Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get Decadent on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is considered the most amorous day of the year. Whether you spend it with your significant other, friends or family; most agree, that the celebration should be filled with decadent treats and delicious food that say 'I love you'. Who wouldn't love to receive a basket of mini-muffins from an admirer? Or maybe you could show you care by baking something over-the-top for your sweetheart?

With Pamela's Products, no one has to be left out of the celebration. Featuring an award-winning line of gluten-free and delectable ready-made desserts and baking mixes, Pamela's Products is perfect for sharing with all your loved ones.

For the chocolate lover in your life, Pamela's Products makes it easy to wow them with a moist delicious and flavorful frosted cake, brownies or chocolate-chip cookies. If chocolate is not the flavor of choice for you or your loved one, Pamela's Products offers Vanilla cake mixes, shortbreads and biscotti that are sure to tantalize and satisfy anyone's sweet tooth without excluding those that adhere to a gluten-free diet.

Pamela's Products mixes are easy-to-use and fit neatly into a busy schedule. Ideal for Valentine's Day, moist and fluffy cake and cookie mixes can be easily cut into heart-shaped baked treats. Red or Pink natural food coloring can be added to frosting mixes to make your dessert fun and festive.

The versatility of the mixes allows for the more adventurous cook to use them as their launching pad for a more elaborate and uniquely individual dish. Pamela's Products website ( is chock-full of tried and true recipes that are simple to make and a pleasure to enjoy. Valentine's Day Recipe ideas and tips for Breakfast, Brunch and Dessert include:

** Six-Layer Chocolate Cake
** Cranberry Orange Scones
** Heart Shaped Waffles with Berries and Cream
** Valentine's Day Gingerbread House

For on-the-go Valentine's celebrants who prefer to skip the kitchen altogether, Pamela's Products features a scrumptious line of ready-made cheesecakes, coffee and chocolate cakes. All gluten-free and delicious, Pamela's ready-made cakes are the perfect snack to share with someone you love or a delightful end to any meal.

Pamela's Products are a trustworthy staple for those on a gluten-free diet including Celiacs. Celiac Disease is the world's most common autoimmune disease, with the only treatment today being a strict adherence to a diet devoid of gluten. Gluten is most commonly contained in wheat (durum, semolina, kamut, spelt), rye, barley and triticale. (For more complete information, please visit, "About".) People with autism spectrum disorders, cancer, wheat allergies, alternative diets, and even those adhering to a Kosher or 'natural' diet, also frequently turn to Pamela's Products for satisfying that sweet tooth or simply for making bread or pancakes.

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