Sunday, July 4, 2010

Introducing CHI Cuisine Everyday Classic Ceramic Knives

Sharper than conventional metal knives, CHI CUISINE Everyday Classic Ceramic Knives utilize the highest grade of zirconium dioxide, measuring 8.2 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness compared to the 5-6 Mohs of standard steel blades. In addition to the unparalleled sharpness, the ceramic blades are non-porous and do not stain, rust, tarnish, discolor or retain bacteria. It cuts through meats, vegetables, delicate fruits and herbs with ease. The specialized blade maintains the freshness of foods, eliminating any metallic taste and will not cause browning of fruits or vegetables. The nonstick surface allows food to glide off while chopping and slicing and easily cleans with a rinse in warm water.

Designed for the ultimate comfort and safety, the knives are ergonomically balanced with a soft-touch handle that is easy to grip even with wet hands. As an added safety feature, the knife has a rounded point and a metal support inside the handle designed to create a barrier between the back of the blade and the user’s gripping hand. All knives are dishwasher safe and have a three year limited warranty.

CHI CUISUINE Everyday Classic Ceramic Knives include a wide array of knives for all cutlery and culinary needs:

Classic 8” Ceramic Chef Knife
Classic 7” Ceramic Chef Knife
Classic 6” Ceramic Chef Knife
Classic 6” Ceramic Slicer Knife
Classic 5” Ceramic Santoku Knife
Classic 5” Ceramic Utility Knife
Classic 4” Ceramic Paring Knife
Classic 3” Ceramic Paring Knife

For more information, visit, from $19.99.

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