Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Create Season Specialties with Fresh Peaches and Crave Brothers Mascarpone

Pairing the juiciest peaches of summer with the creamy fresh, award-winning Mascarpone from Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics Cheese is a sure way to create new seasonal recipe sensations. Peaches are one of the sweetest tastes of the summer, and what could be a better way to celebrate the short fresh peach season than combining them with Crave Brothers Mascarpone? Judges at the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair Cheese and Butter contest recently awarded First Place Honors to this traditional, spreadable dessert cheese. Mascarpone is so versatile, though, you can serve it at any point in the meal. Use it in place of whipped cream or cream cheese, and feature it in sweet or savory recipes.

To make a summer splash, start with the simplicity of two great flavors and textures—ripe peach slices and creamy, rich mascarpone cheese— and serve them together unadorned, or in creative combinations. Fresh peaches are a natural for grilling season, and when you top grilled peach slices with a dollop of mascarpone you’ve got a winning side dish, salad or dessert. Begin your meal with chilled fresh peach soup accompanied by slices of peach-mascarpone bruschetta. Try a “sundae” brunch treat with a parfait layered with fresh peach, banana and strawberry slices and creamy mascarpone, topped with a drizzle of honey. Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics Mascarpone can also help you take your peach-friendly classic comfort food dessert recipes one step further. Add a small amount of mascarpone to each serving of deep-dish peach pie, peach cobbler and peach bread pudding.

Mascarpone is just one of the Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics cheeses produced at the Crave Brothers farmstead factory. The state-of-the-art family farm—operated by brothers Charles, George, Tom and Mark—emphasizes conservation and sustainable practices. For additional mascarpone recipe ideas, and to learn more about Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics, visit the website at www.cravecheese.com.
The Crave family farms 1700 acres of rich land in south-central Wisconsin, growing soybeans, corn and alfalfa to use as nutritious feed for their Holstein cows. Every pound of cheese made by George Crave, a licensed cheese maker, is made with milk from the family’s herd. Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese also produces Fresh Mozzarella, Les Frères and Petit Frère French-style cheeses, Farmer’s Rope Part-Skim Mozzarella String Cheese and Oaxaca.

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