Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Food Cubers

It's a unique new kitchen tool with the
perfect combination of "gadget" and "storage." FoodCuber is an
innovative and simple way to pre-portion and store food in one
easy step. FoodCubers are cubing trays that let you store food
in the portions you use most often -- namely 1/4 cup to 2 cups.

"There really aren't any other one-step 'portion and store'
systems like it in the market," says FoodCuber Inventor and
President Lisa Brock. " Of the few options on the market, they
either only offer tiny portions for newborn baby food or they
lack multiple compartments allowing you to create and store
multiple portions in such a simple way." In recent years, bulk
packaging and family-sized portions have given way to the single
serving and "let-everyone-have-just-what-they-want" mindset.
That and our country's burgeoning obesity problem have put
portion control at the forefront for many consumers.

FoodCuber's patent pending trays allows for creation of
recipe-ready portions of favorite foods. Simply prepare food for
storage, fill the "cubes", pop on a lid and store in the
freezer, fridge or cupboard. Each tray is designed with a "fill"
and "half-fill" line to give you two useful, easy-to-view
measurements per tray. There are currently three sizes of
FoodCuber trays available - 1/2 cup, 1 cup and 2 cup. Each tray
is similar in dimension to a standard ice cube tray and each
holds a total of 32 oz of food. The FoodCuber includes an extra
deep-grooved lid and heavyweight polypropylene that ensures an
air and odor-tight seal to keep food fresher. The lids are fully
interchangeable and both trays and lids are freezer and
dishwasher safe.

The FoodCuber is ideal for many uses, including:

"Understanding what a healthy portion is and having a tool to
help us quickly and easily keep our portions reasonable fits in
with our desire to get back to eating right," says Brock. "In
addition to helping us make more efficient use of our time in
the kitchen, FoodCubers are ready to help us all get a grip on
what a portion size should be."

Unlike many other plastic food-related products, FoodCubers are
manufactured in the United States. So there are no concerns with
sub-standard or even harmful manufacturing from overseas such as
those that have been in the news in recent weeks.

FoodCubers sell for $7.49 for one tray or as a set of each of
the three trays for $19.95. They are available online at
www.foodcuber.com and through a growing number of retailers who
can be found under the Store Locator link online.

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