Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Low-Calorie Relaxation Aid Hits the Market in Spring/Summer 2010

Consumers looking for a great-tasting, low-calorie relaxation aid to complement their busy lifestyles can find the solution in Frontier Beverage Co.'s (OTC Bulletin Board: FBEC) Unwind™, launching this spring/summer.

"Unwind™ provides a light, refreshing flavor for whenever you deserve a moment of relaxation without the sedating effects of pharmaceuticals or alcohol," said Terry Harris, Chief Executive Officer, Frontier Beverage Co. "After receiving rave reviews from consumers that tested our product within the Memphis, TN, market, we are confident that the relaxation category is a strong contender in the 'New Age' sector of the beverage industry."

With a slogan of "Tired of Being Wired," Unwind offers consumers a way to settle down at the end of a hard day with a relaxation blend to suit every lifestyle. Unwind is currently available in Citrus Orange in a 16 oz. can via and, in mid-summer 2010, will be available in three lightly-carbonated flavors, Goji Grape, Pom Berry, and Citrus Orange, all in sleek 12 oz. cans containing a mere 40 calories and only 10 grams of sugar each.

"Relaxation beverages received a boost in initial awareness when they were named a top trend for 2010 by both 'Good Morning America' and 'The View,'" said Harris. "Unwind takes this trend to the next level by allowing consumers to relax and renew themselves with each serving, providing a soothing experience for both the mind and body."

Melatonin, valerian root, rose hips and passion flower provide Unwind with its calming properties. These items, which can all be found in local nutrition or vitamin stores, have been used by herbalists for years to cope with anxiety and insomnia.

Follow Unwind on Twitter at @unwindbeverage and join our Facebook fan page for new product information, company updates and contests. For additional information, please call 1-877-233-RELX (7359).

About Frontier Beverage Co.
Founded in late 2009, Frontier Beverage is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and is a publicly-traded company under the sign FBEC. For more information or up-to-date information on Frontier Beverage and its flagship product, Unwind, please visit: or contact

Frontier Beverage Co. is the distributor of Unwind, the ultimate relaxation aid for consumers worldwide. Unwind offers a healthy alternative to the calming drink experience due to its low-calorie, low-sugar and high-antioxidant formula.

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