Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wild Sockeye Salmon to your Door in Less than 24 Hours

Sometimes running all over town from the specialty food store to the wholesale club, and then making one last stop at the regular grocery store to pull together all the ingredients for a menu can not only be exhausting, but take hours.

If you’re often scrambling to take care of last minute details for a dinner party and it becomes more stressful than fun, consider skipping the errands and having delicious ingredients delivered from directly to your doorstep—in most cases less than 24 hours after the order is placed.

“We can’t help you get your house clean or the kids to bed early,” laughed Justin Marx, CEO of, “But, we can save you a ton of time by delivering really amazing food on short notice. And we’re confident that our products will be the star of your meal.”

Regardless of if you’re planning to make wild salmon, Kobe beef tenderloin or something more unique along the lines of ostrich, rabbit, or geoduck, has the hard-to-find, delicious, high quality ingredients you’re looking for. is ideal for people who live outside of urban areas, but appreciate hard-to-find food. By ordering online, home cooks, who normally would have to travel several hours to access whole or specialty food stores, can have items such as grass-fed beef, grain-fed veal and fresh seafood delivered directly.

“When in a cooking rut, is also a great place to find inspiration,” said Katy Springer, General Manager. “When looking for unique items for my wedding, I decided to serve my guests Wild Boar with Cremini and Portabello Pansotti for dinner—I think this dish will far exceed typical wedding fare.”

For home cooks who enjoy trying to recreate meals they’ve had at a favorite restaurant, this is the place to find the exact items restaurants purchase. After all, is a division of a high end restaurant distributor. From osso bucco to lobster-filled ravioli, gives consumers access to items traditionally only distributed to restaurants.

Here are a few menu ideas:

Appetizer: With local Washington farmstead cheese; beautifully, hand-crafted 3x 4-inch “Maximus” ravioli filled with braised short ribs, roasted peppers or asparagus; or wild game sausage simply skewered with figs or fresh fruit, the first course can be effortless.

Salad: Miner’s lettuce, stinging nettles or seabeans will bring a salad to the next level. These flavorful greens will only need to be simply dressed with Camelina seed oil and balsamic vinegar.

Soup: A fresh healthy watercress soup, warming porcini mushroom bisque finished off with truffle oil, or Kombu enhanced stock will have dinner guests slurping up every last drop.

Main: The possibilities will cater to whatever delicacies you’re in the mood for—fresh seafood, shellfish, wild game, specialty meat, game birds, sausage, or Artisanal pasta.

Side: Morel mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns or multi-colored pasta will make stunning side dishes.

Dessert: Wild huckleberries are a refreshing way to end a large meal and have numerous applications including pie, cobble or even milk shakes for a fun summer dessert. Strawberries marinated in aged balsamic vinegar are an elegant way to top vanilla ice cream. caters to carnivores, vegetarians, raw food eaters, people who care about animal husbandry, and everyone in between.

Marx, headquartered in Seattle, Wash. is an online specialty food company dedicated to bringing the highest quality epicurean products directly to the consumer’s doorstep. For a decade, it has been selling to white tablecloth restaurants nationwide. Items now available to consumers include a variety of truffles, truffle products, fresh wild mushrooms, Artisanal ravioli, game meat, grass-fed beef & veal, sausage, game birds, seafood, sea vegetables, wild produce, oils, grains, seeds, and eco-friendly palm leaf dinnerware. To ensure freshness, most products are shipped via Federal Express overnight.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, special requests are welcome by calling (866) 588-MARX (6279). Not sure what to buy the food lover in your life? Gift certificates are available.

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