Monday, May 2, 2011

Revitalize & Hydrate Yourself Naturally ANYTIME with ReVyte Effervescent Tablets

ReVyte ( is the revolutionary revitalization product that helps you revitalize yourself with a unique blend of natural ingredients designed to fight fatigue and awaken your zest for life.

ReVyte naturally replenishes your lost nutrients by revitalizing and hydrating your body so you can be your best anytime, day or night.

ReVyte is a sugar-free effervescent vitamin dietary supplement tablet using only pharmaceutical Grade “A” FDA approved ingredients. The effervescent tablet easily dissolves in water and with its quick absorption qualities – your pep is back in your step in no time! Packed with vitamins, nutrients and minerals, ReVyte is the ideal and most effective way to replenish the lost nutrients caused by dehydration after a long workday, a big meal, a late night out or a draining day with the kids.

Dehydration is something nobody thinks or talks about…but takes a hard toll on your body! But with the help of pleasant-tasting ReVyte, your body will be well hydrated, naturally energetic and ready to handle all of life’s challenges.

This is NOT an energy drink and does not include any harsh chemicals that could shock your body. With ReVyte, there are no buzzing highs, no crashing lows – just a lasting feeling of being your Best-Self.

About Effervescent Technology

Medical doctors, practitioners, nutritionists and scientists overwhelmingly believe that ReVyte’s effervescent technology provides you with the fastest delivery and the quickest absorption rate of any method used in the production of over-the-counter digestible oral supplements.

About Pillar Rock USA Corporations

Pillar Rock USA Corporation, based in Long Island, N.Y., is a nutraceutical company that specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of over-the-counter effervescent vitamin dietary supplement tablets. The company is committed to deliveringhealthy and effective effervescent based supplements by using pharmaceutical Grade “A”, FDA approved ingredients, manufactured and packaged in inspected and approved FDA facilities in the United States of America. Visit for more information.

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