Monday, September 10, 2007

Stiletto Vodka to Debut 9-18-07 at Emeril's

On September 18, 2007 at Emeril’s NOLA Restaurant in the historic New Orleans French Quarter, super-premium Stiletto Vodka will make its debut among some of the most illustrious names in the spirits and culinary industry. Master Sommelier, Master of Wine and Author Doug Frost, Tales of the Cocktail founder Ann Rogers and Kansas City chocolatier Christopher Elbow all will attend the black-tie launch event.

�We’ve assembled a group of very talented bartenders from around the country, including New Orleans’ own Lu Brow of the Swizzle Stick Bar,” said Doug Frost. “The guests at NOLA Restaurant will see some great mixologists practice their craft at the debut, and, better yet, taste cocktails made from one of the world’s great vodkas.�

Stiletto Vodka, a super-premium vodka made from the finest Russian wheat and pure Artesian spring water, is available in its original version as well as in natural flavors including chocolate, vanilla and mint. Imported from Kyrgyzstan, Stiletto Vodka is distilled six times and filtered five times by Master Distiller Vladimir Stepanovich.

“We are proud and honored to debut Stiletto Vodka in New Orleans among some of the best in the spirits and culinary industries,” said Teresa Glidewell, co-founder and spokesperson of Stiletto Brands, L.L.C. “Since New Orleans is our company’s home base, it made sense to introduce Stiletto to the New Orleans community first. We are certain New Orleanians, along with the rest of the country, will fall in love with her.”

Chocolatier Christopher Elbow is using Stiletto super-premium vodkas to create delicious signature chocolates that will be given to attendees of the event as well as sent to celebrity chocolate fans such as Oprah Winfrey.

A supporter of social responsibility, Stiletto Brands, L.L.C. donates a portion of the sales from each bottle it sells to charities in which it believes. For each bottle of original Stiletto Vodka sold the company will donate $.25 to support breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen foundation, and $.25 from the sale of each bottle of the flavored vodkas will support children through The Emeril Lagasse Foundation.

“Stiletto Brands, L.L.C. is unique. We are one of the first woman-owned spirits companies, we have a brand personality unlike any other brand in the market, and we have a strong sense of responsibility to our communities,” Glidewell added. “We are proud of the corporate culture we’ve created. To use an old cliché, we’re more than just a pretty face.”

Gemini Spirits & Wine Company, an affiliate of the Sazerac Company, will manage the importation and national distribution of Stiletto Brands’ products.

About Stiletto Brands, L.L.C.
Established in 2007, Stiletto Brands, L.L.C. is a woman-owned super-premium spirits importer that donates a portion of sales proceeds to charities and foundations supporting women’s and children’s causes. Made from the finest Russian wheat and pure artesian spring water, Stiletto is seductively smooth. Stiletto Vodka is also available in natural flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and mint.

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