Friday, August 19, 2011

TY KU Wins Platinum Medal at the 2011 SIP Awards

TY KU Premium Sake & Spirits is proud to announce that its newly launched premium Junmai sake, TY KU Sake Silver was awarded top Platinum Medal honors at the 2011 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards. The SIP Awards are an annual international spirits competition with over 250 different brands judged in a blind tasting by real consumers, leveling the playing field for both new and established brands alike—awarding The Platinum Medal as the highest honors of the competition. This prestigious accolade for TY KU Sake Silver proves that the newest addition to TY KU’s portfolio of premium sakes and Asian spirits is one of the most celebrated new products of the year. In addition to the SIP awards, TY KU Sake Silver has received the Five Star Diamond Award, The Hot, New, Now brand at 2011 WSWA Convention and a 90 point rating from Tasting Panel.

TY KU Sake Silver is an award-winning imported Junmai sake that delivers the superior taste and quality that only authentic, imported Japanese sake can provide—but at an unprecedented, affordable price point of $15.99 per bottle. Instead of serving customers poorer quality, heated sake, restaurants can now offer the premium experience of TY KU Sake Silver at a similar price point.

TY KU Sake Silver is one of the purest beverages on the planet, made from only four all natural ingredients including pristine water, Akebono rice milled more than 30%, famed #9 yeast and handmade koji. Expertly brewed in Nara, Japan, TY KU Sake Silver is a premium Junmai representing the top 15% of all sakes in the world. TY KU Sake Silver has a fresh, slightly sweet taste with subtle pear notes; its rich flavor is soft and silky on the palate. Although it naturally complements fresh fish, sushi and Asian cuisine, TY KU Sake Silver’s well-rounded body can be paired with a wide variety of lighter Western cuisine.

“Receiving the top honor of a Platinum Medal at this year’s SIP Awards is a true testament to TY KU Sake Silver’s superior taste and quality. We are extremely humbled and proud of how well received our new Junmai sake has been by the industry. TY KU Sake Silver is a significant addition to our award-winning sake portfolio and we are confident that TY KU will quickly become the called upon brand name in sake,” says Tara Fougner, TY KU Director of Marketing.

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