Monday, August 24, 2009

Discover the Endless Uses of Post-it Notes for Fast, Easy and Effective Communication

Life has a tendency to get hectic at times. Moms, dads, students, and just about everyone in-between, juggle schedules jam-packed with work, school and family commitments. Take control of your life with Post-it Notes, the indispensible tool and universal icon that revolutionized communication nearly 30 years ago.

From the tried and true Canary Yellow Post-it Note to new introductions over the years like Post-it Flag+ Writing Tools that optimize personal productivity, the Post-it brand continues to present a comprehensive collection of innovative products designed to tackle the challenges of busy schedules. Infuse style into your everyday routine with cheerful new designs and bright colors that get noticed, like Nature’s Hues and Tropical tones.

Need to list, remind, plan, communicate, brainstorm, share, or jot? There’s a note for that! Post-it Note lovers can choose from a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit their every need. Whether at home, school, office or on-the-go, Post-it products offer a variety of creative and efficient solutions that are sure to “stick”.

Who says that schoolwork needs to be boring? Improve study habits and sharpen your skills; Post-it Notes feature cheerful, fun designs to jazz up any desk, locker or dorm room.

Make the Grade
• Keep track of quizzes, assignments, and after-school activities with the new Post-it Day Planner. Stick schedules to mirrors, fridges, or notebook covers to keep appointments in view and top-of-mind.

Study in High Speed
• Drawing attention to important chapters and frequently referenced textbook pages with Post-it Page Markers means less time fumbling through pages and more time for extracurricular fun.

Say it with Style
• Have a message to share with your roommate? A funny note for a friend? Post-it Die-cut Notes add flair with eye-catching shapes like hearts, stars and a myriad of other shapes and designs.

As the family hub, the home can be a bustling whirlwind of activity. Bring order to your household. Stay one step ahead of daily, weekly and monthly household projects when you organize and communicate with easy-to-use Post-it Products.

Tackle To-Do’s
• Post-it Magnetic Notepads stick to the fridge to keep shopping lists and tasks fresh in your mind and easy to find.

Be There for Each Other
• Systemize your family’s schedule with the Post-it Weekly Planner. Repositionable notes prevent the need for messy scribbles or cross-outs, while an array of colors allows you to code by family member or activity.

Become the Master of Multitasking
• Need a hand juggling phone, baby and coffee? The Post-it Desk Grip Dispenser stays in place on horizontal surfaces like counters and desks, allowing you to grab a pop-up note with one hand.

Clear the clutter – Post-it Notes bring order to your desk so you are more organized, efficient and productive on the job.

Make Meetings Matter
• Transform staff gatherings and seminars into energized, effective meetings with Post-it Easel Pads for brainstorming and sharing ideas.

Effective People Make Lists
• Post-it Super Sticky Notes stay put on “hard to stick” vertical surfaces like telephones, whiteboards, doors and cardboard boxes. Lists, messages, and reminders get noticed where they can make the greatest impact. Use different colors and sizes to indicate different clients, action items, or deadlines.

Tools for a Job Well Done
• Keep notes at your fingertips with the Post-it Mounted Dispenser. Affix to your computer monitor so notes never get lost in the shuffle.

Ideas happen at the most inopportune times - until now. Wherever you are, keep handy, simple-to-use Post-it Products with you so that when genius strikes, you can capture it.

Portable Productivity
• Need to keep information accessible on-the-go? Write errands, directions and addresses on a Post-it Super Sticky Note and affix to your car’s dashboard for easy reference.

Flagging on the Fly
• Write, highlight, flag, and find it fast! Post-it Flag+ Writing Tools allow you to accomplish more. Keep this handy multi-tool in your purse or briefcase for the ultimate in multi-tasking.


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