Monday, August 16, 2010

It’s Time to Party the Swedish Way!

Eat. Laugh. Enjoy. Then go Swedish! IKEA once again offers a fabulous and tasty crayfish ‘foodie’ extravaganza at most IKEA restaurants across the country on Friday, August 20.

For just $9.99, all you can eat, (kids eat for $2.49), IKEA restaurants* will be offering a crayfish evening buffet. There will be an abundance of crayfish to satisfy your cravings along with other Swedish specialties such as Swedish meatballs, potatoes, lingonberries and an assortment of salads, cheeses, breads and lip smacking desserts. This includes pies, cookies and fountain drinks and hot beverages. Crayfish plates for only $3.99 will also be served in the IKEA restaurant during the entire month of August. Tickets for this one night event will be on sale at select IKEA stores (bistro and or restaurant). And crayfish party food items are for sale in the IKEA Swedish Food Market.

What is a Crayfish Party?
A Crayfish Party is a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in Scandinavian countries. The tradition originated in Sweden over 500 years ago. Back in the 16th century, Crayfish were considered a delicacy for only the wealthy. Then in the mid-19th century, Swedish families across the country started eating crayfish. Crayfish feasts are an opportunity for friends and family to get together to eat, drink, party and enjoy the last weeks of long summer Swedish nights. IKEA continues the Crayfish tradition, well into its fourth consecutive year here in the US.

How to put together a Kräftskiva, Crayfish Party.
It’s easier than you think.

1. Purchase a bag of IKEA frozen crayfish (brined in dill) for just $13.49/2.2 lbs.
2. Already pre-cooked, just defrost.
3. Strain the crayfish and arrange them on a platter. Serve cold and garnish with dill.


Some add-ons for your crayfish party include these IKEA food products and items :
IKEA Moon Crayfish Lantern $3.99
Crayfish Party Pack $4.99
IKEA Blueberry Cake $3.99
Knäckebrod Råg, rye crisp bread $1.99
Gravad Lax, marinated salmon $4.99
Sås Senap & Basilika, mustard and basil sauce $1.99
Gravlaxsås, sauce for salmon $2.49
GrÖnländska Räkor, peeled and cooked shrimp $9.49
Brännvinsost, snaps cheese $5.49
Bryggkaffe Mellanrost, filter coffee organic, medium roast $3.99

* check your local IKEA website for Crayfish buffet dates.

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