Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swedes Get Ready to Party in West Chester August 21

Crunchy. Velvet red. Succulent and juicy. It’s a special treat this summer with the crayfish epicurean extravaganza at IKEA restaurants across the country.

Centuries old, crayfish parties are an annual event in which friends and family gather in August in lush Swedish gardens to indulge in this shellfish treat. IKEA celebrates this Swedish summer tradition, the Crayfish buffet party. Lanterns, party hats and a festive environment; it’s an IKEA happening.

For just $9.99, all you can eat, (kids eat for $2.49), IKEA restaurants* will be offering a crayfish evening buffet. There will be an abundance of crayfish to fill ones plate along with Swedish specialties like crispbreads, rolls, cheeses, meatballs and mashed potatoes. Yummy pies, cookies and fountain drinks and hot beverages are also included. Crayfish plates for only $7.99 will also be served in the IKEA restaurant during the entire month of August. Tickets for this one night (2 nights in Stoughton, MA) event will be on sale at select IKEA stores (bistro and or restaurant). And crayfish party food items are for sale in the IKEA Swedish Food Market.

Back in the 16th century, Crayfish were considered a delicacy that only the aristocrats could indulge. Then in the mid-19th century, Swedish families across the country started eating crayfish. Crayfish feasts are an opportunity for friends and family to gather to eat, drink and enjoy the last weeks of long summer nights.
For the last three years, IKEA restaurants have been enjoying this tradition. Popularity continues to increase. In fact, the IKEA Stoughton, MA store went through 2,000 pounds of crayfish, 100 pounds of cheese with over 600 customers in 2007. Now the tradition lives on!

West Chester, OH - August 21

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