Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sommelier Society of America Endorses Cork Wine Closures

The Sommelier Society of America, the nation’s oldest and foremost professional wine teaching institution, and 100% Cork, the campaign to educate the public about the environmental, economic and social benefits of natural cork, today jointly announced that the Society has endorsed natural cork as the preferred closure for wine.

“As a sommelier I know there is nothing that can replace the pleasure of hearing the iconic ‘pop’ when you extract a natural cork from a bottle of wine,” said Robert Moody, the Society’s chairman. “Natural cork plays such a distinctive role in the preservation and presentation of wine. It is an integral part of the romance of wine, and it remains the gold standard for wine closures.”

Moody noted that natural cork is the ideal closure for preserving wine. “It allows just the right amount of oxygen to mix with the wine over time so that it ages properly, and it provides a durable and reliable seal. The environmental advantage that natural cork has over alternative closures, especially when it comes to sustainability, is the icing on the cake.”

Commenting on the Society’s endorsement, Peter Weber, executive director of the Cork Quality Council, a sponsor of 100% Cork, stated: “The Society is one of the world’s most respected professional associations when it comes to understanding and appreciating wine and wine closures. This endorsement represents a major milestone in our campaign and we look forward to working with the Society to continue our outreach to wine drinkers.”

About the Sommelier Society of America

The Sommelier Society of America is the nation’s oldest wine teaching organization. Founded in 1954, it is committed to making the enjoyment and appreciation of wine an option for everyone, from passionate consumers, oenophiles, as well as industry professionals. The Society is located in New York City where it hosts its flagship Twenty-One Week Certificate Course, as well as other events.

About 100% Cork

100% Cork is a campaign to educate U.S. wine consumers about the benefits of choosing wine with natural cork stoppers because of cork’s environmental, technical and societal advantages. The campaign seeks to recruit and organize wine consumers to request that winemakers and retailers choose natural cork over artificial stoppers. The campaign is funded by the Portuguese Cork Association and the Cork Quality Council. (100percentcork.org)

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