Monday, October 1, 2012

Santa's Fireplace Cookies - An Updated Idea

Santa will certainly put down his sack, take off his white gloves, and pull up a chair to bite into a homemade ooey- gooey Oatmeal cookies left by the fireplace. He won't be able to resist a fresh Coyote Oaties batch made fresh everday and shipped that same day. The scrumptious oatmeal& chocolate, oatmeal& walnuts or oatmeal, raisin&walnut cookies may even arrive still warm, saving you from having to turn on the oven.

Every cookie is made from the freshest, most eco-friendly ingredients available; whole rolled oats, creamery butter, and cage free eggs. You won't find preservatives, trans fats and something you can’t pronounce.

They can be ordered in a customized engraved wooden crate with a special Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays message or even a company logo. They even make a great wedding guest gift.

By plane, train, boat or car, the cookies travel well on the way to Grandma's house or to any relatives for the holiday. Whether six or a dozen, you are sure to be Santa's and the family favorite or at least the Coyote Oaties cookies will.

Eco-Kind Cookie Bag by Eco-Ditty-
This Christmas, Santa's cookies will be kept safe and warm inside an eco-friendly Eco-Ditty snack bag Santa can keep and take home to Mrs. Claus Featured on The Today Show, award-winning Eco-Ditty reusable snack bags are, 100% organic cotton reusable snack bag is perfect for storing Santa's treats or a family stocking stuffer. Each fun print is made from the softest, safest cotton that is just as healthy as the snack it’s carrying and Eco-Ditty's bags are saving the country's landfills from millions of plastic baggies. Cleaning off the crumbs and chocolate is easy too. Just pop the bags in the dishwasher or washing machine as many times as you want.

Eco-Ditty's design-your-own DIY bag is perfect for letting the kids personalize Santa's cookie bag. Kids can color his name, draw his picture or both. The DIY bag comes with three toxic free markers so it's safe for the children and your jolly Pal. Happy Holidays!

PERSONAL NOTE: We've had the opportunity to sample Coyote Oaties and they are excellent. Some of the best cookies we've had the opportunity to taste. Nut-free options are available.

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