Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sea Best Seafood Launches New Website

Sea Best, a Beaver Street Fisheries brand which provides frozen seafood and shellfish to grocery stores and restaurants coast to coast, has launched a new website. Seabest.com aims to attract and educate everyone, even those unfamiliar with seafood, about the unique benefits and proper preparation of seafood. The site features a number of elements designed specifically to respond to current perceptions surrounding frozen seafood including: enticing photography of prepared Sea Best seafood, chef-developed recipes exclusively for Sea Best products, a series of instructional videos on seafood cooking methods, a “Seafood 101” section discussing important health benefits, and special promotions and offers.

Visitors to the website will find the Sea Best story which details the history of this family business and their longstanding commitment to quality. To support this, visitors will see an accompanying rotating slideshow of Sea Best products, recipes and commercial fishing imagery to remind them that Sea Best products are frozen at their freshest, right when they’re caught

The website will launch with over 50 recipes which have been crafted by a renowned culinary team exclusively for Sea Best products. Recipes address a variety of shopper need states and include meals for a broad range of cuisines, occasions, courses, cooking expertise, prep time and ages. There are recipes that will help people feel confident preparing virtually every Sea Best product.

Sea Best’s goal of educating visitors on all aspects of the seafood category is achieved in the Seafood 101 section of the website. Topics covered include factual information regarding the importance of incorporating seafood into a weekly diet, nutritional content and the value of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to health information, this section also aims to make visitors more familiar and comfortable with the seafood category. Visitors will find flavor profiles, step-by-step preparation instructions and a series of how-to-cook videos on everything from breaded shrimp, scallops, calamari and clam strips to ahi tuna, catfish, cod, mahi mahi and tilapia.

To encourage visitors to get acquainted with the brand, the website will also periodically feature special promotions and coupons available for download.

In addition to the new website, Sea Best has updated the design of all its packaging and included recipes and food pairings. The package redesign communicates the fact that Sea Best is seafood frozen at its freshest so it delivers the flavor and quality of fresh seafood.

“Sea Best has a long history of providing high-quality frozen seafood from around the world,” said Mark Frisch, the company’s executive vice president and grandson of its co-founder. “An updated look will help draw shoppers to the frozen food case.”

As Americans seek more choices for protein and learn more the benefits of incorporating fish into their diet, Sea Best is taking every opportunity to broaden its appeal. Sea Best offers restaurant-quality seafood with home-cooked from frozen convenience.

About Sea Best

Sea Best is the flagship brand of Beaver Street Fisheries Inc., a family-owned and operated company started 60 years ago in a storefront on West Beaver Street in Jacksonville, Fla. The brand offers a full line of frozen fish fillets including premium varieties (ahi tuna, mahi mahi, grouper, snapper), value varieties (cod, catfish, whiting), breaded seafood (shrimp, calamari, scallops) and un-breaded shellfish (lobster, crab). The company reported $480 million in revenue in 2009, making it the eighth-largest seafood importer and distributor in North America. Some 400 people work at the Beaver Street facility in Jacksonville and at a separate operation in the Bahamas.

For more information, visit seabest.com.

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