Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kusmi Tea Introduces Newest Blend: BOOST

Kusmi Tea of Paris, a brand known for its traditional Russian style teas for the last 140 years, introduces BOOST, their newest blend for the holiday season. A surprising blend that naturally stimulates body and mind, BOOST reawakens the tea addict's taste buds. Completing its wellness line (already consisting of Detox, Be Cool and Sweet Love), BOOST is an energizing and all-natural recipe composed of mate, green tea and spices.

Kusmi has created BOOST to lift energy levels first thing in the morning, get drinker's going again after a heavy meal or keep concentration levels up all day long. Combining the properties of mate, green tea and spices, BOOST is the perfect tea to fortify the body throughout the day, refueling it with the energy it needs. BOOST is the ideal blend for anyone with a busy lifestyle, and fans of natural products can use it as a “cure treatment” to regain well-being and energy in a delightful, tasty way.

Consumed for thousands of years by the native Indians of Brazil and Paraguay, mate only arrived in Europe in the 16th century brought by Spanish explorers. According to legend, the Indians prepared an uplifting fusion of leaves able to dispel fatigue. Used later as a “potion” by South African miners and high-altitude porters for its “anti-fatigue” effects, this traditional, energizing drink draws its stimulating powers from mateine, which has similar properties to caffeine. (Caffeine, present in green tea and recognized for its revitalizing properties, is a powerful nervous system stimulant. It is gradually diffused in the body and therefore allows you to stay alert and focused longer. Tannins, more concentrated in green tea than black tea, lessen the negative effects sometimes associated with caffeine such as nervousness and insomnia.) Unanimously recognized in Latin American tradition for its ability to combat physical and mental fatigue, mate is also used in traditional medicine to treat headaches, fatigue and rheumatism.

BOOST combines mate and Chinese green tea. Rich in flavonoids, green tea promotes the body's vitamin C absorption. Therefore, drinking green tea during the day allows the body to draw maximum benefits from the Vitamin C naturally present in food consumed throughout the day.

A blend of naturally energizing and revitalizing spices adds the finishing touch to the recipe: cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, for a warming, powerful taste. Considered a stimulating remedy in Greek and Roman phytotherapy, cinnamon allows energy to “flow freely throughout the body” according to aromatherapy. Cinnamon bark is also reputed to sooth mental fatigue and improve concentration. The beneficial properties of ginger are combined with cinnamon's qualities. Renowned for its stimulating and revitalizing assets, medieval pharmacists praised ginger as an invigorating plant. Cardamom completes the delicious blend of this spiced tea. Widely used in ayurvedic medicine, this plant is recognized for its uplifting effects.

About Kusmi Tea
Founded in 1867 in St. Petersburg, Kusmi Tea was brought over to Paris in 1917. Over the past 140 years, they have perfected the art of blending unique teas distinguished by their exceptional flavor, aroma and quality. Kusmi Tea blends the finest natural ingredients from around the world, making each tea distinct. Invigorating to all senses, each aspect is glorified by master blenders at Kusmi, ensuring the smallest detail is never overlooked.

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