Tuesday, May 6, 2008

onfections From Maison Francis Miot Coming to Fancy Food Show

The Maison Francis Miot has been at the forefront in gourmet confectionary arts for more than 20 years. Its simmered-fruit jams, award-winning confections, and delicate French chocolates all set the Maison Francis Miot as one of the top firms in the traditional “gourmandise” area. The company will be showcasing its line of sucrose-free jams and the “French Lovers” candies at the 54th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York from June 29 to July 1 at the Sopexa French pavilion at booth 2310.

Since 1987, Miot has built its name on creative and passionate jam-making. The culmination of the last two decades brings a top-quality line of natural fruits jams and preserves to the forefront of the business. The line without added sugar has 15 flavors made from fresh fruits rigorously selected for their flavors and cooking qualities. They are picked at the peak of their maturity before being frozen or canned, so each jam retains the full quality and benefits of the fruit. The flavors include Apricot, Black Cherry, Exotic Passion (apricot, mango, passion fruit), King’s Favorite (peach, raspberry), Lime-Kiwi, Mountain Orange, Peach-Pear, Strawberry, and many more. Each jar is prepared with 75 % of fruit in each 230-g (8.1-oz.) jar.

The line with natural sugar cane has 29 flavors to choose from, and is packaged in 210 g (7.4 oz.) jars. These jams are made with 55-60 % of fruit in each jar, depending on the flavor. The “Confiture de Noël” (Christmas Jam) from this line received a Blue Ribbon award at the Europain & Intersuc 2008 trade show. The Confiture de Noël is made with figs, apricots, oranges, grapes, almonds and rum.

A specialty of Pau, the main city of the Béarn region in southwest France, the candy known as the “French Lovers,” or by their original French name, les Coucougnettes, is Miot’s tribute to the French gourmand King, Henry IV, who was well-known for his 57 mistresses and 24 children. Each of these delectable, bite-sized candies includes a chocolate-coated grilled almond wrapped in raspberry, sugar-cane, and ginger-flavored marzipan, and then rolled in crystallized white cane sugar. The French Lovers received the best candy award at the 1999 Intersuc confectionary and gourmet foods trade show in Paris. The candy is available through its American distributor GMP Holdings Inc. by calling +1 (800) 721-4778 or visiting www.gmpholdingsinc.com.

Miot ensures outstanding product quality at an international level. The production is entirely hand-made. For instance, the “French Lovers” are individually hand-rolled. The company’s quality-control department regularly tests the full range of products for taste and appearance.

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