Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Healthier Holiday Cocktails

During the holidays, hosts usually serve guests apple cider and eggnog (full of fat and calories). This holiday season change it up with healthy cocktails incorporating the most traditional holiday flavors!

When sipped alone or added as a mixer to your favorite vodka, HINT Peppermint and Hibiscus-Vanilla flavored water is a perfect alternative for a healthy holiday drink. With no carbs, calories, sugar or sodium like other mixers, your cocktail will have a delicious taste without adding on extra pounds. Below are cocktail recipes using HINT.

Hint of Mint
3 whole mint leaves
Lime wedge
2oz. of 3Vodka (carb-free liquor made from soy isolates)
4oz. Peppermint HINT

Snowball Vanilla
2 oz. of Vanilla-Vodka
3 oz. Hibiscus-Vanilla HINT
1-2 Leeches’ for garnish

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