Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Return of the Green Fairy!

Like a liquid superhero, the Green Fairy has returned to Greater Cincinnati. Absinthe, the legendary libation of the Belle Époque, Impressionist paintings, and Parisian dens of iniquity, is again legal in America. Kübler Absinthe is set to hit the shelves of The Party Source Thursday, May 15th, with absinthes from France and even from craft distillers across America following soon after that.

Absinthes are drunk with great ceremony, slowly diluted with water dripping through a sugar cube, which turns the spirit cloudy. The flavor is…well, first of all, you have to like licorice. But once you’re a licorice lover, expect a profusion of subtle herb and spice hints. Fine absinthe is one of the greatest liqueurs ever, and an amazing drink. With all these great new—and legal—absinthes, life in Cincinnati just got a lot greener.

Experience it for yourself Wednesday, May 15th at EQ the cooking school @ The Party Source.
Free No Registration Required 6-8PM

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