Monday, August 24, 2009

Vito's Cafe Microbrewery

There’s something brewing at Vito’s Café, located in Ft. Thomas Kentucky, and it’s not a new musical revue. Vito’s Café is proud to officially announce the opening of the in-house microbrewery, Red Ear Brewing Company. Behind the creation of Red Ear Brewing Company is a familiar face to the Italian restaurant, Matt Wehmeyer, who is owners Mary & Vito Ciepiel’s son.

Red Ear Brewing Company was created out of curiosity when Wehmeyer would go to the store and see more and more beers made by microbreweries. After taking a beer brewing class, his interest spiked, Wehmeyer “couldn’t believe how much there was to know.” For now Wehmeyer is “starting amazingly small at Vito’s, I’d like to continually grow and learn to brew bigger and better batches of beer, but I’m taking it one step at a time.”

The significance of the name ‘Red Ear Brewing Company’ was fashioned after a familiar fish that Wehmeyer and his son, Alex catch called ‘red ear sunfish’, “I kind of went with it.”

Wehmeyer has a plan of attack for his new brewing business, “we are starting with a house brew right now called Endless Summer Ale”. The key for Wehmeyer is to create a new beer for each season, “after the summer ends I would like to go with something more bold.”

As for now, Endless Summer Ale is the only draft beer available at Vito’s Café.

About Vito’s Café: Vito’s Café is the special destination for many types of occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, Christmas parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings…and your special evening out on the town. Our food is the perfect blend of Italian classics from the many regions that define the great country of Italy. Some dishes hail from Tuscany, others have origins in Bologna, and for the big zesty flavors our chef’s pay homage to the island of Sicily.

More than the food defines the ambiance at Vito’s Café, as many of our servers are trained singers who hail from the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and Northern Kentucky University. It would be an understatement to say that the singing servers add a touch of class: throughout the course of the meal, the singers rise to the occasion belting out Broadway show tunes, opera ballads and jazz standards.

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