Monday, October 22, 2012

This Cyber Monday: Caribbean Liquid Sugar Shares the Gift of Pure Sweetness at a Cheerful Holiday Price

October 22, 2012 — Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday) in 2010 marked the largest day in online shopping history and the first day that online sales exceeded $1 billion total.[1] In 2011 that record was surpassed with $1.25 billion dollars in sales, up 22% from the year before. Now that history has proven itself, ambitious retailers are all vying for consumers’ attention on the biggest online sale day of the year. Caribbean Liquid Sugar ( is getting in on the action and offering a 15% discount on its two organic cane sugar syrups that are GMO free, gluten free, vegan and kosher. “Hey Shuga!” and “Lil’ Shuga!” are dynamic sweeteners that are beautifully packaged in glass bottles with charming labels making them the perfect gift for anyone on the holiday shopping list including those typically challenging to shop for such as grandpa, dad or a boss.

These versatile sweet syrups are made via a delicate and natural enzymatic process that bio-mimics the one that bees use to naturally produce honey. “Hey Shuga!” is a pure sugar cane syrup and “Lil’ Shuga!” is a blend of both cane sugar and Stevia. These “Shuga” syrups pour more easily than honey and are wonderful for baking, as condiments, and effortlessly blend into hot and cold beverages.

“Hey Shuga!” is a 12 oz. glass bottle of potential. It works well as a syrup condiment on pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal and many others dishes. The syrup encourages almost any culinary whim. “Hey Shuga!” makes coffee and tea in the morning a breeze. Just pour any beverage over “Hey Shuga,” and with no stirring necessary, and you’re out the door to start the day. One of best capabilities of this syrup is its baking benefits. Professional bakeries love “Hey Shuga!” because it takes approximately 30% less time to bake. The baking community reports their baked goods taste better, stay fresh longer, have better texture, and show superior browning. Anyone who bakes must take “Hey Shuga!” home and see what all the professionals are raving about.

“Lil’ Shuga!” is the 8 oz. smaller sidekick to its larger companion. “Lil’ Shuga!” has all the same baking, condiment, and blend-able advantages of “Hey Shuga!” with one more punch- it has only five calories per serving! The flavor is identical, with the same honey-like consistency, but “Lil’ Shuga!” is a combination of pure cane sugar and natural organic Stevia. Slightly sweeter than sugar, Stevia lightens “Lil’ Shuga!” up and comes in a smaller bottle. A “Lil’ Shuga” syrup goes a long way.

Caribbean Liquid Sugar
In 2004 Caribbean Liquid Sugar was created in Don Tejada’s kitchen, driven by a passion for healthy foods, good nutrition, and love for natural products. The dream of developing an all-natural, artificially free sweetener gave birth to “Hey Shuga!” and “Lil’ Shuga!” Both of which are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free and above all, delicious, Caribbean Liquid Sugar brings natural sweetness while striving to promote sustainability and a healthy planet. For further information about Caribbean Liquid Sugar, please visit

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