Tuesday, May 20, 2008

VE2 Energy Gum

Created by an emergency room doctor, VE2 Energy Gum makes its debut today among a crowd of 15,000 confectionary and snack professionals gathered in Chicago for the industry's annual North American trade show, the All Candy Expo, running from May 20 - May 22.

"As an ER doc, I work crazy hours yet have to stay sharp, so I can appreciate the need for a quick boost," said VE2 co-founder, Andres Sasson, M.D. "Two years ago, a friend and I decided to develop something more convenient and less expensive than energy drinks. I wanted something that fit in my lab coat pocket, didn't need to be refrigerated and didn't make me need to find a bathroom 10 minutes later." A rigorous research and development process yielded VE2 Energy Gum.

Because caffeine is absorbed rapidly through your oral membranes, VE2 delivers energy more rapidly than energy drinks, which are eventually absorbed only after passing through the stomach. And VE2 is also crammed with energy-sustaining ingredients like vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, ginseng and guarana, giving you increased alertness and endurance without the "crash" of other energy products.

Two pieces of gum are roughly equal to one 8-oz. energy drink or one cup of coffee. With a suggested retail price of $1.69 for a 10-piece package, a pack of VE2 Energy Gum costs less than a single energy drink, yet that one pack has the equivalent of 5 energy drinks in it. Plus, VE2 is great-tasting, sugarless and gives you minty fresh breath.

"We also want to be green," adds co-founder John Katsoulis, MBA, referring to VE2's environmental consciousness. "Conventional gum packaging generates lots of trash, but our innovative packaging does away with the paper sleeve and therefore saves trees." This revolutionary package demonstrates how VE2 Laboratories thinks outside the box.

This innovative gum is so good, it is expected to be a trendsetter that explodes its category. VE2 Energy Gum is the perfect pick-me-up when you're partying late, working hard or playing sports – or any time you need a boost. Throw some in your pocket, purse, glove compartment or desk – so you're always sharp when you need to be.

Do you VE2? Find out more information at www.ve2energy.com.

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