Friday, September 28, 2007

Outdoorchef's City Grill Hits the States

Advanced Outdoor Concepts, distributors of the world's finest outdoor cooking systems, announced today the U.S. unveiling of Outdoorchef's City Grill. The City Grill is the world's most compact gas kettle barbecue, featuring a unique interior flip funnel that allows for healthy and versatile outdoor cooking. Thanks to its simple but ingenious modification to the well known gas kettle barbecue design, the City Grill has all but eliminated smoke and flare-ups from outdoor barbecuing - making it possible to enjoy the outdoors lifestyle and flavor, even on smaller apartment balconies.

The City Grill's interior funnel flips, giving users two cooking options; with the funnel flipped upwards for indirect barbecuing, grilling and baking that allows heat from the gas burner to rise so that it is distributed evenly on all sides; or with the funnel turned downwards in the Volcano position for grilling at very high temperatures or with a cast-iron griddle. It is incredibly versatile, as it can cook everything from sausages, hamburgers and hot dogs to vegetarian dishes, desserts, roast beef, fish, steaks and poultry - even an Indonesian rice dish.

Its unique design virtually eliminates smoke, making it perfect for even the smallest of apartment balconies. It is the only barbecue that reduces flare-ups 100 percent. A carrying bag, which can be used as a protective cover, makes transport easy, while the included portable and quad pod upright stands give the City Grill added versatility.

"Word of mouth has brought the City Grill great notoriety abroad, and we expect the same buzz in the United States," stated Chris Holloway, president of Advanced Outdoor Concepts. "It is a perfect addition to the Advanced Outdoor Concepts product roster. We anticipate an overwhelming demand for the Outdoorchef family of products," Holloway added.

The City Grill is one in Outdoorchef's complete line of quality barbecues. As a company, Outdoorchef is recognized for its products' innovative technology, superior design and well thought out detail solutions that make grilling an uncomplicated and comfortable experience. The company's Ascona model has been recognized by the American Academy of Taste with a "Chef of America Award," and the new Paris model recently received a bronze prize for product innovation at the SPOGA International Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany. Outdoorchef also features a variety of accessories to enhance their grills' versatility.

The City Grill retails for $199.00 and will be sold exclusively through Advanced Outdoor Concepts and its authorized resellers. For more information on the City Grill and the entire Outdoorchef line, please visit

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