Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lallemand and A. Lassonde Inc. have Partnered to Break New Ground in Probiotics Viability in Fruit Juice

Lallemand Inc. and A. Lassonde Inc. announced today the launch in Canada of the new and improved formula of A. Lassonde Inc. "10 fruits with Probiotics" fruit juice, part of A. Lassonde Inc. Oasis® Health Break range.

This 100% natural fresh fruit juice contains Lallemand’s documented probiotic strain L. rhamnosus R0011. Fruit of a collaboration between the teams of Lallemand Nutritional Food Ingredients, expert in innovative probiotics applications, and A. Lassonde Inc, a Canadian leading fruit juice producer, the new Oasis® 10 fruits with Probiotics is the first dairy-free probiotic juice with a 90 days shelf life which can provide a guaranteed one billion live probiotic bacteria per 250 ml serving at the end of its shelf-life (+4°C storage). This new formula addresses geographical specificity of the Canadian market which creates a need for 90 days shelf life fruit juices. The probiotic juice is distributed by A. Lassonde Inc., through supermarkets and food stores throughout Canada.

Joanie Dion, Technical Representative for Lallemand Nutritional Food Ingredients commented: "Oasis® fruit juices benefit from a healthy image and represent an excellent vector for a non-dairy daily delivery of good bacteria. To develop a probiotic fruit juice which guarantees as much as one billion live bacteria per serving at the end of an extended shelf life (90 days at 4°C) while preserving the juice taste was a real technological challenge we were pleased to overcome in collaboration with our partner A. Lassonde Inc. The careful selection of the juices used in the formulation plays a key role in this achievement, as well as the probiotic strain selection." She added: "Beside fruit juices, Lallemand, working hand in hand with industry partners, has developed a number of innovative probiotic food applications which are already marketed around the world, such as chocolate, ice creams, powdered milk etc."

Caroline Croteau, Brand Manager for A. Lassonde Inc. added: "In recent years, probiotics have gained momentum and have now reached mainstream market, thanks to increased public awareness about their health benefits and the fact that consumers are taking a more proactive and preventive approach to maintain their digestive and immune health. Oasis® was a pioneer in introducing probiotics in juices and we are proud to continue innovating in that area."

Probiotic species L. rhamnosus are listed on the Health Canada approved probiotics list. The strain L. rhamnosus R0011 has been deposited at Institut Pasteur in Paris and has been thoroughly characterised, and documented for its modes of action and benefits by Institut Rosell-Lallemand who owns and produces the strain. L. rhamnosus R0011 was selected for its stability in fruit juices and its resistance to digestive process.

L. rhamnosus R0011 has a track-record of safety and efficacy in gut health since it has been used in several probiotic supplements distributed for years over the world and supported by clinical studies.

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