Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dream Foods International has a Low Calorie, No Mess Dressing for all Your Summer Salads

What makes a great salad? Well that depends on who you talk to these days. With such a vast array of salad fixings and dressings available some of which offer a great taste but come with a high calorie, high salt count found in many of the processed dressings.

A typical American salad consists of an iceberg lettuce wedge and sliced tomatoes drenched in the usual vinaigrette or ranch dressing. How about a spicy arugula salad with shaved parmesan, fresh tarragon, chives topped with fresh minced garlic, ground black pepper, olive oil and a healthy squeeze of lemon juice?

With Volcano Lemon Burst and Volcano Lime Burst’s ( “fresh-pressed” bottles close at hand these two products provide the perfect low calorie alternative to dressing summer salads. Made from organic lemons and limes each bottle contains a burst of fresh citrus with the juice being Not-From-Concentrate and served in handy, no mess, and user-friendly containers. Volcano Lemon Burst and Volcano Lime Burst is free of any strong-tasting preservatives, which is what consumers have been disappointed with in similar products. Each squeeze of the bottle releases the fresh scent and flavor of a natural lemon or lime without all the seeds and pulp. Lemon juice in the Volcano Lemon Burst comes from fruit grown on family farmslocated on the northerncoast of Sicily in Italy. And the limes in the Volcano Lime Burst come from a single supplier in Mexico and are shipped to Italy for bottling.

What gives both of these diverse products that “fresh-pressed” taste and smell is the fact that they are made from 100% organic juices and are fitted with a revolutionary cap which includes the essential oils of the lemon and lime fruit and is released with the juice when squeezing the bottle. The innovative cap has put the Volcano Lemon Burst and Volcano Lime Burst ahead of the competition. “Every squeeze of the bottle includes the essential oil of the lemon or lime, which gives great fresh-squeezed taste and smell, overcoming consumers’ historically low expectations for this category,” said company founder Adriana Kahane. These "fresh-pressed” squeeze juices give your summer salads that zesty fresh taste without the calories of most other dressings.

About Dream Foods International

Dream Foods International, distributes a super premium, organic, kosher, not from concentrate citrus juice line which includes their bestselling Volcano Lemon Burst and Volcano Lime Burst. The Santa Monica-based company continues to broaden its distribution in the United States and Canada and their products are available in chains like Winn-Dixie, Kroger’s, Vons, Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Fresh and Easy, Safeway Canada, Thrifty Foods Canada and Save-On-Foods Canada.

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