Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Playful Life" Teaches Kids More Than Just Cooking

When it comes to kids cooking
kits, there is certainly no shortage of products on the market.
But until now none of them have been designed to help parents
incorporate important social skills and practices in the mix.
Playful Life Inc. has now launched a unique line of products and
tools that help provide kids & parents with fun, educational
opportunities in the kitchen

PLAYFUL CHEF COOKING KITS - These kits prove that encouraging
kids to eat healthy food can be fun and easy. Playful Chef
cooking kits help teach children all of the amazing lessons
that cooking has to offer: nutrition, hygiene, science, math,
teamwork, and motor skills. The Playful "Parent Instruction"
recipe cards provide just the right words and steps to walk a
child through a culinary education while creating memorable
quality time together. Playful Chef Kits are available for kids
ages 3 to 5 and 6 and older. The kits includes six educational
and entertaining recipes cards, an apron & backpack, mixing
bowl, baking pan and up to ten kid-sized kitchen tools. All of
these tools make a much more complete system than any other
cooking kit out on the market. All Playful products have been
FDA & toy tested for safety. Recipes range from Chicken Nuggets
to Pita Pizza to Chocolate Lava Cake and more. $39! .99

PLAYFUL CHEF COOKBOOK - The Playful Chef Cookbook is a great
stand-alone product for families or a perfect addition to the
Playful Chef Cooking Kit. All of the 33 recipes are written in
the same format as those included in the Playful Chef Cooking
kit. Color-coding to cups and spoons, shopping list, prepping,
ten illustrated steps - all there. The spiral bound, laminated
covered cookbook includes recipes ranging from appetizers,
salads, entrees and even pet treats - all geared towards healthy
eating. Every chapter also includes an important life skill
needed in the kitchen such as "How to Crack an Egg" and
"Shopping for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables". $18.95

PLAYFUL PLAY DATE - Playful Play Date outlines what children can
learn at each age and outfits parents with easy interactive
activities that create meaningful memories while building social
skills and self-confidence. Playful Play Date is an easy to use
planner for parents and children to work on together to learn
how to execute a successful play date for both the host and the
guest. Featuring eleven parent instructional pages: What to
Expect & What to Say, and 33 ready-to-go kid activities: games,
art projects, discussion lists and two tear-out play-sheets for
each activity. A CD of kid activities is also included. $18.95

PLAYFUL PARTY PLANNER - Let kids be involved in the planning
and hosting of their party. A successful party host needs
imaginative ideas, a talent for talking to people, and
outstanding organizational skills. The Playful Party Planner
will help children channel their creative genius, inner
socialite, and list lover. They will be able to design,
coordinate, and execute the perfect celebration in no time. The
Playful Party Planner includes five tear-out lists for every
party-planning step, easy to follow 10-step process, and a CD
Rom of party lists. Some chapters include: How to be creative:
party themes and decorations and music, How to be socially
skilled: being a good host and guest, guest list and
invitations, activities, thank you notes, etc. $18.95

The entire Playful Life product line is in stores nationally and
on the website. For a listing of retail venues go to:

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