African and French culture. Festivities include the annual Oktoberfest celebration featuring live music on October 7 in Samaans Park in Saint Lucia’s capital city, Castries. Jounen Kweyol, held on the last Sunday of October, celebrates the popular Caribbean dialect of the French language and heritage with Creole food, music, games and folklore.

“Saint Lucia’s diverse heritage and blended cultures have strongly influenced the island’s cuisine,” said Louis Lewis, Director of Tourism for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. “Visitors can fulfill the desire to try authentic specialties such as cassava bread or enjoy delectable favorites such as chocolate.”

Visitors can celebrate the foodie culture year-round through authentic local eats from locally grown crops such as bananas and chocolate to the award-winning rums and beers produced right in Saint Lucia. For a true Saint Lucian experience for novices and connoisseurs alike, consider these on-island delights:

Cassava Bread: Made from a long, starchy root vegetable that is a historically prominent fixture in the diets of the Amerindian ancestors of Saint Lucia, this unleavened bread is be eaten throughout the day. Locals mix in coconut, cherries, raisin, and apple for a sweeter taste, or serve it sandwich-style with saltfish. Visitors can find the traditional staple at the main bakery "La Plas Casav/Kassav" outside of the town of Canaries or at various vendors throughout the island.

Green Bananas and Salt Fish: Known as the “official” dish of Saint Lucia, this specialty can be found in just about every restaurant island-wide. The dish combines bananas, a leading island export, and locally sourced vegetables with salt cod fish to make this Caribbean delight. Try it at different restaurants as each cook adds a signature twist.

Banana Ketchup: This popular condiment is a rich, thick take on traditional ketchup made from local bananas and a blend of select spices. As Saint Lucian bananas are some of the sweetest in the world, it has a savory taste with the added health benefits of potassium and complements any meal. One of the most popular brands, Baron Banana Ketchup contains no artificial color or additives and is available island-wide or found atop restaurant tables.

Saint Lucia Crab Back: A traditional seafood specialty, typically served as an appetizer to the main course, the Saint Lucia Crab Back is a simple delight most commonly prepared with local land crab meat, seasonings and herbs within a lemon garlic butter sauce. For an official taste test, the Crab Back can be found at a number of culinary hotspots including The Coal Pot, Windsong Restaurant and The Charthouse located in the northern part of Saint Lucia.

Piton Beer: This pilsner lager, named after the towering Pitons, is brewed with specially selected malt, hops, yeast and maize giving off a floral and hoppy aroma. Developed at the Windward & Leeward Brewery, Piton Beer is a favorite among locals and visitors to drink and sold at several locations throughout the Caribbean. Travelers can experience the brewing process for themselves on a scheduled tour.

Rum Tours: Those looking to get into the “Spirit” of Saint Lucia can partake in one of the many on-Island Rum Tours that take place dailyPremium brands like the award-winning Chairman's Reserve or Admiral Rodney can be sipped on the “Rhythm of Rum Tour” from the Saint Lucia Distillers or the “Rum Tasting and Distillery Tour” at Roseau Valley. A recommended cocktail is the Saint Lucia Rum Punch, a refreshing treat of fresh lime juice, Rum, fresh Orange or Pineapple juice and a dash of Angostura Bitters.

Chocolate Treats: One of the most popular crops on island is cocoa, a favorite treat among visitors of all ages. A chocolate experience can include simply sipping the popular Cocoa tea, a rich, local breakfast drink or more hands-on experience at Rabot Estate, Fond Doux Estate, Marquis Estate and the Morne Coubaril Estate where guest can learn how to make their own chocolate from picking a pod to pure chocolate stick or bar.

Castries Market: Named one of the top 10 markets in the world by National Geographic Magazine, Castries Market is the oldest market still in operation today. Located in the capital, it’s the largest meet-up of locals who gather to sell spices (star anise, mace, cinnamon); locally grown fruit and vegetables; condiments like hot-pepper sauce; locally made crafts like straw bags and wood carvings; or the fishermen’s catch. For a special treat join top executive chefs including Chef Craig Jones from The Cliff at Cap Restaurant at Cap Maison or Chef Mark Tan from Dasheene at Ladera for a shop-a-long followed by a cooking demonstration.

Anse La Raye Fish Fry: A weekly event held each Friday beginning at 8 pm in Anse la Ray where locals gather to feast with family, friends and visitors on the fresh catch of the day and other seafood favorites including lobster, conch, red snapper, crab and salt cod fritters. Vendor’s set-up booths with grills, drinks and souvenirs while tables and benches are laid out along the side of the street for a shared culinary experience.

Dennery Seafood Fiesta: The festival is held every Saturday beginning at 4 pm on the beach in the east coast fishing village of Dennery featuring local seafood delicacies with soca and zouk music playing in the background. This “beach party” is hosted by Dennery Seafood Vendors Association who cook with Creole recipes passed down through generations.

For more information about Saint Lucia, please visit, call 1-800-4STLUCIA or become a fan on Facebook at