Monday, August 16, 2010

Bento Lunch Box Systems Make Great Gifts for Adults

Does your holiday shopping go something like this? Toys for the little ones, check. Gift cards for the teens, check. Gifts for the adults, ughhh! Finding the right gift for family members, co-workers and friends can be quite the task. This holiday season, turn your “ugh” into an “ah” with the Casual Lunch Date set or Power Lunch Bento System from Laptop Lunches.

For the on-the-go, stylish woman on your list who needs to pack meals for work, the Casual Lunch Date kit is a fun and unique gift idea. The black purse-style bag with avocado interior comes complete with an insulated bento sleeve and a matching bento set with stainless steel utensils. This is just a sneak peek as this product has not been launched yet, but it will be available at in plenty of time for the holiday season.
Perfect for the busy, health-conscious and eco-friendly adults on your list, the Power Lunch Bento System features an American-style bento box with 5 stay-fresh containers, stainless steel utensils and a water bottle, all zipped inside an insulated black tote. The hard outer shell keeps food fresh and well preserved all day long in your choice of blue or red food containers.

Health enthusiasts will be thrilled that the Laptop Lunches adult lunch box systems help with portion control and expand their lunch options to a world of wholesome food choices. As a bonus, each lunch system comes with a quick guide filled with healthy lunch ideas and recipes. Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint will be happy that just one bento system replaces a mountain of baggies, foil and saran wrap. Plus, the exterior fabric of the carrying cases are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene material, making these items a smart gift for everyone.
Forget the obligatory ties and perfumes this holiday season and give the adults on your list a gift they’ll use all year long. Visit to learn more.

About Laptop Lunches
Obentec, Inc. was founded in 2001 by two California moms, with the mission of helping families improve lunchtime nutrition while reducing waste. Laptop Lunches are affordable, high quality, made-in-the-USA meal containers designed for people on the go, and are perfect for school, work, and travel. The founders of Obentec, Inc. believe that healthy kids come from healthy communities; thus Obentec is committed to giving back to schools and environmental organizations. Learn more at

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