Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indulge Caramels Proudly Debuts Two New Caramel Sauces

Known for their decadent, buttery soft and chocolate dipped caramels, it should come as no surprise that Indulge Caramels is releasing two absolutely luscious caramel sauces. The new caramel sauces come in the form of a regular sauce (The Sauce) and a spicy sauce (Hot Sauce) which is spiked with cayenne pepper.

Ooey gooey, buttery silk is the best way to describe the new Indulge Caramel Sauces. The Sauce is just what you imagine the perfect caramel sauce to be. It’s perfectly smooth, thick but not too thick and has a velvety texture to it that will have you hooked. Hot Sauce boasts all of the same addictive qualities but has just the perfect sweet heat to it.

Endless Ways to Devour
The Sauce and Hot Sauce from Indulge Caramels is perfect on ice cream, cakes, brownies, with fruit, melted in coffees, lattes, hot chocolate or just eaten with a spoon! So, don’t wait, stock up on these sauces as they will become a sweet kitchen staple and you’ll want to share this sweet perfection with family and friends!

Labor of Love
A true labor of love, Indulge Caramels was founded by Jennifer Bell who fell in love with the craft of creating gourmet caramels when she first began making them as holiday gifts for family and friends. Soon after, the word spread that these were no ordinary caramels and people began to place orders for them. Indulge Caramels was born out of people's love for Jennifer’s caramels and they continue to be made as they were at the beginning – by hand and with care. The same goes for the new sauces.

Indulge Caramel’s The Sauce and Hot Sauce are Available in 10oz Jars for $6.75 a piece at www.IndulgeCaramels.com

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