Friday, August 26, 2011

Coffee-mate Launches New All-Natural Creamer: Natural Bliss

Nestlé Coffee-mate®, the brand that inspires coffee lovers everywhere to add their flavor, is introducing a new all-natural way to create your perfect cup—NATURAL BLISS™. Coffee-mate Natural Bliss™ is made with only four simple ingredients: milk, cream, sugar and natural flavor. Available in three delicious flavors—vanilla, caramel, and sweet cream, Natural Bliss was created to offer dairy lovers a new way to add flavor, naturally.

As consumers become increasingly aware of what is on their plate, the trend in food over the past few years has focused on simplicity and fresh, natural ingredients. The introduction of Coffee-mate Natural Bliss provides a new, all-natural way for people to create their ideal cup, using the simple and natural ingredients they love. Made with creamy dairy and the perfect balance of sweetness and pure natural flavor, it lets the taste of coffee shine through.

“Coffee-mate has been the coffee creamer brand of choice for generations, and millions of people around the world can choose from more than twenty flavors to personalize their cup of coffee,” said Vilma Livas, Marketing Manager, Nestlé Coffee-mate. “Now with Natural Bliss we’re giving people who whiten their coffee with dairy an opportunity to experience the delicious flavor that Coffee-mate is known for in a brand new, all-natural way.”

Natural Bliss is made with 100% all-natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives. Each bottle contains sixteen fluid ounces of authentic ingredients, inside a white bottle with soft images of each of the natural flavors. Kosher and gluten-free, this luscious dairy creamer has a pure taste with a touch of natural sweetness, silky texture and delicious aroma – all in one convenient bottle. The perfectly balanced combination enhances the flavor of coffee, to make the most of your coffee moment.

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss (SRP $2.69/16oz bottle) can be found in the dairy section of your local grocer nation-wide. For more information please visit and

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