Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Glutton For Pleasure

Known for his quirky attitude and quirkier entrees, Bob Blumer has been shaking up the food world for almost two decades! The host of The Surreal Gourmet and now Glutton for Punishment (currently taping its fifth season!), brings us GLUTTON FOR PLEASURE (Whitecap Press; Paperback with Flaps; $29.95). This book is filled with Bob's ultimate collection of recipes along with practical advice.

Not sure what wine to pair with your meal? Bob can help out!

Wavering on the perfect music to flambe by? (Think "Buring Down the House by Talking Heads!)

GLUTTON FOR PLEASURE is filled with creative solutions to common problems, and provides a well-rounded vision on elevating the act of cooking and eating, from food, drink and music.

Recipes include:
Coconut Shrimp Lollipops
Dishwasher-Poached Salmon
Cauliflower Popcorn
Lassi Come Home

Filled with stunning photos, author's illustrations and exciting stories, GLUTTON FOR PLEASURE is the can't miss cookbook for the season!

About Bob Blumer:
Culinary adventurer Bob Blumer is the host and co-creator of the award-winning television series GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT. The series, now taping it’s fifth season, is produced by Paperny Films for Food Network Canada. It airs on the Food Network in the U.S. as well as in over thirty countries world-wide. Blumer is an instantly recognizable personality, best-known as the creator and host of the Food Network series Surreal Gourmet, one of the most innovative and entertaining cooking shows on television. The award-winning show, two-time winner of the Gemini Award as Best Information Program, ran for five seasons and is still seen in over twenty-five countries. Blumer is also the author of four acclaimed cookbooks. He also co-wrote the best-selling book on grilled pizza: Pizza on the Grill. As a chef, Blumer transforms common ingredients into wow-inspiring dishes through the whimsical presentations and unusual cooking methods that have become his culinary trademark. This artful approach to cooking, along with his confidence-inspiring instructions and contagious enthusiasm, have endeared him to a loyal following. The transplanted Canadian currently lives in the Hollywood Hills in the shadows of the Hollywood sign (Near the "W"). When he is not traveling for work or pleasure (which is most of the time) he cycles daily in the canyons near his home—doing his best to stay in shape for his next big adventure.

About GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT: As the host of GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT, Blumer channels his love of food and his natural competitiveness into a series of culinary adventures that are inspiring, entertaining and often amusing. In short, he takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. It is a program on Food Network hosted by Bob Blumer. The show features the host in various food-related challenges. He is given five days to become proficient enough in the episode's featured specialty. His newly acquired skills are then put to the test by matching him up against champions and experts in the field. In several competitions, Bob Blumer surprises by qualifying ahead of many pros. When he is not doing so well, he acknowledges the difficulty he has, often with self-deprecating humor.

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