Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Small Potatoes Make Big Impact In Local Market

Potato lovers and cooks of all kinds are dishing about the latest hot potatoes – Tasteful Selections specialty potatoes.

These small potatoes are no laughing matter, but shoppers in a Minneapolis supermarket recently found comic and dinner relief with these petite potatoes.

To the surprise of market-goers, it wasn’t just the small sizes and unique flavors of these potatoes that had people talking, but the unexpected theatrics that subtlety announced their presence. With the help of some creative merchandising and the Minneapolis comedy troupe, The Recovery Party, Tasteful Selections small potatoes were hard to miss as shoppers encountered a talking head potato display, freeze-frame couples enjoying potatoes and a family dinner in the seafood department. Check out consumer reactions at www.youtube.com/user/TastefulSelections.

The consumer event in Minneapolis kicks off the national product rollout for the Tasteful Selections brand of specialty potatoes and the “Create Ooh Ahh Moments” consumer campaign. Tasteful Selections small potatoes are available in nine flavors and three sizes comparable to marbles, ping-pong balls and golf balls.

To spread the word about these new potatoes, a special sneak peek recipe contest in underway for food bloggers to not only get the inside scoop on these hot new potatoes, but also for them to create their own dish – and dish about it. Check our Facebook fan page for details.

Randy Shell, Vice President of Marketing for Tasteful Selections products commented, “Potatoes are a favorite comfort food and top vegetable, but consumers constantly complained that potatoes were too time consuming to prepare. Our Tasteful Selections small potatoes solve the preparation problem, by eliminating a lot of the prep work. They are pre-washed and ready to cook. Their small sizes mean no peeling, no slicing, no dicing and most importantly faster cook times. They are comfort food re-imagined.”

Tasteful Selections specialty potatoes are available year-round, nationwide at select retailers throughout the United States in bulk and packaged SKUs in a variety of flavors and sizes. Look for Tasteful Selections specialty potatoes at your local supermarket or ask for them by name. For information regarding the stores nearest to you email feedback@rpespud.com.

RPE, a second generation family farm, is a category leader and key grower/shipper of year-round potatoes and onions. RPE is a joint owner in Tasteful Selections, LLC and manages the sales and marketing of the Tasteful Selections brand and products. RPE prides itself on maintaining a high level of business integrity that includes commitments to environmental sustainability, as well as category innovation and retail solutions.

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