Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Knauss Foods Expedites National Rollout of PJ’s All Natural Beef Steak

While Knauss Foods’ management was methodically rolling out PJ’s All Natural Beef Steak in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, they were somewhat surprised when consumers outside the tri-state region started to ask for it. Since the product is not widely available in stores across the country, some potential customers were unable to find it. People as far away as California from Knauss Foods’ Pennsylvania headquarters were learning about PJ’s through Facebook, Twitter and blogger reviews. When they asked where they could buy it, Knauss Foods’ Chief Operating Officer, Joseph Bucara, had to come up with a quick solution. The digital age had created the buzz, and a digital solution was in order—expediting the introduction of a responsive online store.

“Sometimes it’s a slow process to gain in-store placement for a new product,” says Bucara, “and in this case consumer demand has outpaced our grocery and convenience-store distribution. It’s an excellent problem to have, and we want to make sure that we meet consumer needs as quickly as possible. Expediting the introduction of an easy-to-use online store takes care of immediate demand as we continue to grow our brick and mortar distribution.”

So what’s all the excitement about? PJ’s All Natural Beef Steak, a gluten-free alternative to beef jerky, is made by marinating and cooking the beef over a seven-day period. This compares to national beef jerky brands that dry the beef in several hours and blend in a concoction of ingredients, including preservatives. “PJ’s result,” says Bucara “is a naturally tender and flavorful treat.”

There are several reasons why the interest in the beef snack grew so quickly. Some beef jerky fans learned about PJ’s as they read reviews from bloggers like Kaysi, who comments “It is clearly not beef jerky. It’s just a really great beef snack.... your taste buds will be jumping for joy.” Others are drawn to the product because it’s healthy. For example, bloggers who write about gluten free foods are covering it because unlike most beef jerky products, it’s gluten free. This makes it a perfect snack or meal supplement for people suffering with celiac disorder who are on gluten free diets. It has also gained favor with parents of autistic children, some whose children are on gluten free casein free (GFCF) diets and others who find it challenging to persuade their children to eat enough healthy protein. Finally there are athletes and dieters who want a low-calorie, high-protein energy boost to keep them going.

PJ’s All Natural Beefsteak tempts the taste buds with three flavors—Original, Cracked Pepper and Teriyaki. For easy snacking it’s packaged in 3.25 ounce re-sealable pouches as well as 1 ounce pouches for on-the-go school children and adults. Customers can select tenders, a chunky cut, or slices. To learn more about PJ’s Beefsteak and to buy the product online, visit http://www.pjsbeefsteak.com or call 800-648-4220 to learn whether it’s available at a store near you.

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