Monday, May 2, 2011

Father and Son Water Duo Make a Splash

Icelandic Glacial is bottled at the source from the legendary Ölfus Spring, to provide customers around the world with a product of the very highest quality and exceptional purity, boasting a Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) level of 62 mg/l.

You can be sure that the first time this water comes into contact with open air is when you break the seal on your bottle and nothing is ever added in or taken out.

Founded by the father son duo, Jon and Christian Olafsson, Icelandic Gacial has exceeded their expectiations for new funding and is already seeing a significant boost in sales. The company reported that it had closed its current funding round at $10.2 million in new equity, which is more than $2m higher than the $8m reported in November of last year. In addition to significantly surpassing funding goals in 2010, the first quarter of 2011 has also exceeded expectations in sales for Icelandic Glacial. The company has seen an 80% boost in sales for 2011 thus far, driven in part by the nationwide listing of Icelandic Glacial in US convenience retailer Circle K, as well as steady growth within existing landmark retailers such as Hilton Hotels and Walgreens. Meanwhile Icelandic Glacial also increased its global reach with new distribution through ID Foods in Canada and the company’s first sales in China.

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