Monday, May 5, 2008

Fully Loaded Tea: Winner of the 2008 Superior Taste Award

FullyLoadedTea (FLT) is proud to announce their recent win by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), recognizing the luxury tea company with the Superior Taste Award for two of their popular blends – Shameless Berries Fruit Tea and Goji Force Green Tea.

The iTQi is the world’s leading organization dedicated to judging, honouring and promoting superior tasting food and beverage products with juries composed of famous European Chefs, beverage experts and Sommeliers. The Superior Taste Award, granted by iTQi, provides manufacturers, dealers and retailers with an extra dimension to communicate their products superiority, while helping to increase sales.

“We are absolutely honoured to have received the Superior Taste Award by the iTQi,” said Katya Popoff, co-founder and co-president, FLT. “It is a wonderful feeling to know that two of our favoured tea blends have been recognized by iTQi Chefs and Sommerliers, an international team unanimously respected for their expertise. We are extremely proud that FLT’s product has received the most credible reference in terms of good taste and overall quality.”

The first of its kind in North America to incorporate actual whole berries harvested from around the globe, FullyLoadedTea’s eight bold flavours are as delicious as they are healthy - and with names like Tomato Rebel Black Tea and Bulletproof Currant Fruit Tea, the drinking experience promises to be as memorable as the names in which they were christened.

The iTQi evaluates submitted products on their individual tasting merits, awarding one star (good tasting), two star (remarkable) and three star (exceptional). FLT’s two award-winning blends were recognized with one star.

The usage of the award label is licensed for a period of three years, communicating about FLT’s products and the company’s success. Synonymous with superior quality and excellence, the iTQi award brings immediate attention and differentiation amongst the vast choice of marketed products and reassures consumers in their buying decision.

About FullyLoadedTea
A truly modern drink company, FullyLoadedTea takes exotic berries full of vitamins and antioxidants and blends them with premium whole leaf green, black, and white teas to create eight delicious and energizing gourmet concoctions. Siberian natives and tea lovers, sisters Katya Popoff and Olga Lenova, founded the young, modern tea company. Found in a number of fine food stores and gourmet tea and coffee shops across North America, every FullyLoadedTea brew is also available for purchase online at

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