Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Praise of Green Bean Delivery

You may have seen their delivery vans around the area and wondered, "What the heck is Green Bean Delivery?" Just like it sounds, Green Bean is a delivery service of fresh produce and foods right to your door.

They gave us an opportunity to try it and they now have a new customer! A standard produce bin cost $35 (medium is $42 and large $49) and can be delivered once a week. Less often if you prefer. The standard bin has a variety of fresh produce including locally grown and organic products. Once you have set up an account, you can make alterations to the bin and/or make additions to your delivery. They have a number of other interesting food and beverage items available for delivery as well.

Looking for an alternative to candy oriented vending machines for your place of work? Green bean also offers Break Room Bins for local delivery that offers a healthy variety of fruits and veggies to chips and chocolate.

Well worth a serious look, you can find everything you need to know at their web site:


You may spend a little more than you would at your local mega-mart, but you won't find the variety and convenience. It's well worth your serious consideration. As I stated earlier, we are now a customer... 'nuff said!

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