Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wendy's NEW Berry Almond Chicken Salad - Farm to Table with Fast Food Convenience

Who puts fresh strawberries and blueberries in a quick-service restaurant salad? Only Wendy’s – all summer long – and it’s a berry good idea!

The new Berry Almond Chicken Salad is a fresh, innovative approach to salads that no other national fast-food chain has accomplished. By marrying fresh berries with gourmet ingredients, Wendy’s All-American salad will tantalize taste buds in its 6,200 North American restaurants during the peak growing season for strawberries and blueberries this summer.

Also, the fruits – including raspberries and acai berries -- in the salad’s delicious fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing – are “super foods” that provide significant amounts of health-promoting nutrients.

“Wendy’s cares about bringing fresh ingredients from the farm to the restaurant kitchens, which is why we only offer the Berry Almond Chicken Salad when the berries are at their peak of freshness,” said Ken Calwell, Wendy’s chief marketing officer. “We prepare our salads fresh every day, from chopping the lettuce to slicing the fresh strawberries.”

While other chain restaurants typically offer two types of salad greens – iceberg and romaine – Wendy’s Garden Sensations® Salads offer a bed of 11 freshly-chopped greens. The Berry Almond Chicken Salad features fresh, tangy, plump blueberries; fresh California strawberries; California almonds roasted with sea salt; shaved Asiago cheese; and a warm grilled chicken breast. Topping it off is delicious yet fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing, including the nutrient-rich juice of the acai berry.

The Berry Almond Chicken Salad follows in the footsteps of four savory Garden Sensations Salads – Apple Pecan Chicken, Baja, BLT Cobb and Spicy Chicken Caesar -- that have bolstered Wendy’s salad unit sales by 60 percent over last year.

Super-Foods and Super Flavor

A full-sized Berry Almond Chicken Salad boasts a complete, one-cup serving of fruit. The salad’s ripe strawberries and blueberries pack a powerful punch, as both are an excellent source of vitamin C. The flavorful berries are rich in antioxidants, which research suggests promote health and prevent disease. Berries also provide anthocyanins, which are unique antioxidants that give them their red and blue hues.

As an added bonus, Wendy’s now offers an old-fashioned summertime favorite that perfectly complements its new seasonal salad: All-Natural Lemonade. Made with just three ingredients – premium lemons, cane sugar and water – Wendy’s All-Natural Lemonade has no preservatives.

“Our research and taste testing reveal that consumers crave fresh ingredients and new, zesty flavors that they can’t find in other fast-food restaurants,” added Calwell. “That’s why we’re sure they’ll enjoy our Berry Almond Chicken Salad and a refreshing cup of Wendy’s All-Natural Lemonade all summer long.”

Wendy’s new Berry Almond Chicken Salad is available at participating locations in both entrée ($6.49, or $5.29 without chicken) and half sizes ($4.49, or $3.89 without chicken).

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