Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Kosher Billionaire's Secret Recipe

Kosher food has gotten a makeover - it's not only for Jewish people anymore, and it's no longer your grandparents kosher food - it can be healthy, tasty, gourmet, invigorating - even romantic.

The new book, The Kosher Billionaire's Secret Recipe (Beyond Words, October 2007) by Stacy Cohen, offers an enticing glimpse into the nuveau Kosher lifestyle, with over 50 mouthwatering recipes from a dozen different nations and cultures - that observe all the kosher laws. The book also shares the experiences of a kosher billionaire and contains captivating stories of her global jet setting, beautiful photos that highlight her glamorous lifestyle, and recipes that'll have you saying, I can't believe it's Kosher!

Cohen is a billionaire philanthropist, lifestyle guru, actress (formerly a guest star on Baywatch and a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno), and more. Stacy has married a kosher diet with glamorous foods from around the world, and says "You can enjoy luscious foods and wines, and all of the things you love, while staying healthy, spiritual, and maintaining or even losing weight." It describes how she discovered a Kosher lifestyle that changed her life, and it shares gourmet recipes that she has discovered while jet setting around the world from Paris to Japan.

In the book, and in an interview, Stacy discusses:

• How gourmet dishes, creative substitution, and exotic foods are making kosher a delicious way to live
• The ways in which a kosher lifestyle can help you embrace a sexy spirituality
• Why many people who aren't Jewish are starting to enjoy kosher food
• What it's like to be a global jet setter and still find a way to maintain a healthy and tasty kosher diet
• Stories of joking with Jay Leno, mingling with Donatella Versace, acting with Danny Glover, and displaying her assets on Baywatch
• Glamorous tales of meeting royalty, enjoying luxurious vacations from Fiji to the Italian Riviera, and sumptuous feasts served on a private terrace overlooking the 8th Arrondissement in Paris
• Innovative recipes and dishes that include: eggplant burger with parmesan cream sauce, stuffed cabbage with chanterelles, ricotta and parmesan, vegetable broth with artichoke croutons - and amazing desserts you won't believe!

"The Kosher Billionaire's Secret Recipe is my revolutionary new and innovative program, pairing delicious kosher food with great health and a sexy, jet setting lifestyle", says Stacy. "It shows that you can feel amazing and look great, while enjoying more than 50 mouthwatering Kosher recipes and delectable desserts never before available anywhere."

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