Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vegetarian Alernatives for Summer Grilling

Guess who’s coming to your summer BBQ this year? Over five million vegetarians, that’s who! According to a Zogby poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, over 2.5% of North Americans (about 5 million people) now classify themselves as “true vegetarians."

How about a look into some vegetarian alternatives for this year’s grilling season? If you’re interested, please keep in mind Tofurky Franks, Sausages and SuperBurgers.

Tofurky recently introduced their “Foot Long” Veggie Dog - the longest vegetarian hot dog available – measuring up just under 11 inches and weighing in at a full 3.5 ounces. With a firm, meaty texture and rich poultry style taste, the Tofurky Franks come available in Original and Chipotle flavor, are made with a blend of organic tofu and expeller pressed, nonhexane extracted soy protein isolates and concentrates, and perfect for sizzling on the grill!

Also keep in mind Tofurky’s sausages, available in Kielbasa, Beer Brats and Sweet Italian with Tomato and Basil (recipe ideas here), or their SuperBurgers in Original and TexMex flavors.
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