Monday, August 2, 2010

Panning Ahead: "Do It Yourself" New Years Mixology

Somewhere under the shower of fireworks and the popping of corks, great New Year’s Eve memories are made. With champagne tastes and post-Christmas budgets, who can afford to offer guests an impressive array of cocktails? You can, that’s who.

The simple solution for a bounty of beverage options on the cheap is the “bubbly bar”. Choose a fantastic sparkling value wine like one of Spain’s “cavas”. By adding just two or three mixers and a handful of creative garnishes, custom cocktails are on the menu.

The “Bubbly Bar” Setup

· To pull off the bubbly bar, self-service is the name of the game. With enough clean glassware to keep every hand occupied, guests can mix their own fruit juice and cava concoctions all night long.
· Simply stopper and fill your sink with ice plus a quantity of well-chilled bubbles.
· Set out ice-cold mixers like pitchers of mango and pear nectars, or bottles of pomegranate syrup and maraschino cherry juice.
· For good measure, make sure to offer dishes of fresh drink-ready garnishes like mint sprigs, lime wedges and sliced kiwi to round out the bubbly bar offerings.

Top Value Wine Picks

· Segura Viudas Brut Reserva ($10) makes a great choice as one of the country's top values. It’s refreshingly effervescent, crisp and clean for such an affordable pour.

· Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut ($12) is easily mixable, perfectly dry with a light citrusy edge and a touch of ginger. This bubbly goes down just as easy on its own as mixed with a splash of your favorite fruity mixer.

Signature Cocktail Sampler

Consider setting out a framed “menu” of recipe ideas to get your guests started mixing and matching offerings from your bubbly bar. Feel free to name yours to create conversation starters around your cocktail creations.

· 1 part mango nectar + 2 parts bubbly + squeeze of lime = Mango Passion
· 1 part maraschino cherry juice + 3 parts bubbly + star fruit garnish = Cherries Jubilee
· 1 part pomegranate syrup + 4 parts bubbly + mint sprig stirrer = Turkish Julep

Owned and operated by the Ferrer family of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, near Barcelona, Spain, the Freixenet and Segura Viudas wineries are part of the Freixenet Group, one of the ten largest wine companies in the world, comprised of fine still and sparkling wine estates in Spain, France, Australia, Mexico, Argentina and California. Imported by Freixenet USA of Sonoma, California, wines produced by the Freixenet Group are sold in all fifty states.

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