Thursday, May 1, 2008

Right Gin Preps for L.A. Miami and London

What do you get when a brand new Gin is created by a person that hates the taste of Gin? The Perfect Gin!

Right Gin will expand its distribution to Los Angeles, Miami, and London in May and June. The Swedish brand is currently available in Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, San Francisco, and Orange County.

Right Gin was created by W. L. Lyons Brown, is a descendant of the family that owns the legendary Brown-Forman Corporation where he spent 17 years marketing Jack Daniel’s and Southern Comfort. He then left to start his own company Altamar Brands, focused on developing luxury spirits brands. Brown hated the taste of gin and made it his mission to perfect this classic spirit to make it appeal to today’s generation. He traveled all over the world for three years to fix this problem and find the perfect ingredients in order to formulate the perfect gin. The result is a spirit that keeps the classic ingredients of gin but without the bitter, pine, and oily after-taste the gins on the market have. This brand is truly revolutionary in that its mixability affords consumers more tasty cocktail options, but it also tastes great on its own!

Right Gin celebrated its initial launch by sponsoring Gwen Stefani’s after-concert party at The Palms in Las Vegas. Right Gin subsequently became a fixture at the tables of celebrities such as Gavin Rossdale, Paris Hilton, Tommy Lee, Nicky Hilton, Luke Wilson, Nicollette Sheridan, Taryn Manning, George Clooney, Joey Fatone, Drew Lachey, Adrien Grenier, Dave Navarro, and Anthony Keidis. Right’s presence and popularity with tastemakers and celebrities at the hottest music/art/fashion & pop culture events has catapulted Right Gin to a place that transcends other luxury white spirits brands in its category.

“There is a Right Way…to do everything’’ says Brown. “There is a right way to live, to give, to treat a woman, to say thank you and… to make a tasty martini. So, we will place Right Gin at the center of a communication and activity platform that supports this notion.”

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