Thursday, August 6, 2009

World’s First Coffee Storage Canister With Freshness Valve

First-of-its-Kind Canister Releases Trapped CO2 Gases & Blocks Out Moisture, Light, Air That Destroy Flavor of Whole Bean & Ground Coffee

Friis, Inc.™ (, developer and designer of premier coffee products, introduced its new line of state-of-the-art coffee canisters for the home.

Available for less than $25, the Friis Coffee Savor™ is the only coffee canister in the world to eliminate the four main causes of flavor loss in whole bean and ground coffee—CO2 gases, moisture, light and air.

A video of the Friis Coffee Savor can be viewed at

“More people are brewing their own coffee and are buying multiple flavors to have the coffee-house experience at home,” said H. Arthur Wing, President of Wing Enterprises, owner of Friis, Inc. “Yet, most of the 160+ million coffee drinkers in the U.S. don’t realize the way they currently store their coffee actually shortens its shelf life and causes the bitter and stale taste they despise. Rich, full-flavored coffee previously found in premier coffee shops can now be experienced wherever coffee drinkers brew their own coffee. The Friis Coffee Savor preserves the premium taste discerning coffee drinkers desire.”

All forms of coffee, both whole bean and ground coffee, have been roasted. The roasting process caramelizes the sugars in coffee beans and forms essential oils. These sugars and essential oils give coffee its varying flavor and aroma profiles.

After roasting, four external factors break down and degrade the original flavor coffee drinkers love. The key to rich, full-flavored coffee is limiting the effects of these external forces through proper storage. The Friis Freshness Valve™ vents away trapped carbon dioxide gas created during the roasting process and the Friis Coffee Savor blocks out moisture, light, and air to seal in flavor.

“Extensive market research revealed most coffee drinkers struggle to keep their coffee beans and grounds fresh,” said Keith Emmel, Inventor of the Coffee Savor and Director of Business Development of Friis, Inc. “While many people enjoy high-end or flavored coffees, they often end up discarding expensive beans or grounds because current storage options cause their coffee to go stale too quickly. Coffee consumers now have a solution that preserves flavor, freshness and will save them money—the Friis Coffee Savor, the world’s most effective coffee storage container.”

Ideal for the home, office, R.V. or anywhere coffee is brewed, the easy-to-use, affordable and sleek Friis Coffee Savor can be purchased online at

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About Friis™:

Friis, Inc., a division of Wing Enterprises, is committed to providing solutions that make life taste better. Established in 2008, Friis (pronounced “freece”) is quickly becoming the “go to place” for premier coffee products. The affordable, high quality, and innovative Friis product line enriches the coffee experience.

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