Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amy’s Cookies Amy-O! Collection

Amy Berg, Founder of Amy’s Cookies, loves chocolate sandwiches so much that one day she decided to turn the Oreo on its head by making her own adult version of this childhood favorite. And thus the Amy-O! was created. The “original” Amy-O!, made with French and Belgian cocoa powder and filled with decadently luscious coffee liqueur flavored buttercream, is the ultimate chocolate sandwich for serious chocolate lovers. Now there are four new perfectly concocted chocolate creations in the Amy-O! family.

The Amy-O! original and newbies are all a must try! The Amy-O! Collection features four variations on the theme. The original buttercream filled Amy-O! comes two ways - dipped in a satiny white Belgian chocolate and dipped in a rich dark Belgian chocolate. Also featured are two sandwiches filled with chocolate ganache, a luscious union of cream and chocolate. Using the identical rich chocolate wafer as the original Amy-O!, the new sandwiches are filled, respectively, with white chocolate ganache and dark chocolate espresso ganache.

Four of each of the following make up the Amy-O! Collection: Original dipped in white chocolate, original dipped in dark chocolate, chocolate espresso ganache (dark chocolate filled and chocolate espresso ganache (white chocolate filled). The Amy-O Collection features 16 Amy-O cookies for $25.

The inspiration for Amy’s Cookies came from combining three essential ingredients: a love of baking, a craving for all things sweet, and a desire to create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing cookies. Add to this a BFA from Pratt Institute School of Fine Art and a family history of bakers going back to her great grandfather, inspiration was bound to become reality. Owner Amy Berg uses her talents to create jewel-like cookies whose petite stature belies their bright flavors and complex textures. These cookies are sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Amy’s Cookies can be found at many fine food establishments throughout NYC including Dean & Deluca. Amy’s Cookies are available nationwide at www.amyscookies.com.

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