Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fall Tea Season: Time to discover your flavor with Numi Organic Tea

As Americans become ever more health-conscious, tea drinking in the United States has seen tremendous growth. According to industry sources, this cultural shift toward a healthier lifestyle is expected to push sales of tea in America to a whopping $15 billion by 2012, a huge increase considering sales were only about $4.6 billion in 1999.

The Tea Association of the U.S.A. estimates that “in 2010, Americans consumed well over 65 billion servings of tea, or over 3 billion gallons.” There are over 3,000 specialty tea rooms in the United States today, compared to 200 fifteen years ago. And annual imports of tea into the US have grown 25% over the last 20 years, with green tea leading the way with an increase of 118%. It’s no surprise that this burgeoning marketplace has sparked innovation and the excitement of new trends and flavors.

Fall Tea Season: Time to Discover New Tea Tastes

Nothing warms up a cold day better than a hot cup of tea. And, with all the growth in the tea market, consumers are seeking out new and better-tasting teas and tea blends. Top tea companies are happy to oblige with innovative new products. One company leading the way in tea innovation is Numi Organic Tea. Numi is rooted in the principle of creating a healthful product that nurtures people and honors the planet.

From the beginning, Numi has sought to bring a more dynamic, exciting and flavorful tea drinking experience to its customers. In 1999, the company launched Rooibos. Also called Red Tea, Rooibos is an herb indigenous to the Cederberg region of South Africa. It has a deep, earthy vanilla taste, is rich in antioxidants and known for its calming affects. That year also saw the debut of Honeybush from South Africa and Desert Lime from the Middle East. Honeybush is a flowering shrub that yields a rich earthy brew with sweet honey overtones, a secret healer that is rich in antioxidants. Traditionally harvested and dried in the hot desert sun, rare Arabian Dry Desert Lime has been drank for centuries. It has a distinct, tart citrus flavor and is an oasis of health.
In 2004, the company brought the first Flowering Tea™ to the U.S. market, introducing a whole new category to Americans. To create these exquisite buds, premium, hand-picked organic tea leaves hand sewn around flowers into bundles or rosettes by artisans in China. When steeped in hot water, these rare Leaves of Art™ slowly blossom into a bouquet of breathtaking shapes and exquisite flavors.

Most recently, in 2011, Numi introduced a line of organic Puerh teas in convenient teabags and ready-to-drink bottled iced teas. As the world’s first complete product line of organic Puerh teas available for the national US market, these are a true find for health-conscious tea aficionados. Independent ORAC tests have shown that Numi’s Organic Puerh tea yields more antioxidant capacity than most green teas. In China, Puerh is traditionally known as a healing tea that can improve digestion & metabolism, help weight management (along with a healthy diet & exercise), and boost energy (without the jitters). (These statements have not been approved by the FDA.)

Numi’s Puerh is picked from 500-year-old organic wild tea trees in Yunnan, China. Puerh tea leaves are piled, dampened and turned in a unique 60-day fermentation process. This results in Puerh’s deep earthy flavor and many health benefits that have been touted for thousands of years. Numi Puerh tea bags come in four different flavors: Emperor’s, Mint, Magnolia and Chocolate. The bottled teas are available in Classic Puerh, Mint, Jasmine, Peach, Earl Grey and Mango.

Numi lets nature speak for itself, hand-picking premium organic teas and herbs and blending them with only real fruits, flowers and spices. Since the company uses real ingredients and high quality teas & herbs (not tea dust or fannings), there is no need to apply other, less genuine flavorings or fragrances to create flavor.

As the days grow longer and temperatures fall, it’s the perfect time to treat one’s taste buds to a new experience in tea. At Numi, there’s truly something for every tea lover. Consumers can visit www.numitea.com to explore a whole new world of exciting flavor.

Numi Organic Tea blends premium organic teas and herbs with only 100 percent real ingredients, allowing Nature to speak for itself. As a pioneering, quadruple-bottom line company (people, planet, product, profit), Numi sources directly from fair labor gardens that guarantee a livable wage and better opportunities for farmers and their families. Numi is a company committed to reducing its impact on the planet through ecologically responsible choices in sourcing, production and recycled and non-GMO packaging. www.numitea.com.

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